Fake News Media Have Become Soviet-Style Institutions

When president Trump announced his Fake News Media awards for 2017 it was long overdue. For decades we conservatives have been waiting for a leader who will punch these lying media skunks back in their dirty faces.

There is no question about the awards. Every item on the president’s list (see further down) is true; we saw the fake stories reported and debunked. This should be humiliating to the news media except that they have become Soviet-like propaganda organs who care not a whit about the truth.

This can be explained easily: We all have been acquainted with Person A who is very negative about Person B, and every time we see Person A he/she fixates on Person B to the point of it being obsessive and disturbing.

Friends, we all know that Person A is the Fake News Media and that Person B is president Trump. And that the Fake News Media are exhibiting a type of psychosis that is common to all hateful people. They are negatively fixated on president Trump to the point where it long ago became not only alarming but downright dangerous to our freedoms.

This type of behavior has been exhibited throughout human history by individuals and at many points it has become state policy, for instance in the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 1930s where tens of millions of Russians and Ukrainians were targeted by dictator Stalin’s maniacal propaganda machine and arbitrarily sent to prison camps, work camps and to their deaths.

We know that Stalin was one of the most deranged and evil people in history, and so his treatment of his fellow man is no surprise. And by extension we can see that the Fake News Media suffer from a similar but milder type of obsessive insanity as Stalin did in their dogged and fabricated pursuit of Trump and anyone who supports him.

This type of persecution is precisely what America was founded to prevent – the arbitrary defamation of people based on unsourced or untrustworthy charges and accusation, like the unproven claim that president Trump made disparaging remarks about Africa and Haiti or that president Trump called the White House “a real dump”. And on and on.

The undercover video journalist James O’Keefe, who is exposing left-wing corruption all over America from ACORN to Democrat operatives in the 2016 presidential campaign to Twitter, has written a book about the Fake News Media called American Pravda. For those too young to know Pravda was the official propaganda arm of the Soviet communist government.

This propaganda is nothing new in America. We just need to go back to the 1920s and 1930s and a British-born “journalist” named Walter Duranty who filed myriad stories for The New York Times from the Soviet Union that completely ignored the genocidal horrors and mass starvation that were being perpetrated there under Lenin and Stalin.

This should have been enough to discredit the Times but no, the Times went on in post-World War II America to become a nationally authoritative source of news, perhaps the most influential organ of all. During this period the Times was regarded as biased to the left, but not dangerously so.

This all changed with the election of Obama, whom the American Fake News media adore and have propped up with a perverted sycophancy. The media moved to the far left to accommodate Obama and his views. Thus when president Trump was elected these same media rats went off a cliff. They knew, and some even openly admitted, that all objective standards must be jettisoned with one goal in mind – destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.

This has been an atrocious spectacle. These Fake News media are obsessed with Trump in a most psychologically frightening way. They despise Trump with a sick hatred. They will say anything to smear the president. They will create any false narrative, including the fake Russia collusion story, which only appeared after Trump won the election and was hurriedly packaged and presented out of desperation and fear.

In short, the American Fake News media are doing what Pravda did for the communists. Their goal is to defend their tyrant masters in the Democrat party from outside scrutiny and to destroy anyone doing the scrutinizing. They are sacrificing their long-term credibility to do so but, hey, The New York Times got away with it.

They know that once the skeletons are exposed that the whole corrupt Democrat party structure and its lapdogs in the Deep State in Washington are going to go down, just like the Soviet empire collapsed in 1991. They desperately do not want this to happen. This corrupt Democrat party empire has been decades in the making. It would take decades to rebuild.

And friends, their worst fears are being realized as we speak. President Trump and his Justice Department are slowly and methodically shining the light of the law into the Deep State dungeon of lies and corruption, as is James O’Keefe and others in the conservative media like Sara Carter, John Solomon and Nikitas3.com. From the new investigations into the Clinton Foundation to Hillary’s emails to Uranium One, the whole Democrat edifice is now under threat.

If you wonder why the Clintons were so devastated about Trump winning, it was not just because Hillary lost but also because Hillary and Bill have so much to hide.

Example: Here is a quick excerpt about the Clintons and Haiti from Judicial Watch which is one of the most legitimate, above-board and non-partisan investigative organizations in America. This is from The Gateway Pundit:

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton took to YouTube this week to go over “document after document,” proving (that Bill and Hillary Clinton) have been “looting and abusing,” Haiti for years.

Fitton’s report underlines the country has been going through strife, in part, due to the Clinton Foundation’s role in rebuilding Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

In (a video), Fitton references a Judicial Watch report from July 2013, revealing “Roughly half of the $1.14 billion that the U.S. government allocated to help Haiti recover from the 2010 earthquake,” went towards wasteful and outright failed projects. A whopping $170.3 million was blown on a disastrous port and power plant project that was “heavily promoted” by former President Bill Clinton and his wife, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“You can have 17 special prosecutors looking at the Clinton-Haiti angle,” concluded Fitton at the end of the four and a half minute video.

Judicial Watch reported as far back as July of 2013:

Can you say scandal? The former president, who has been heavily involved in distributing Haiti earthquake reconstruction funds, pushed hard for the power plant and port for an industrial park in northern Haiti billed as the centerpiece of the United States’ effort to help the ravaged island nation rebuild. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined her husband in the effort, making several trips to Haiti to promote the project and encourage foreigners to invest in it. […]

Not really, according to a federal audit of the $1.14 billion that Congress approved to help Haiti recover from the powerful earthquake that killed more than 200,000 and left over 1 million homeless. […]

The investigation focused on $651 million that American taxpayers have given Haiti via the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) since 2010.

Meanwhile the biggest Washington name to fall so far in the phony Russia investigation is not Trump or anyone around him. It was the collapse of the most influential Washington, DC lobbying firm of the last decade, The Podesta Group, and the resignation of its top dog Tony Podesta, one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington and the brother of Hillary’s 2016 campaign manager John Podesta.

Tony Podesta got inadvertently snagged in Robert Mueller’s fishing expedition against Trump by being associated way back in 2006 with Paul Manafort and the government of Ukraine. Thus if Tony Podesta can go down in the first light breeze of scrutiny then you can just imagine the absolute panic that the Fake News Media and their Democrats cronies must be feeling now that their invincible propaganda machine is not only not working but is backfiring.

Look at this from Breitbart News if you want to know what is coming:

Members of the House on Thursday said they viewed a “shocking” classified memo allegedly detailing abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by senior Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigations officials in relation to the investigation of the Trump campaign and called for it to be declassified and available to the public immediately.

“It’s troubling. It is shocking,” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) told Fox News. “Part of me wishes that I didn’t read it because I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country that I call home and love so much.”

“The facts contained in this memo are jaw-dropping and demand full transparency. There is no higher priority than the release of this information to preserve our democracy,” said Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), a member of the Judiciary Committee, which oversees the DOJ and the FBI.

Another Judiciary Committee member, Rep. Steve King (R-IA), called what he saw in the memo “sickening” and said it was “worse than Watergate.”

The latest example of Trump Derangement Syndrome came over an issue that should have meant nothing and really was something positive. Yet even when the president got a clean bill of health from Dr. Ronny Jackson the media went koo-koo.

There are many reasons for this, first and foremost being that the media wanted desperately for the president to be sick. And when they found out that he not only passed his physical tests with flying colors but passed a cognitive test too, that did not square with their pre-cooked Soviet-style view that the president is certainly a decrepit enemy of the people with everything to hide, including his health.

Here are just 10 questions (out of 80 questions total!) that the media demanded of Dr. Jackson at a White House press briefing over the president’s medical exam:

•Dr. Jackson, how much weight have you suggested the President lose? And he has not exactly been enthusiastic about exercising. The President kind of believes that we all have a finite battery — why waste it on exercising when you can put it toward other pursuits. What did you counsel him about that?
• There have been some questions as part of your exam — I’m wondering if you talked to the President about this — about the President’s mental fitness. He has pushed back on that calling himself a “stable genius”. Can you assess the President’s mental fitness for office?
• So to follow up, the President’s personal doctor memorably said during the campaign that he would be the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” Do you agree with that assessment?
• There was an incident recently where the President appeared to slur his words while giving an address. Did you look into what the cause of that might have been at all?
• Just to follow up, some people have suggested that could be related to dentures. Does the President wear dentures?
• I wanted to ask you two questions, one is about the ejection fraction. My wife suffers from that so I clued in on the 60 percent. Is that a concern going forward for him because that, in some cases, indicates low activity in the heart?
• A second follow up on the cholesterol. Over 220, do you hope to get it under 200?
• Anyway, with the low — I understand that the blood pressure was within norms, but with the high cholesterol, are there any concerns for his heart health?
• Dr. Jackson, thank you. Could you just elaborate, in layman’s terms, if possible — and you’ve been doing a great job of that — what you ruled out in these cognitive tests?
• And the tips part? Did you recommend he make any changes — lifestyle, behavioral, anything?

Meanwhile the same media never inquired about Hillary Clinton’s obvious health problems, like fainting at the 9/11 memorial service or her serious 2012 concussion, or Obama’s cocaine and marijuana abuse as a teenager and college student. Or Obama’s decades-long cigarette habit.

But the Fake News media just keep going downhill. Fox News reported about a Fake Medicine TV doctor on the Fake News Network CNN:

CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta was ridiculed across social media on Wednesday for declaring that President Trump has heart disease.

White House physician Ronny Jackson said on Tuesday that Trump was in “excellent health” after conducting the president’s physical exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last week. Jackson answered a variety of questions from skeptical reporters during a press briefing and repeatedly stated that Trump was perfectly fine, with the exception of needing cholesterol medicine and being slightly overweight.

But on Wednesday morning Gupta, who did not examine Trump, took Jackson’s data and declared that Trump has heart disease, prompting instant ridicule from people on both sides of the political aisle.

Amazing. Meanwhile here is president Trump’s list of Fake News Awards for 2017. This is spot-on:

1) The New York Times’ Paul Krugman claiming markets would ‘never’ recover from Trump presidency
2) ABC News’ Brian Ross’ bungled report on former national security adviser Michael Flynn which caused the stock market to crash 350 points.
3) CNN report that the Trump campaign had early access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks
4) TIME report that Trump removed a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office
5) The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel tweeting that Trump’s December rally in Pensacola, Florida, wasn’t packed with supporters
6) CNN’s video suggesting Trump overfed fish during visit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
7) CNN’s retracted report claiming Anthony Scaramucci-Russia ties
8) Newsweek report that Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda did not shake Trump’s hand
9) CNN report that former FBI Director James Comey would dispute President Trump’s claim he was told he was not under investigation
10) The New York Times report that the Trump administration had hidden a climate-change study
11) In Trump’s words, “‘RUSSIA COLLUSION!’ Russian collusion is perhaps the greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people. THERE IS NO COLLUSION!”

God bless president Trump for his courage in taking on the vile and dishonest media skunks.

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