Germany’s Merkel is Finished/ Liberalism Destroys NY State

(This is a composite commentary covering a variety of issues.)

First, a quick note about Never Trump Republican US senator Jeff Flake of Arizona.

Flake has compared president Trump to the greatest mass murderer of all time Joseph Stalin, the Soviet communist dictator. This is despicable beyond words.

Stalin totally controlled the media in his evil empire while most of the US media hate Trump.

Flake is sick. No wonder Flake is quitting the US Senate after one term. He cannot get re-elected. He is a loser and there is speculation that he is planning to run against Trump for president in the Republican primary in 2020.

Well, Flaky just lost that one with his big mouth. He will never be taken seriously.

Germany’s Merkel is Finished

The ideology of open borders appears to be taking down another national leader.

ermany’s allegedly conservative chancellor (president) Angela Merkel, often called The Most Powerful and Admired Woman in the World, appears to be sinking into oblivion.

After two successful terms (2005-2013) Merkel got cocky. In 2015 she allowed more than 1 million muslim migrant refugees to enter Germany. In proportionate numbers that would be like 4 million migrants coming into the much bigger US population.

We know what happened. Germany has been convulsed ever since by terrorism and other abhorrent behavior from these muslim thugs, most of whom are collecting welfare to boot.

The German people are fed up. Merkel now seems to be on the way out and she has nobody to blame but herself. She did not stick to common sense conservative principles.

Here are a few excerpts from The New York Times about the downfall of Merkel. Each excerpt is followed by a comment:

NY Times reports: In a recent poll, half of German voters said they wanted (Merkel) to resign and allow another member of her center-right Christian Democratic Party to negotiate the formation of a governing coalition. Grumblings are heard within the party too, which did relatively poorly in the elections. Recently, members of the Junge Union, the party’s youth organization, directly called for her to step aside. comment: This must be devastating for a woman who was so admired for so many years. But then again you pay the price when you get arrogant in your power. Merkel will now go down in German history with a very negative reputation. All over Germany concrete barriers are being erected to stop terrorist truck attacks. These are being called “Merkel building blocks” or “Merkel Legos”.

NY Times reports: Ms. Merkel may be one of the world’s most admired leaders and an inspiration for a new generation of women politicians, but at home her appeal has been more pragmatic: Her political capital derives from her ability to react to crises rather than on her conceptualizing and shaping of the country’s political agenda. To be blunt, she’s not much of a vision person. comment: In short Merkel is no Donald Trump.

NY Times reports: And now, it seems, she can’t even form a government. The Social Democrats have rejected another grand coalition, though Ms. Merkel continues to press them. And talks with two smaller parties, the ecologically focused Greens and the pro-civil liberties Liberals, fell apart late last year. comment: Not only can she not get anything new done but she can’t even do everyday politics like forming a coalition. She is really a do-nothing showboat politician. Merkel has been praised just for being chancellor in a time of relative peace and prosperity, which is easy to do. And still she screwed it up.

NY Times reports: … she said in 2015 that she wasn’t quite sure if Germany’s borders could still be protected as they once were. comment: This was the beginning of the end. What an idiot.

NY Times reports: Her poll numbers dropped overnight; while they have improved since, many in her party still blame her for leaving the door open to a right-wing backlash in the form of the far-right Alternative for Germany party, which siphoned votes away from the Christian Democrats in last year’s election. comment: Did you ever notice that anyone in Europe or the US who is not a leftist is called “far right” or “right wing” but never just “conservative” or “wanting enforcement of established border laws”?

Yet for decades communists have been considered as legitimate parties in Europe; they are never called ‘far left’ or ‘left wing’. That is why Europe is deteriorating so rapidly; because conservatives have been marginalized and communists have been accepted. Ditto in the US. The Democrats have drifted to the hard left and the media never mention it. But we see the results every day.

CNN Indignant that Trump Defends Himself

CNN recently posted a whole article about how crazy it was for president Trump to mention seven times in one comment that there was “no collusion” between his campaign and Russia.

CNN apparently has been hiding under a rock for the last year in which CNN and its media cronies have said 58 million times that Trump colluded with the Russians, and without a shred of evidence.

So who is really crazy?

Brutal Environmentalists Exposed Again

Breitbart News reports:

A photo of a young Chinese boy has gone viral in the country, as he arrived in school with a frozen face and hair after walking through the frigid rural cold, The South China Morning Post reports.

The photos surfaced nearly a month after a report revealed that the Chinese government has significantly limited access to fuel sources in rural communities in an attempt to better conform to environmental standards.

So once again we see the brutal face of environmentalism. And no, it is not about ‘global warming’. It is about people freezing as they are doing all over China as the government cracks down on fuel consumption in the name of environmentalism.

A lady who teaches English online to Chinese students recently told that she sees kids all bundled up every day because of the lack of heat.

Thanks, environmentalists… You reputation just became more horrible than it already was.

Here’s How to Bring Down Health Costs

The Daily Caller reports:

A patient advocacy group with the backing of a conservative billionaire, is lobbying Congress to pass a simple, bipartisan piece of legislation that would force doctors, hospitals and others within the medical industry to publicly list prices for their goods and services online.

… The bill would be the first step in helping solve one of the more pervasive problems many argue is at the heart of skyrocketing health care costs: There is no legitimate, market listed price for goods and services in the sector. Instead of being set by normal market forces like supply and demand, health care prices in America are set behind closed doors by federal regulators and insurance providers.

This is a great idea. After all, when you buy a lawn mower at Home Depot, you know the price ahead of time. If you purchase a box of crackers the price is listed on the shelf of the grocery store. Gasoline prices are posted on the roadside for all to see. So why not prices for surgery and other procedures? This would be just the first step in bringing health costs down.

Here is Why New York State has Withered

One of the most economically withered states in the US is New York. That is for a reason; New York once was the wealthiest state and wherever there is wealth the DemocRats work their way into power and steal everything in sight.

Now New York’s Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo keeps moving the state farther and farther into the Twilight Zone. Look at this from the Campus Reform website:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is campaigning to reform higher education in his state by pushing for mandatory “food pantries on all SUNY and CUNY campuses.”

In his annual State of the State report the governor proposed requiring “all [State University of New York] and [City University of New York] schools to either provide physical food pantries on campus, or enable students to receive food through a separate arrangement that is stigma-free.”

“The Governor proposes a $1 million state investment for schools to implement the program,” the report explains, later noting that “only about half of all SUNY and CUNY campuses have food pantries currently in place.

According to CNN, the push for food pantries is part of Cuomo’s Comprehensive No Student Goes Hungry Program, which pledges to “combat hunger for students in kindergarten through college.”

Cuomo is an extremist and demagogue. Anyone who has heard this guy talk knows how awful he is. He never utters a single word without a strident streak of preachiness as if he knows it all. He is a classic Democrat.

Cuomo is also corrupt and the entire state is massively corrupt since Democrats have so much power, particularly the ones from New York City. But the corruption is never prosecuted since Cuomo’s attorney general is a radical leftist. Eric Schneiderman is too busy prosecuting local home improvement contractors and other small businesses for any petty wrongdoing. But hundreds of billions in corruption? Naw… nothing to see there.

Third, this “$1 million” is just the start. Pretty soon it will be $10 million and then $20 million and so on. You know the drill.

Fourth, Cuomo policies are the reason that New York state colleges would need food pantries in the first place. Virtually every Cuomo policy since he was elected in 2010 has thwarted the economy. This has led to a big population exodus from New York state under Cuomo.

The economy has been thwarted by everything from outrageously high taxes to zealous regulation to radical ‘green’ laws to a ban on ‘fracking’ that has prevented struggling rural Upstate areas from benefiting from the wealth that could be generated by natural gas extraction from a huge deposit (up to 600 trillion cubic feet of gas) that stretches under the southwest part of the state.

Perhaps you remember the 2014 undercover ‘sting’ video of Ed Begley and a few other Hollywood elites eagerly talking with a rich Middle Eastern businessman, who really was an actor. The businessman was offering the Hollywood idiots money to make a film advocating a halt in oil ‘fracking’ in the US so as to preserve the Middle Eastern oil monopoly. The idiots were eager to make the film!

Another Assault on a Brave Explorer

Breatbart News reported:

Students at the University of Notre Dame are calling for the removal of a mural of Christopher Columbus that has been attached to the university’s main building since 1884.

Members of the Notre Dame community are calling for the removal of an old mural featured in the university’s main building that depicts Christopher Columbus’ journey to the Americas in 1492. There are actually 12 murals in total hung in the main building that depict his journey and arrival to the Americas.

Over 340 Notre Dame community members signed a letter directed at university president Rev. John Jenkins calling for the mural’s removal. The letter condemns the murals, calling them symbols of “oppression and hatred.”

This is an example of today’s university militants at their worst. This action comes straight from the professors. And nobody has benefited more from American freedom and prosperity than these radical professors who have pathetically easy lives in their academic bubbles where the real world does not intrude.

These university elites are smug, ignorant and selfish. They think that if we all just lived in the forest like the Indians that the world would be fine, and that the coming of the white man to America ruined everything.

Nonsense. These professors themselves are the most pampered people in our society. They work the equivalent of 3 months a year and are well paid. They lead notoriously slacker lives. One professor with whom is acquainted retired after 30 years and now has a $2 million pension account. He told me so.

Columbus was one of the bravest men of all time. These college professors would never sail ten feet out into the ocean if they thought that there was any risk involved. Their lives are totally risk-averse. That is why they hide on college campuses where they are safe from the real world.

These college professors should thank God for America and for Columbus. But they do the opposite. This proves the old adage: The more that you give to a socialist, the more they want. And they are never, ever satisfied. Never.

Finally, a sad note: The Irish rock singer Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries died suddenly in a London hotel on January 15 at age 46. No details of her passing have been released. always enjoyed The Cranberries who rocketed to international fame with their iconic 1993 mega-hit Linger. Other smash hits followed including Zombie, Dreams, Promises and Ode to My Family. even picked another Cranberries song as The Best Pop Song Ever in this 2013 commentary. Sadly that song is called When You’re Gone

O’Riordan was the youngest of 7 children and suffered from depression and alcoholism for most of her life. She often had been suicidal. She had three children and said that the raising of her kids was the best part of her life, much better than the international fame of The Cranberries.

God bless Dolores O’Riordan. She was one of a kind…

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