Military Parade is Great Idea/ Muslims Attack Euro Christians

(This is a multi-part commentary covering a variety of issues.)

President Trump was so impressed with a French military parade that he saw in Paris on Bastille Day (July 14) 2017 that he wants to have a US military parade in Washington, perhaps next Veterans Day, November 11.

This sounds like a fine idea. After we have seen our nation emasculated for decades with any sign of manhood ridiculed and dismissed by the left, a military parade would bring back some of that good ol’ testosterone for all of us to enjoy. But, alas, within hours of the parade idea’s announcement we heard a chorus of outrage from the military-hating left, that such a parade is “what dictators do”.

Sorry, friends, but tens of millions of Trump voters would love to see a military parade, including And it would have a bonus effect – it would show the world that we have the mightiest military in the world and that our president is not afraid to show it off. This is really a brilliant foreign policy move.

It also would be yet another chance for president Trump to show his gratitude to the US military for all that it has done to preserve our liberty.

On the other hand let us look at the kinds of parades that the leftists have given us over the last 50 years. We have gotten halloween parades that celebrate paganism, frivolity, ghoulishness and death. We get ‘black lives matter’ parades that celebrate the hatred of whites and the killing of police officers. We get endless protest marches like the feminists and the ‘green’ lunatics. We get riots to protest a free and fair election. We get ‘gay pride’ parades in the Summer where men dress like women or don skimpy bathing suits and act out sexual gestures, even in front of children.

So how about a military parade? says “Let’s go!”

Muslim Migrants Prey on Euro Christians

Virginia Hale at Breitbart News reports:

Hate crime figures leaked by police in Germany have caused alarm, as they revealed murder, assault, and arson numbering among almost 100 attacks which targeted Christians in 2017.

Published by the Funke media group several months before annual crime statistics are due to be officially released, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) data showed attacks on churches and Christian symbols accounted for a quarter of the 97 cases.

At least 14 of the cases in the report involved asylum seekers and refugees, including the murder of an Afghan Christian convert by a fellow Afghan in May last year which prompted politicians to urge the BKA to record “anti-Christian crimes” separately for the first time.

Ansgar Heveling, interior policy spokesman for Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, called the figures “alarming” and argued that the state “has a responsibility to punish these attacks severely and consistently… [as] anti-Semitic attacks are rightly being tackled”.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, of the right-wing Christian Social Union (CSU), told Funke group newspapers: “Integration in Germany has to require tolerating its Christian, Western values and culture without any ifs or buts.”

We knew this was coming when chancellor Angela Merkel allowed more than 1 million muslim migrants into Germany in 2015. This is part of a communist plan to destroy Europe’s Christian heritage.

Muslims have been trying to defeat Christians for 1,400 years. They now are waltzing into Europe and living on welfare and growing in population while contributing nothing to their new countries.

We know that extremist George Soros is one figure behind this mass migration. It has been reported that left-wing Euro and American groups financed hundreds of seaworthy rubber rafts with powerful gasoline engines to bring in tens of thousands of black migrants from Africa across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy.

Yet anyone who defends Christianity or the people of Europe against this invasion is called “right-wing” or “anti-immigrant” rather than “conservative” or “in favor of strong borders”. Hale also reported:

Stating the BKA figures are likely “only the tip of the iceberg” with regards to the number of anti-Christian attacks taking place in Germany, Löffler writes: “One can confidently assume that the mainstream media would much rather report on Islamophobic incidents and xenophobic crimes committed by ethnic Germans.”

Breitbart London reported last year how anti-Christian attacks had risen 245 per cent in France since 2008, while the number of anti-Muslim attacks saw a huge fall in the same period.

Data released by the French interior ministry showed anti-Christian acts accounting for 90 per cent of attacks on religious buildings and institutions — a figure which includes arson, violence, degradation, threats, and ‘insulting’ vandalism and graffiti.

Last week, it was alleged that French intelligence agencies had prior knowledge of one of the Islamic extremists involved in the beheading of Father Jacques Hamel in a Normandy church in 2016, but failed to act.

Shocking. And certainly these French intelligence agencies knew about this extremist. In most terrorist cases it seems like law enforcement officials knew something about the terrorist(s) but did nothing about them.

Example: FBI knew about the bomber of the Boston Marathon and even had interviewed him once over a trip he took to an extremist muslim enclave in Russia.

This must end. It is time for security officials to err strongly on the side of the French, German, American, etc. people rather than on the side of the terrorists.

Trump Approval Higher than Obama’s

The Gateway Pundit reported on February 7 about the Rasmussen poll, which is the most accurate poll of all:

…President Trump holds a 48% approval rating today in the Rasmussen daily tracking.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty-one percent (51%) disapprove.

The latest figures include 34% who Strongly Approve of the way the president is performing and 42% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -8.

President Trump has a stronger approval rating today than media darling Barack Obama did back in 2010 on this same day.

Back on February 7, 2010 Barack Obama had an approval rating of 44% while 56% of likely voters disapproved of the far left president.

Awesome. And believes that Trump is even more popular since we know that some people are not admitting even to pollsters that they support him.

Pelosi “Crumbs” Comment is Worse than You Think

While 3 million American workers have received $1,000 bonuses and more in response to president Trump’s tax cut plan, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi called those bonuses “crumbs”. But you have to get into the warped mind of a liberal to understand her point of view. estimates that American “anti-poverty” programs in the last 60 years have dished out as much as $150 TRILLION (yes, ‘trillion’ with a T) in federal, state and local dollars, private charity and myriad types of in-kind services (free education, free Habitat for Humanity houses, etc.). That would be up to $2.5 trillion per year in today’s $20 trillion US economy, or 12% of our economy, which sound like a reasonable figure.

An illegal immigrant can collect $5,000 to $10,000 or much more per year in benefits. So when you put figures like that up against a $1,000 worker bonus, it indeed sounds like “crumbs”. That is why Pelosi said what she said. She believes it.

A single welfare mother in an American city with three children can collect $40,000 or more in annual handouts when you add up all of the different kinds like food stamps, housing subsidies, medical care, dental care, clothing, transportation, and then free public education for her children when she does not work or pay any taxes for it.

Pelosi ignores the fact, as all liberals do, that the person earning, say, $50,000 a year by working hard is earning his/her own keep and then getting a $1,000 bonus on top of that. Good for them. Then they are getting tax reductions under the Trump tax bill, so they get to keep more of their own money.

This is the way we are supposed to live. Throughout history man has always gotten the most satisfaction earning his own way. That is why the Welfare State has been such a failure. Even the welfare recipients can see the desolation in their own pointless lives. That is why the most welfare-dependent neighborhoods are also the poorest, most violent and ignorant, and most miserable.

Congressman Gets Punked, Should Resign for ‘Collusion’

California Democrat congressman Adam Schiff is one of the most devious people in Washington. He is the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and he has been a vocal critic of all Republican efforts to expose FBI and Department of Justice corruption in the Hillary Clinton email probe, and in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

The Democrats never expected any of this to come out since they thought for certain that Hillary was going to be elected. The Fake News media will ignore this story since it is potential dynamite. It could even bring down Obama, Hillary and others.

Sean Hannity is the #1 media investigator into this scandal and has been saying that these probes into Deep State/FBI misconduct are going to explode into the open in the next six months. This is correct.

Meanwhile Schiff has been caught in an April 2017 scam phone call perpetrated by two Russian comedians. One of the comedians, posing as… get this… the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament(!) told Schiff that he had compromising information and naked pictures of president Trump from a visit to Moscow in 2013 and his meeting with a prostitute.

The conversation is posted on the internet and it is hilarious if it were not so disturbing. Schiff took the call seriously even when it veered into a patently ludicrous reference to an allegedly secret meeting between general Mike Flynn and Russian agents at a café in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn (New York City) which is a Russian enclave.

The prankster narrative even included secret passwords that sounded like they came out of a comedy movie. And they did. The passwords were “Weather Is Good on Deribasovskaya” and then “It Rains Again on Brighton Beach” which happens to be the name of a 1992 Russian-American comedy film (the film is called Weather Is Good on Deribasovskaya, It Rains Again on Brighton Beach).

In other words Schiff did exactly what we believe that the phony ‘Russian dossier’ did – it took unverified information from nefarious sources as legitimate intelligence on Trump misbehavior. The fact that the comedian ‘punked’ Schiff is outrageous. This totally destroys Schiff’s credibility and calls into question everything that Schiff stands for, says and does.

And this, friends, is why this Mueller probe into Trump is going to backfire and take down many top Democrats and Deep Staters in Washington. It already is doing so. Adam Schiff is the latest to totally lose his integrity. He should resign for “colluding” with the fake Ukrainian politician.

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