Why Environmentalists Oppose ‘Fracking’ & Nuclear Power

The fundamental reason that ‘greenies’ oppose super-efficient energy sources like nuclear power and the super-efficient practice of ‘fracking’ for oil and natural gas has nothing to do with the environment. It concerns the central philosophy of environmentalism which is to oppose capitalist efficiency and substitute government-sponsored INefficiency, from which ‘greenies’ profit.

All over America ‘greenie’ activists are engaging in a war against ‘fracking’, which is an oil industry technique that uses explosives and then high pressure water and sand injections to “fracture” rock at the bottom of oil wells and allow oil from a wide area to flow into a well, where it is then pumped to the surface.

This opens up much bigger areas of oil to extraction from a single well. This is extremely efficient since you only need to drill one well instead of multiple wells. It has given the US and the world a flood of oil and natural gas and will continue to do so for many centuries.

‘Fracking’ has been around for more than 60 years. There are reported to be more than 2 million ‘fracked’ wells in the US. Along with computerized programs to locate underground oil and natural gas supplies it is now easy for oil companies to find and produce abundant fuel compared to the old days of hit-or-miss drilling. And this, friends, is why ‘greenies’ want to stop ‘fracking’.

Indeed it is “efficiency” itself that the ‘greenies’ really oppose. Under Obama gasoline and heating oil went to almost $4 a gallon. That was an intentional strategy of the ‘greenies’ to restrict the supply and push up the price through the law of supply and demand.

This was being done to make oil and natural gas more expensive so that Americans would use less of them (which the ‘greenies’ want) and also so that inefficient solar and wind power would seem like a good deal in comparison.

The ‘greenies’ have been trying to push up the price of fuel for decades starting with proposals for a “carbon tax” under the Clinton administration. They will do anything to push up the price including banning oil drilling offshore or on federal land; banning ‘fracking’; banning drilling in ANWR in Alaska (that ban is now lifted); regulating the oil industry; taxing gasoline; opposing pipelines; halting oil shipments by rail; suing oil companies for “global warming”; etc.

The ‘greenies’ never talk about the destructive aspect of this strategy, that people are impoverished by high energy prices just as tens of millions of Americans were badly harmed by gasoline and heating oil near $4 a gallon. After all the number of people applying for government help for their heating bill rises right along with the price of heating oil.

Thus with rising prices the ‘greenies’ and their friends in the government seek to control us in three ways: They control the oil companies through regulation, like banning ‘fracking’ or limiting drilling offshore or on federal lands; they control the price of fuel by restricting the supply; and they control the people by making them reliant on government handouts.

Here are some of the other ways that ‘greenies’ advocate INefficiency:

*They support taxpayer-subsidized solar power which is grossly inefficient. And here is how to prove it: Put a piece of wood on the sidewalk under the mid-day sun. Does it burn up? Of course not. But if you spray gasoline on the wood and light it on fire then the wood will be instantly burned. This shows the difference between powerful carbon fuels like gasoline and diffuse, weak energy like solar.

Oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power are the ‘miracle’ energy sources that we should continue to use to keep our economy strong. We don’t need to find new ‘miracle’ sources. We already have them.

*Electric cars are absurdly inefficient. Nikitas3.com estimates that on a frigid winter day that electric cars that run on battery power can use up to eight times as much energy to go 100 miles as a gasoline-powered car of the same weight. Just for starters, batteries can lose up to 50% of their charge in the extreme cold; you certainly have noticed how quickly your car battery can run down in the Winter.

The battery that powers the electric car also uses some of its own energy to run the heater to warm the passenger compartment of the car, while gasoline cars use waste heat from the engine.

This comes on top of the fact that electric cars use two to four times as much energy per mile as a gasoline-powered car since electricity is a “refined” energy source. And it ‘consumes’ a lot of energy to refine energy; this is a basic principle of physics.

Batteries also are very heavy and so the electric car wastes a lot of energy just to haul its own battery around. Battery manufacture is also very harmful to the environment. And on and on…

*Recycling is a spectacularly inefficient taxpayer-subsidized process that wastes vast amounts of resources and energy. It should be eliminated entirely. All over the world there are plants that burn garbage as fuel like paper, cardboard and plastic and turn that heat into electricity. If you don’t know how it works, look it up. This is the most direct and efficient way to dispose of garbage and to produce valuable electricity at the same time. It also eliminates the need for polluting landfills.

*Windmills are hugely inefficient and are a devastating blight on the land. These taxpayer-subsidized windmills mar the mountaintops and the farm fields. This visual blight is a type of permanent pollution. Windmills produce tiny amounts of energy per dollar invested compared to coal, natural gas or nuclear, and zero energy when the wind is not blowing.

Nikitas3.com has estimated that windmills can consume up to 1,000 times as much in resources (steel, copper, concrete and composite material for the blades) as would be needed to build a nuclear power plant with the same output. This is extremely inefficient and bad for the environment to consume so much in resources.

Windmills are also subject to intense weather conditions like high winds, snow, icing of the blades, and extreme cold, reducing their efficiency even further.

*Windmills that are erected out in the ocean are twice as expensive as land-based windmills since they must be made of more expensive materials like stainless steel to fight salt corrosion. All windmills set up vibrations as they spin and so these vibrations from ocean-based windmills are harmful to fish and other sea creatures.

*Environmentalists are working around the clock to stop the shipment of crude oil on trains. Yet the same environmentalists are working around the clock to stop the construction of pipelines that would much more safely and efficiently transport that oil.

*Environmentalists are constantly advocating extremely inefficient, taxpayer-subsidized passenger rail transport systems that waste large amounts of fuel. Amtrak needs $1.5 billion in federal funding to move just 84,000 passengers per day. Amtrak crashes often and runs a lot of old equipment, some from the 1960s.

Local “light rail” systems being built in cities all over the US are hugely expensive, up to $200 million per mile, while it only costs $1 million to $2 million per mile to lay railroad track. The rest is corruption. New York City’s new subway line cost $4.4 BILLION for one single mile due to colossal waste and fraud.

The reason that ‘greenies’ want these systems is that these trains suck up massive amounts of taxpayer dollars, which the ‘greenies’ get a chunk of, along with their corrupt friends in the government, labor unions, etc.

At the same time our efficient airlines move 2 million passengers per day with no subsidy, with vastly better fuel mileage than Amtrak, and at 12 times the average speed of Amtrak.

*Finally, environmentalists vehemently oppose nuclear power yet nuclear energy is without question the most efficient energy source ever developed, by a factor of thousands. Meanwhile all of this hysteria about nuclear radiation is just that – hysteria.

Not a single person has died from the radiation around the Japanese Fukushima reactor nor from the Three Mile Island accident in 1979 in Pennsylvania. President Jimmy Carter even went inside the TMI operations building when it was called “the most dangerous place on earth” after the accident. Yet Carter is still alive today at 93.

he Fukushima reactor was destabilized by an earthquake and tsunami that killed 18,000 people and did $300 billion in damage. But the ‘greenies’ ignore that massive destruction since it was the work of their evil goddess ‘mother nature’ which is the most brutal killer of all.

We also have never seen studies showing workers at nuclear power plants with elevated rates of cancer. If these studies existed then they would be all over the internet.

Don’t ever believe an environmentalist. They lie every day and they only tell their side of the story that enriches and empowers them at the expense of the rest of us.

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