Look Who’s Getting Rich off of the Booming Trump Economy

To get an idea who is benefiting most from president Trump’s policies, including from the roaring stock market, look at this first from the Daily Mail news site in Britain:

Tracking statistics from the moving company United Van Lines indicate that Americans are still heading west, while parts of the Northeast and Midwest are losing people.

On Tuesday the suburban St. Louis-based moving company released its 41st annual National Movers Study, which tracks customers’ state-to-state migration patterns.

Three of the top four destination states are in the West including Oregon, Idaho and Nevada.

Tracking statistics from the moving company United Van Lines indicate that Americans are still heading west, while parts of the Northeast and Midwest are losing people

… At the other end of the spectrum is Illinois, which had the highest percent of outbound moves, 63 percent, followed by New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Idaho is swiftly becoming the fastest-growing state in the union and is apparently the fourth-cheapest cost of living in the country, reported The Washington Post.

This is noteworthy because it reinforces a pattern – once again Americans are fleeing the most liberal states including Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, which have withered under decades of Democrat mis-rule.

These Americans have been going by the tens of millions over the last 50 years to conservative states, first in the South and now in the West. Idaho is one of the most conservative states in the country.

But you would think that liberals, including retirees, would stay in the liberal states and shun the conservative states since they hate conservatives, right?

Yes, but it does not work that way since liberals are hypocrites in everything they do. Liberals have been fleeing liberal states since the 1970s and running to conservative low-tax and low-regulation states like Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Arizona. Because liberals have no conscience or principles. They go wherever they can have the easiest life, even when it is a conservative state.

On the other hand we very rarely see conservative people from the South or from Idaho moving to liberal states. Conservative Southerners detest the ‘Yankees’ and would never move to a liberal northern state in the way that liberals have moved to the South by the tens of millions.

But the really big story in this commentary concerns the way that liberals hate president Trump while benefiting massively from Trump’s leadership just as liberals hate conservatives but are moving to conservative states in huge numbers.

In fact the majority of the people benefiting most from the energized Trump Economy are Democrats since “rich” and upper-income people are benefiting most. And an overwhelming majority of these people and The Top 1% in America today are liberal and leftist Democrats. This contradicts a long-promoted media narrative that all of the wealthy people in America are “rich Republicans”.

False. The three richest men in America today – Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett – all are very liberal and even leftist. Their combined personal wealth is close to $300 billion. Bezos owns Amazon and the Trump-hating Washington Post newspaper.

Others in the Top 10 are Democrats, leftists and Trump haters like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook); Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg News); and Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google). It is being reported that almost all of the campaign contributions in 2016 from Silicon Valley went to Hillary Clinton.

In the same vein almost all of the richest congressional districts in the US are represented in Congress by hard-left Democrats like Nancy Pelosi (suburban San Francisco); Zoe Lofgren and Ro Khanna (Silicon Valley and environs); Carolyn Maloney (Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City); Ted Lieu (California’s wealthy 33rd congressional district on the coast of Los Angeles); Jan Schakowsky (Evanston, Illinois, north of Chicago); Jim Himes (Connecticut’s 4th congressional district including super-chic Darien, Fairfield and Greenwich); and others.

Many or most of the super-rich people running the New York hedge funds and investment banks on Wall Street are left-wingers, including friends of the Clintons. The two top figures on Wall Street, Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon, are big-time Democrat contributors. And of course 98% of the wealthy celebrities, actors, producers and directors in Hollywood are liberals.

These rich people are getting even wealthier off of Trump’s roaring stock market and surging economy. They have investments in hedge funds and stocks, or they own or run businesses and corporations that are doing well under the Trump Economy.

Their high home values are increasing fastest, as are the value of their artworks and other possessions like jewelry and car collections and swanky second and third homes in places like Aspen and Florida.

These wealthy leftists are pumping billions of their new dollars into the arts by buying paintings and sculptures, donating to the symphony, commissioning expensive designer homes, buying designer clothes, etc.

Yet the arts themselves are composed 97% of Trump haters. So as the arts thrive they lash out at the hand that is feeding them.

In 1998 a retired art professor at an elite college told me that his pension account was worth $1 million. He had retired after just 30 years. Today that would be $2 million or more and growing rapidly under Trump. And this guy is a liberal who hates Trump.

These artsy people should all be worshiping president Trump after incomes in the arts dropped precipitously under Obama. Many arts organizations shrunk or closed their doors under Obama.

Thus since most rich people are liberals then we can conclude that most of the people getting rich off of president Trump are people who hate Trump.

Yet we will never hear a single peep from these people about how much money they are making and how gleeful they are (in private, of course) that this is happening. We only will hear minute-by-minute condemnation of the president, which is part of their hypocritical personas.

So who else is doing well under Trump?

Answer: Anyone who has a private retirement account that is invested in the stock market, since businesses and the stock market are thriving and will continue to do so as long as president Trump’s policies are in effect. This includes a large percentage of Americans

This especially applies to tens of millions of well-educated liberal-leftist upper middle class baby boomers who have high incomes (doctors, architects, lawyers, engineers, businesspeople, software engineers, investment advisers, etc.). They despise president Trump but are seeing big spikes in their wealth as a result of Trump’s leadership. Nikitas3.com has personally witnessed these people tracking Wall Street obsessively every day while claiming that they are humble people who “care about” everyone else. Baloney. They are totally out for themselves. After all, they are liberals.

One middle-class group that is benefitting most from the Trump presidency is unionized public school teachers who are overwhelmingly on the Trump-hating left. Their pension fund stock portfolios are going through the roof.

And while environmentalists urge those pension funds to divest themselves from oil company stocks, they never will and for darned good reason; these stocks are helping to enrich retired teachers who then give their campaign contributions to Democrats, who hate the oil companies, and also to the Sierra Club (ditto). Teacher union pension funds are some of the biggest single holders of oil company stocks in the US.

Nikitas3.com suggests that rich liberals turn over all of their newfound wealth to lower-income conservatives like Nikitas3.com to help us with our daily bills. After all we helped to elect Trump, who is making these ungrateful skunks rich.

When you hear or read about these liberals crying about president Trump, remember that it is all crocodile tears. They are crying all the way to the bank like the professional actors that they are.

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