Trump is World’s Most Famous Person, and for a Reason

In just one year in office US president Donald J. Trump has become the most famous person in the world. He already has become probably the single most recognizable global figure of the last 30 years. The only rivals who come to mind are US president Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II who was truly a beloved international figure as a religious leader to one billion Catholics.

When heard that president Trump was going to attend the globalist economic conference at the Davos ski resort in Switzerland I said that that sounded like a great idea, that he would tell them point-blank what they needed to hear about economic growth.

Well, Trump showed up at Davos and thanks to the president’s presence it got more international attention than ever. “I’ve been doing Davos for 15 or 16 years and I’ve never seen a reception like this,” said one on-air reporter. Everyone at Davos wanted to catch a glimpse of Trump. He was treated like a rock star.

Top European business leaders who dined with Trump all seemed happy to be with him. After all they have been seeking for years to get their economies moving and now this colorful American multi-billionaire has shown them how through a positive attitude and common-sense tax policies implemented in his first year in office.

Four things created the Trump Phenomenon:

*First and foremost Donald Trump is an American original. The world has been looking up to Americans for the last 150 years, since the beginning of the modern industrial age when America rose to prominence with its technological creativity, industrial might and economic leadership. Trump is truly the embodiment of the American rugged individualist who built our nation through hard work in the private sector.

*The American media made Trump seem much bigger than life through their maniacal coverage of him.

*Trump created his own outsized image through decades of media manipulation. He knows how to use the media since he has been a subject of the media for 40 years and has even been inside the media himself hosting The Celebrity Apprentice TV show, one of the most popular programs ever.

*Trump has created his own media controversies through his behavior and statements. This has elevated his profile whether you like it or not.

It was interesting to watch top Euro business titans sitting obediently at the dinner table in Davos while Trump dominated the picture. Those titans, stars in their own right, were merely window dressing compared to the US president. Trump even was physically bigger than they were. He indeed seemed bigger than life… because he is.

When Donald Trump announced in June 2015 that he was going to run for president he was laughed at. When he got the nomination he was dismissed. When he won the election, there was panic and they said not to worry, that he would be impeached and removed from office. Now that he has been in the White House for just one year he is the world’s most famous person and his fame is growing every day. This Davos appearance is putting even more high-octane fuel into the Trump tank.

There is a psychological dynamic at work here – that once people actually get to know Trump and see the success of his policies then that it is very different than seeing him on TV or reading about him in the Trump-hater media. Those who have met Trump like him very much. They say that he is polite and personable. He can be very funny and provocative in his offhand comments; we all have seen this and it helps him a lot. His rallies are upbeat events, better than a rock concert. He has been called a Blue Collar Billionaire. has backed Trump from the start. I wrote on January 18, 2011 (yes, 2011) on the RedState website that ‘Trump Will Be Next US President’. I had heard him do a half-hour interview with Rush Limbaugh on the previous day and I knew immediately that he would someday be elected and do good things.

He has. Donald J. Trump is now the most famous person in the world.

If you asked 1,000 people all over the world who Theresa May is (prime minister of Britain); or Xi Jin Ping (communist leader of China); or Angela Merkel (chancellor of Germany) some would certainly know but most would not. But if you asked them about Donald J. Trump virtually everyone would know.

The Trump haters are beside themselves with the reception that the president got at Davos. They expected him to be shunned and mocked by the global business and intellectual elite, but he has been cheered and embraced and treated like a mega-celebrity. He even said in classic tongue-in-cheek Trump style, “This is like walking into the Academy Awards, except we have more photographers.”

He certainly is basking in the glow and who could blame him. He has beaten all the odds and put his critics in a hole. It is Trump who is rising as his critics fall down.

In just one year in office Donald J. Trump has done more to help the American and global economy than all of the eggheads at Davos have done in 30 years at their caviar-and-champagne receptions and black tie dinners.

And the longer that Trump serves, and the better the results that he gets, the more that the world is going to say, “What is it about Trump that we are supposed to hate? He actually seems like a good person.”

The Davos conference was founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, a German-born business professor at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). It annually brings 2,500 business and political leaders together at the ski resort of Davos in January.

There even is a Trump Curse to go along with his vast media persona. Dozens of people who have criticized the president from an ESPN reporter to the bilious comedian Kathy Griffin have suffered career misfortune. Two days after Oprah Winfrey gave a stemwinding speech at the Golden Globes awards ceremony and it was enthusiastically suggested that she run against Trump in 2020, her California property was inundated in a mudslide.

Oprah has since announced that she will not run, just as predicted.

Indeed Donald Trump is The Teflon Don. Nothing seems to stick to Trump even though everything imaginable has been thrown at him. Then it all bounces back and hurts the people who hurled it. does not believe for a second that Trump will be impeached or removed from office. already is predicting that Trump will serve two terms and that he will end up being a very popular president.

Those of us over age 55 remember that Ronald Reagan also was hated by the same media who predicted that he would never be elected in the first place. Yet Reagan ended up being very popular. He won re-election in 1984 by winning 49 electoral states out of 50. His opponent Walter Mondale only won his home state of Minnesota.

Oh, certainly there are tens of millions of Americans who hate Trump, but that is true of any president including Obama. Yet Trump won 57% of the electoral votes in 2016 even though most Americans did not even know for certain what he was going to do. They just wanted some boldness. They got it.

Now that there is growing evidence that we are entering an economic boom period like we saw under Reagan, president Trump will become more popular both at home and abroad. As the ‘economic engine of the world’ the thriving United States economy will then stimulate growth worldwide. This will increase Trump’s stature globally.

And when the Russia collusion story finally is put to rest Trump’s popularity will spike. That story was designed specifically to bring down the president.

Trump has three other things going for him:

He has the common touch and is very patriotic. For instance, he is always respectful of cops and the military and they and their families appreciate that. After all, he attended New York Military Academy before college.

He has captured the hearts and minds of tens of millions of hard-working Americans. They see him as a champion of their cause. He speaks bluntly like they often do and they like that. He gets things done. He is not an intellectual who speaks in erudite tones like Obama and that horrible monotone of his. Trump has passion. And it shows.

President Trump’s wife and children are nice and well behaved people. Melania Trump is now The Most Glamorous Woman in the World. The president has never taken a sip of alcohol or used drugs while his children are smart, sober and hard-working, just like we all would like our own children to be. Millions of Trump haters are secretly envious of the president and his large family (he has five children and already has 9 grandchildren).

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