Hollywood Star Visits Refugees/ Czech Republic Emulates Trump

This is from the Associated Press:

Movie star Angelina Jolie visited a camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan on Sunday, calling for a political solution to Syria’s long-running civil war and saying that “humanitarian aid is not a long-term solution.”

Children crowded around the U.S. actress as she spoke in a patch of muddy space between hundreds of rows of caravans in the desert camp of Zaatari, less than an hour’s drive from the Syrian border.

It was Jolie’s fifth visit to Jordan. “It is heartbreaking to return to Jordan and witness the levels of hardship and trauma among Syrian refugees as this war enters its eighth year,” Jolie said after meeting refugee families and teenage girls in a U.N.-run community program.

“I’m very proud. You’re very strong, all of you,” Jolie, a special envoy for the U.N. refugee agency, told them.

Nearly 5.5 million displaced Syrians are hosted by Jordan, Lebanon and other neighboring countries.

Good for Jolie and good for the nation of Jordan, which is a stable, pro-US nation next to Israel and Syria. But then you wonder: Where did the Syrian civil war come from in the first place?

Answer: It was a direct result of Obama policies.

Syria is a secular nation that has been controlled by the Assad family since 1971. The Assads could be called strongly authoritarian. They have kept Syria stable, but with a military grip. Christians and muslims have worshipped side-by-side in peace for decades under the Assads. Christians have held many high government posts as well.

Rebels started fighting the Syrian government back in Spring 2011 at the time of the so-called “Arab Spring” uprising in Egypt. Then in December 2011 Obama pulled all US troops out of Iraq, against the recommendations of top US military officials.

This gave rise to the ISIS terror group in Iraq since there was no US military presence to stop them. This group fought to overthrow the Iraqi government and then joined forces with the groups fighting Assad in Syria.

Together these groups fomented a brutal civil war in Syria that lasted until 2017. ISIS made the war vastly worse than it would have been otherwise. These fighters were able to create misery and displace millions since Obama did nothing to stop them.

On the other hand president Trump immediately began heavily bombing ISIS in both Iraq and Syria the minute that he took office, just like he promised he would do during his campaign.

He obliterated ISIS in less than one year with virtually no casualties on the America side since the war was fought totally from the air with precision weapons.

Both wars in Iraq and Syria now appear to be largely over since most of the terrorists are either dead or have been badly injured or they have abandoned their fight and retreated to Iran or wherever else they came from.

This means that the refugees in Jordan might soon be able to go back to Syria to rebuild their country using Middle Eastern oil wealth. Great. The cost for rebuilding Iraq and Syria has been estimated at $200 billion and that amount can be raised easily in the oil-rich region.

The Syrian civil war would still be raging if Hillary Clinton had been elected. Democrats in the US want radical Islam to take over the Middle East, as Obama did. Thank God for president Trump’s leadership and his distinctly pro-Christian agenda.

Now here are some editorials on other subjects:

Another Kennedy Bows to the Poor

When it was announced that 37-year-old Democrat US congressman Joseph Kennedy of Massachusetts would give the official Democrat response to president Trump’s state of the union address a web photo showed the congressman doing a ‘Kennedy bow’.

A ‘Kennedy bow’ shows any given member of the Kennedy political family leaning over to grasp the hand of and to talk sympathetically to a poor or minority or disabled or disadvantaged person and promising that person plenty of Other People’s Money (OPM) to help them out.

Naturally the Kennedys will never give away any of their own money. The Kennedy family fortune, which would probably be $3 billion in today’s cash, came largely from family patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy’s criminal handiwork in the 1920s.

Ol’ Man Kennedy was a stock market swindler who amassed a fortune using corrupt practices to loot the market and leave other investors penniless. Those practices were outlawed in the 1930s. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of small investors lost their shirts to line the Kennedy family pocket.

So if you ever wonder why there is a ‘Kennedy curse’, now you know. After all, stealing is a bad thing.

Poverty Spiked in Alaska under Obama

The Anchorage Daily News in Alaska reports:

Tens of thousands of people have turned to the government for health care and food amid Alaska’s recession, prompting questions from state lawmakers about the sustainability of those safety-net programs.

Gov. Bill Walker’s administration projects 240,000 people to be enrolled in the Medicaid health-care program next year, up from 163,000 in 2015. And 101,000 Alaskans were receiving food stamps in September, up from 72,000 a year earlier, according to preliminary federal data.

The federal government covers most of the cost of Alaska’s food stamp program.

But Medicaid — supported by both the state and federal governments — is one of the biggest line-items in Alaska’s budget, at about $700 million. And some conservative lawmakers say they’re worried about the growth in enrollment.

In total, the program covers nearly one-third of the state’s population.

Alaska is a very tough place to live. It is brutally cold over the long and almost sun-less Winter. Second, economic opportunities are limited in Alaska which is mostly wilderness. Third, if you’ve ever seen videos of grocery shopping in rural Alaska it is stunning.

Stores are extremely limited in their selection and prices are sky-high. Bananas are $1.49 lb. Pancake mix is $3.95 a box. A bag of Tostitos is $10.74. Lucky Charms cereal is $8.51 a box. It’s $10 for a gallon of milk. Avocados are $5.

But the real problem in Alaska is that it is so remote and rural and so the economy is tough to start with. To make matters worse, The Obama Depression put a big dent in Alaska as it did to the rest of the US, and then the EPA’s endless restrictions on oil drilling and mining and every other type of extractive economic activity has harmed Alaska as it has harmed all of rural America.

Fortunately there have been two major victories for the Alaskan people under Trump. The Pebble gold/copper mine now is going forward after years of ‘green’ obstruction. And the ANWR oil deposit in Northern Alaska is going to be tapped (10 billion barrels or more) to create economic growth in Alaska and to keep fuel prices down for all Americans through increased supply.

Alaska is a vast storehouse of resources. Democrats do not want us to have these resources. But we need them, and so do the people of Alaska. It is a win-win for all if we extract them.

Czech Republic goes Populist

Fox News reports:

Europe’s populist movement was given a shot in the arm on Saturday when Czech Republic President Milos Zeman, running primarily on an anti-migration platform, fended off a challenge from political neophyte Jiri Drahos.

Czech Radio reports that Drahos won in most of the main cities, while Zeman scored big with smaller towns and the countryside, with analysts saying Zeman’s “common touch” made the difference.

Zeman, a former left-wing prime minister who ascended to the presidency in 2013, had been widely criticized for what critics described as Islamophobic rhetoric… Zeman, who has warned of an “organized invasion” of … had embraced the populist wave that swept through the West in 2016.

He was one of very few European leader to endorse President Donald Trump’s bid for the White House and by calling for a referendum on the (Czech) Republic’s membership of the European Union…

Good. Rational people are seeing the nightmare of the migrant invasion of Europe at the hands of the left. This “invasion” has been organized and ordered by communists within Europe in order to destroy Europe. But here is an interesting story from China:

Communist China is Brutalizing its Migrants

Breitbart News reported:

The mayor of China’s capital city Beijing has announced that workers would demolish 15 square miles of homes used by low-paid migrant workers. Many migrants have lived in these homes for years or decades, but now the city is declaring the homes to be illegal structures. The migrants will be evicted and left homeless.

Officials are not saying how many migrant workers would be evicted by the demolitions this year. However, in general terms, Beijing would like to reduce the population of Beijing by 15 percent, and this would fall most heavily on the estimated 3 million migrant workers living in Beijing, or 450,000. Other reports estimate 8 million migrant workers in Beijing. The larger figure may include suburbs.

People were given only a few hours’ notice before their homes were demolished, and they were forced into the sub-zero December temperatures. The demolitions included small businesses as well as homes, causing many migrants to lose their life savings as well as their source of income. Many migrants had been supporting their families by sending money back to them, but that source of support was cut off overnight.

According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), there are an estimated 282 million rural migrant workers in China, making up more than one-third of the entire working population of 807 million.

Migrants workers are almost always marginalized and work in low-paid jobs. They are subject to various kinds of abuse, including forced overtime and non-payment of salaries. The vast majority of rural migrant workers are still employed in low-paid jobs in manufacturing, construction, and services. According to NBS figures, the employment by sector is as follows:

The millions of migrants living in Beijing, often for decades, were the laborers who built Beijing into the huge metropolis that it is today. Now their work is done, and they are being left cold, broke and homeless.

Although news stories have focused mainly on Beijing, thanks to the shantytown fire on November 18, we are apparently seeing a major change in Chinese policy that affects all large cities, and possibly medium-sized cities as well.

We might think that China is just doing what we conservatives want the Europeans to do and what we want president Trump to do – expel illegal immigrants. But that is false.

The migrants in Europe have come in a wave without any kind of jobs waiting for them. Most are on welfare and many of them are violent. In the US many millions of immigrants have no jobs and are living off of US taxpayers. They have committed millions of crimes.

The Chinese migrants, on the other hand, are people who were invited into China under very controlled conditions to help the Chinese economy. They have worked very hard and now they are being abused.

Yet you can be sure that there will not be a peep from the international ‘open borders’ crowd since China is a communist nation, just as ‘open borders’ advocates are all over on the hard left.

This is much like environmentalists’ silence on massive pollution in China. They don’t criticize China since China is on the hard left with most of the world’s ‘greenies’.

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