Trump Confronts Two Evil Dictatorships – N. Korea and Iran

The emotional breakdown that liberals are having over president Trump is something to behold. It seems to be getting worse with time.

But friends, the reason that the liberals are going insane is because president Trump is different and he clearly is getting things done in ways that contravene Democrat orthodoxy.

Look at the uproar over this Trump tweet directed at the North Korean dictator:

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the ‘Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.’ Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!

Liberals have gone koo-koo over the tweet but in fact this is exactly the kind of backbone that we need in our leader.

Kim Jong Un and his father and grandfather have run one of the most corrupt, brutal, oppressive and genocidal regimes in history. Nobody in the West has stood up to these animals… until Trump came along, that is. Trump even told Un in no uncertain terms that the US will “totally destroy North Korea” if necessary.

Great. This brute force language is the only thing that these murderous regimes understand. They laugh at diplomacy and manipulate it to their own ends.

Democrats are saying that Trump is crazy and dangerous, but they said the same about Ronald Reagan and the Soviet Union and were 100% wrong back then too.

From its origins in the 1917 communist revolution in Russia, the Soviet Union produced decades of genocide, murder, starvation, violence and oppression. Most American politicians were so frightened of the communists that they crafted a foreign-policy doctrine based on accommodation and acceptance – something that might be called peaceful coexistence.

Ronald Reagan had had enough. He was elected in 1980 on a hard-line platform. He significantly increased US military spending and stepped up his rhetoric against the communists. When he rightfully called the Soviet Union “an evil empire” in 1983 the liberals went totally bonkers. They said that Reagan was going to start a nuclear war.

But Reagan knew that the Soviet Union was destitute and rotten with corruption. He knew that America could stare them down with our massively bigger economy and our huge technological advantage. In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed without a shot being fired.

President Trump is now seeking to push North Korea over the edge in a similar way. It will be easy to do. North Korea has less national wealth than the small US state of Vermont(!) while North Korea has 40 times as many people as Vermont(!!)

The North Korean military has antiquated planes, boats and guns. Its army is starving. Most important Kim Jong Un’s nuclear threats are all bluster intended to frighten the world; North Korea does not have anywhere near the capability to target foreign cities with nuclear missiles. Its missile technology is old and poorly developed. One test missile even crashed back to earth on a nearby North Korean city.

North Korea’s population has lived under slave-like conditions since the communist regime was established in 1949 under Kim Jong Un’s grandfather. There has been war, mass starvation, concentration camps, lack of electricity, poverty, oppression and misery, but plenty of food and luxury goods for the elite communists at the top.

The people of North Korea have suffered far too much. It is time to topple their repulsive regime and it will only be toppled with tough language backed by the threat of certain action. believes that Trump’s rhetoric is really aimed at the North Korean military, and that he is strategizing that the army will see that Trump means business and that it could kill Kim Jong Un to save themselves and their country from worsening economic conditions and possible military attack.

And if the rhetoric fails then the US military, working in concert with the militaries of South Korea and Japan, can crush North Korea in an hour with a massive and devastating bombing campaign of key military and government facilities.

Meanwhile another ugly dictatorship, the radical islamic regime in Iran, appears to be on its way out. Riots and protests are erupting in the streets across the nation. predicts that the hard-line muslim government will fall soon. Look at this from The Gateway Pundit about Iranian government officials possibly fleeing the country:

On Saturday night, a large number of aircraft were reportedly spotted leaving Iran with “no callsign, origin, or destination.”

As Joshua Caplan previously reported – Strategic Sentinel, a DC-based firm that provides “nonpartisan international relations and national security analysis,” raised the prospect that the live flight radar data may suggest an “exodus,” is in progress.

Charter flight company SCAT has an aircraft coming out of Iran with no registered callsign, no registered destination, and no registered origination point.
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Now this… On Wednesday Turkish news reported that Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamanei sent his family to Turkey as the unrest continued in Iran.

If true, this is great. This is happening because the people of Iran see that president Trump is intent on freeing them as well. The recent news that president Trump and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu are crafting a cooperative strategy to undermine and possibly topple the Iranian regime is certainly emboldening the protesters and frightening the hideous mullahs who have been driving Iran back into the dark ages since they took power in 1979.

To understand modern Iran you must understand the Shah of Iran.

In 1953 the United States CIA engineered a coup against the communist leader in Iran. We then installed the pro-American Shah.

The Shah was a social reformer who wanted to bring Iran into the modern world and to eventually have free elections. He modernized the economy, instituted land reform and advocated rights for women. Iran became relatively Westernized under the Shah’s rule.

The radical muslims and communists hated the Shah. In 1979 national protests forced the Shah to flee and the radical muslims took power. Since then Iran has gone backwards into a 10th century theocracy and Iran has become the world’s premier state sponsor of terrorism. It should have been taken out long ago.

The people of Iran no longer wish to live in their oppressed hellhole. With Trump and Netanyahu planning action the people see a brighter future that they never saw under Obama who played patty-cake with the mullahs, including on the nuclear deal.

God bless the people of North Korea and Iran. predicts that they both will see liberty in the next few years.

Naturally the Fake News US and world media are doing their best to ignore the Iran uprising. Since Trump would get credit, they are not covering it. But it goes deeper. Obama and the Democrats and the Fake News media are in bed politically with radical islam. They do not want to see it fall in Iran, just like they did not want to see communism fall in the Soviet Union.

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