Angry Democrats Behave Horribly on National TV at SOTU Speech

President Trump’s State of the Union speech was a home run. Polls taken directly after the speech showed up to 75% approval, and even fairly strong approval among self-described Democrats.

If the president can continue to show this kind of leadership, Republicans will hold the House and Senate easily in 2018 and Trump will be handily re-elected in 2020. His accomplishments so far already point to those results.

In his speech the president was bold and yes, he touted his accomplishments. His guests for the speech bolstered his point of view, like the North Korean man who had suffered unspeakable horrors at the hands of the communists or the New York parents whose daughters had been murdered by MS-13. Or the wonderful California boy who had planted 40,000 flags on the graves of US military veterans.

All in all, the whole event was a big win for Trump. Melania Trump looked spectacular in white, which helped her to stand out like an angel.

The Democrats, on the other hand, showed such abysmal behavior that they are going to suffer even more than they already have. They refused to even applaud Mrs. Trump and groaned when the president mentioned crimes by illegal alien gangs, which is exactly what they did one year ago when the president made his first address to Congress. This is truly sick.

The Democrats refusal – even before a national TV audience – to acknowledge the president’s mention of God, the National Anthem or even historically high employment numbers for black America shows a party that is seriously in psychological decay.

Nancy Pelosi looked like her face was going to break. It was shocking how utterly vexed she appeared to be. Open-borders Democrat congressman Luis Gutierrez of Chicago stormed out of the speech when some Republican congresspeople started to chant, “USA! USA!”

After all, what good Democrat today could face up to having a positive attitude about America.

And after the horrendous media treatment that president Trump has received from these Democrats’ and their media cronies, we can be sure that there is a day of reckoning coming.

Obviously there are strong subliminal messages in any event like a State of the Union speech. has often said that the physical size difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at the 2016 debates made a strong impression on millions of viewers. They saw Hillary as small and weak, particularly after she had publicly fainted a few weeks before, another event that had a huge impact on voters.

Now we have this horrible exhibition of rude behavior by Democrats to the president’s address. This looked awful on TV. Couldn’t the black congresspeople at least have cheered the news about record black employment levels?

Not if you are a modern-day Democrat. They have one fixed goal and that is to hate Donald Trump. They pursue this goal ruthlessly at great peril to their very futures.

Scowling is not a good political tactic. Neither is negativity. That is one of the reasons that Hillary lost, since she ran on the platform that you should not vote for Donald Trump. She never presented a clear and positive agenda for herself.

The glowering Democrats at the State of the Union address did much the same thing. They were totally negative. This image is going to stick subliminally in the minds of millions of Americans.

For decades, Democrats and their media cronies have told us that a candidate can’t win on negativity. They are correct. Yet they do not seem to be taking this issue seriously themselves.

Democrats even groaned when president Trump mentioned his tough actions against the murderous gang MS-13 simply because the gang originated in El Salvador, which Democrats consider to be a sacrosanct ‘immigrant’ nation.

Meanwhile The Daily Caller reports that

President Trump used the word “I” 29 times in his speech, while using “we” 129 times. Another communal word used often by the president: “our,” which he used 104 times.

But then look at this from 2012 from

Speaking in Sandusky, Ohio on July 5, President Barack Obama used the first-person pronouns “I” and “me” a combined 117 times in a speech that lasted about 25 minutes and 32 seconds.

Thus Obama’s speech was less than half of Trump’s but he used “I” and “me” almost four times as often. Wow.

And this, friends, shows what the Democrats’ real problem is – they are narcissists. They never think about others; they are fixated only on their own emotions. And those emotions about president Trump are so vastly out of whack that the Democrats are embarrassing themselves over and over, even on national TV.

We have seen this behavior with a spoiled child who sits with a long face in the corner all day. It is not only disturbing but often it is laughable. And the world today is laughing at the Democrats who would not acknowledge that president Trump had said something good about our National Anthem, or something positive about one of their own constituent groups. Or about rounding up and expelling violent people from our midst.

Naturally there are comparisons to Republican behavior with Obama, but it was not 1% of what we are seeing with the Democrats. does not remember a single conservative acquaintance throwing a temper tantrum, rioting, looting or suffering an emotional collapse over Obama.

Democrats and liberals love to portray themselves as ‘media savvy’, but that is only when they have everything going their way. When they do not, there are very big problems.

We Trump supporters have been personally subjected to this type of bad behavior from lifelong liberal acquaintances who will no longer speak to us since they are so choked up with anger over president Trump. It is a heck of a way to live your life, and that is precisely the kind of emotional regime that Democrats give us when they are in power.

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