School Shootings are a Product of Violent Hollywood

There was another high school shooting on January 23 in Kentucky. This is a very alarming and repetitive occurrence. When was in high school in the early 1970s we only worried about getting busted for skipping class.

These school shootings are not a natural evolution in our culture. They are a direct result of a decades-long culture of violence being foisted on us by the communist left through relentless media glamorization since the 1960s of violence and corruption in movies, on TV and now on the internet and in video games.

Toss in decades of demonic rock music (Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, etc.) and evil behavior by degenerate rock music stars (drug addiction, insanity, alcoholism, depression, murder, suicide, etc.) and you have the role model for social destruction.

These shootings also come out of our society’s increasing rejection of God and the rise of devilish atheism at the hands of the left. This includes easy access to abortion being portrayed as a “right”.

The first significant high school shooting in the modern era was in April 1999 at Columbine High in Colorado. That was a very bloody and violent event and the perpetrators were directly inspired by a famous Hollywood movie called Natural Born Killers.

The shooters wanted to be “cool” like the movie. This is how the left-wing captains of Hollywood corrupt us – by normalizing violence and making it seem acceptable, even “cool”. But then the same liberals claim that they are good Democrats and pacifists who want gun control.

But they never ban guns or violence in their own movies. No, they profit enormously from them.

The “cool” actor Robert De Niro is a Trump hater who is adored by tens of millions of anti-Trumpers. Yet De Niro amassed his fame and fortune over decades portraying violent and debased characters in movies like Mean Streets, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Heat and Casino.

Friends, don’t ever let these Hollywood/media skunks convince you that these are “just movies” and that they don’t have an effect on anyone. These are clear role models for evil behavior, including the rock music. Virtually none of this content is produced by conservatives.

At Columbine the story got worse. Many fellow students knew that the two student killers were up to no good. One killer even had been reported to the local police for threatening the life of a fellow student but the police did nothing.

This comes out of another disturbing aspect of leftist culture – that we all must be “non-judgmental” and never question bad behavior. These Columbine killers were allowed to be provocative to the point of being disturbing and nobody challenged them. They could easily have been exposed but they were not.

The 2007 mass killer at Virginia Tech was a known wacko on campus. He was obsessed with a hyper-violent Korean film called Oldboy and had acted out parts of it. But nobody took the initiative to see that he was seriously probed. After all they would have to rein in half the students and half of the faculty if they started to question one student’s insane behavior.

We do not yet know the background of the Kentucky shooter. would bet that people in his community knew that he was troubled but they did nothing about him. In the good old days something would have been done.

Then we are supposed to blame the National Rifle Association and the 2nd Amendment for all of the violence. But NRA is the leading organization that is seeking to make sure that guns don’t fall into the wrong hands. There already are 20,000 gun laws on the books. We don’t need more laws. We need enforcement of existing laws.

In the Sutherland Springs murders at the church in Texas the Air Force veteran who did the killings was supposed be in jail at the time for assault on his wife and child. Somehow he only served 20% of his sentence, probably the work of a lenient judge.

He also should have been on a no-buy list for gun purchases but the Air Force never reported his abuse conviction to the database. So the laws were there but were not applied. This must end. We must return to the days when crime was recognized as crime and treated seriously.

In the Sandy Hook school shootings in December 2012 the crazy killer Adam Lanza was scared off from trying to buy a gun by a background check system, i.e., the system worked. So he stole guns from his mother and killed her and 20 young kids.

This was one of those “single moms” who obviously did not have a clue about anything. She had even taught her disturbed son to shoot even though he had mental problems, was addicted to violent video games and had compiled extensive information about mass shootings.

If a sensible father had been around then the Sandy Hook murders would have been avoided. But sensible fathers are another target of contemporary leftist culture in its ongoing effort to disrupt civil society.

Acquaintances of the 2012 movie theater shooter in Aurora, Colorado knew that James Holmes was disturbed but they did nothing about him. The only person who had planned to act on Holmes was a gun club owner who had had one single interaction with Holmes, was very suspicious of him and was planning to interrogate him the next time they met. Unfortunately Holmes never returned to the gun club.

Meanwhile here are four lines from Wikipedia describing the plot of a much-touted 2017 film called Three Billboards that may win an Academy Award:

Mildred Hayes is grieving the rape and murder of her teenage daughter Angela seven months prior…. Mildred is also visited by her abusive ex-husband Charlie, who blames her for their daughter’s death…. Willoughby brings Mildred in for questioning after she injures her dentist in an altercation in his clinic. During the interview, Willoughby coughs up blood…. Mildred and Dixon conclude that the man must be guilty of some other rape, and set out for Idaho with a gun.

Every sentence has a violent image. This is just one more example of disgraceful Hollywood. It is no wonder that our society has so much violence and that so many Americans are confused about right and wrong.

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