Trump More Conservative than Reagan/ Muslim Cops in Trouble

The Heritage Foundation has declared that president Trump’s first year in office has been more conservative than Ronald Reagan’s first year. Heritage is the gold standard for conservative thinking.

This is something that has remarked on repeatedly and it has important and positive ramifications for president Trump’s re-election in 2020.

Since conservatives are now seeing that Trump is one of them millions of them will vote for him in 2020 after staying home in 2016 because they did not believe that Trump was conservative.

The Heritage Foundation’s own website reports:

One year after taking office, President Donald Trump and his administration have adopted nearly two-thirds of the policy recommendations from The Heritage Foundation’s “Mandate for Leadership.”

The “Mandate for Leadership” series includes five individual publications, totaling approximately 334 unique policy recommendations. Analysis completed by Heritage determined that 64 percent of the policy prescriptions were included in Trump’s budget, implemented through regulatory guidance, or under consideration for action in accordance with The Heritage Foundation’s original proposals.

“President Trump had an extraordinarily successful first year,” says Thomas Binion, director of congressional and executive branch relations at The Heritage Foundation. “He put a conservative on the Supreme Court and he enacted historic pro-growth tax reform. This analysis demonstrates the lesser-known policy success that his administration has been fighting hard to enact.”

Heritage Foundation research analysts began developing the policy recommendations in 2016 during the presidential campaign with the following principles in mind: free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

With approximately 70 former Heritage employees working for the Trump transition team or as part of the administration, the policy recommendations have served as guidelines for reducing the size and scope of the federal government through specific and detailed actions.

The first “Mandate for Leadership” was released in January 1981, containing policy proposals of reform that would make government more efficient and effective. President Ronald Reagan distributed Heritage’s book at his first Cabinet meeting.

“As President Reagan did in the 1980s,” Binion said, “President Trump has embraced the comprehensive recommendations made in the ‘Mandate for Leadership.’ These achievements have led to economic growth, a stronger national defense, and a restoration of the rule of law.”

Over the past several months, Heritage’s executive branch relations staff reviewed the 334 policy recommendations and met with senior administration officials in the several agencies. Heritage analysts briefed administration officials on the recommendations, provided additional insight and information, and advocated for reform.

Examples of some of the most notable policy recommendations and their adoption or implementation by the Trump administration include:

• Leaving the Paris Climate Accord: In August 2017, Trump announced the U.S. was ending its funding and membership in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
• Repealing Net Neutrality: In December 2017, Trump’s Federal Communications Commission chairman proposed ending the 2015 network neutrality rules.
• Reshaping National Monuments: Heritage’s recommendation to prohibit Land Acquisition (Cap and Reduce the Size of the Federal Estate) was adopted by Trump when he issued two executive orders effectively shrinking the size of national monuments in Utah.
• Reinstating the Mexico City Policy: This executive order prevents taxpayer money from funding international groups involved in abortion and ending funding to the United Nations Population fund. On Jan. 23, 2017, in his first pro-life action, Trump signed an executive order today reinstating the Mexico City Policy.
• Increasing Military Spending: Trump’s budget calls for a $54 billion increase in military spending to improve capacity, capability, and readiness of America’s armed forces.
• Reforming Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF): The Trump administration adopted and is in favor of strengthening existing work requirements in order to receive benefits.
• Allowing Development of Natural Resources: The Trump administration opened off-shore drilling and on federal lands. Executive Order 13783 directed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to commence federal land coal leasing activities.
• Reforming Government Agencies: Trump tasked each of his Cabinet secretaries to prepare detailed plans on how they propose to reduce the scope and size of their respective departments while streamlining services and ensuring each department runs more efficiently and handles tax dollars appropriately.
• Withdrawing from UNESCO: In October 2017, Trump announced he was putting an end to U.S. membership in the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
Now here is an editorial on a separate subject:

Minneapolis Will Investigate Killing by Muslim Cop

A Somali-born muslim police officer in Minneapolis is going to be investigated over shooting to death an innocent and unarmed white woman who was dressed in her pajamas at the time of the killing.

Mohammed Noor was highly praised when he joined the force. Minneapolis has a significant muslim/Somali population. But on July 15, 2017 Noor recklessly shot dual Australian-US citizen Justine Damond to death. This fits a pattern of muslim racism and misogyny. Fox News reports:

A Minnesota prosecutor is convening a grand jury as he weighs whether to charge a Minneapolis police officer in the 2017 shooting death of Justine Damond, officials said Wednesday, a month after the prosecutor ripped investigators over the handling of the controversial case.

The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis confirmed to FOX9 that several of its members were issued subpoenas related to the case calling them to testify at some point in the near future.

Damond, a 40-year-old life coach who was a dual citizen of Australia and the U.S., was killed by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor in July just minutes after she called police to report a possible sexual assault in the alley behind her home. Noor hasn’t been charged, but Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said weeks ago more investigating was needed in the case. He also told activists in a recorded conversation he didn’t have enough evidence and investigators “haven’t done their job.”

The liberals in Minneapolis were planning to let this blatant act of police brutality slide since the victim was an obviously innocent white woman and the perpetrator was a muslim. But no longer. Look at this from Fox News:

The officers didn’t turn on their body cameras until after the shooting, and there was no squad-car camera video of the incident.

Aw, darn it! Those pesky body cameras weren’t on! How could that have happened?

Oh, right. It was a muslim cop and a white female victim and so there is no record needed of the killing. On the other hand who could forget the brazen daylight police shooting death of a white man named Brandon Taylor in Utah by an hispanic officer that was indeed recorded on a body camera even though Taylor had not threatened the officer. No charges there. After all, the victim was white. Fox News reports:

The Somali-born cop was part of an accelerated police cadet program that required only seven months of training, a nontraditional route that aims to help those who have a college degree enter law enforcement.

Let’s look into this “cadet program” and into this guy Noor’s past. Can you say ‘affirmative action’?

This news comes shortly after a Somali-born police officer from Portland, Maine was arraigned after a late-night altercation at a Worcester, Massachusetts concert venue. The Portland Press-Herald reports:

A Portland, Maine, police officer arrested at a recent concert at the Palladium was arraigned Thursday in a Worcester courthouse on charges that included assault and battery and resisting arrest.

Not-guilty pleas were entered by the court on her behalf, and Zahra Munye Abu did not speak during the brief court appearance.

Abu, 24, was charged at a Jan. 13 Ja Rule concert at the Palladium on Main Street after she allegedly began acting unruly, grabbed the head of security by the front of his shirt and refused to leave when requested to do so by security.

In a report filed in court, Worcester police said the 5-foot-2, 130-pound officer was acting aggressively toward concert hall staff and allegedly pushed her way through the crowd, “physically assaulting several customers.” Told by security and police that her behavior was unacceptable and she was “no longer welcome on the property,” Abu was asked to leave “two to three dozen times,” according to the report. does not know how many Somali police officers there are in the US, but it could not be very many. These two obviously make for a high percentage of bad and brutal behavior. They should both be deported.

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