Frigid Winter Olympics Held Amidst ‘Global Warming’(?!)

The ‘global warming’ alarmists are always up in arms about something. They use emotion to control us and to get some of us to give them money.

Environmentalists are especially apoplectic about any suggestion that ‘warming’ may actually be a good thing even when ‘warming’ has been shown to be part of a natural cycle.

‘Warming’ indeed is good. All you have to do is look at a population map of the world to see it. The population becomes very sparse and even non-existent the closer you get to the frigid North Pole and South Pole. In short humans have always found cold weather to be inhospitable for obvious reasons. On the other hand population maps show huge numbers in the hot regions around the equator.

This is no surprise. If you have to devote large amounts of time and energy just to keep warm then you have less time and energy to sustain and improve yourself and enjoy life. If you can walk outside in your shirtsleeves then that sure is easier than putting on five layers of clothes and trying to start a frozen car.

We know for certain that the peasants of Europe thrived during the 400-year Medieval Warm Period (900 AD to 1300 AD) which was a long spell of very hot climate in Europe, and probably all over the world. We know from historical records that the peasants even grew taller, that their lives were easier and that their crop yields were much greater with the longer and warmer growing seasons.

We also know that that Medieval ‘warming’ was a natural occurrence. It came long before the burning of large amounts of coal or oil and so the ‘greenies’ cannot go nuts blaming 400 years of hot climate on oil and coal as they do today.

And that, friends, is why the ‘greenies’ never even mention the Medieval Warm Period. Ever.

We also know that Europe, and probably the whole world, went through a significant cold period with three “ice age” spikes between 1300 AD and 1850, when the burning of coal expanded geometrically. So again ‘warming’ cannot be blamed on the burning of carbon fuels.

By the way, the world has been in a generally ‘warm’ period since 1850 but nothing like the very hot Medieval period.

Yet any time that we have an extended period of warm weather the ‘greenies’ go insane. For instance, the Winter of 2015 was very warm in the Northeastern US. There was no snow and there were very warm temperatures. This has happened occasionally over the last century. The early 1930s was an especially warm period.

And lots of good things happened during that Winter of 2015. Thousands of villages, towns and cities saved hundreds of millions of dollars on road plowing, sanding and salting. Tens of thousands of car accidents and slip-and-fall injuries were avoided. Many fewer homes burned down from their woodstoves lighting the house on fire. Frozen pipes were nonexistent, along with the damage they can do to a home or a business.

Tens of millions of citizens saved billions of dollars on home heating. Thousands of car batteries did not die in the cold. Hundreds of heart attacks from shoveling snow were avoided. Hundreds of thousands of people did not have to suffer in cold houses and apartments. And on and on.

In other words that warm Winter was very beneficial. Most people in the Northeast would welcome that every year. But did the environmentalists have a good time? Did they enjoy themselves and breathe a sigh of relief and thanks for just one warm winter?

Are you kidding? They spent the Winter crying and warning us in cataclysmic terms that the world was coming to an end and that we should not enjoy a single moment of the nice weather.

Now look at this from about the Winter Olympics in South Korea which are being held in the city of Pyeongchang which is about the same latitude as Richmond, Virginia, which is a very warm city:

The Winter Olympics are supposed to be cold, of course. Just maybe not THIS cold.

Wind and ice pellets left Olympic snowboarders simply trying to stay upright in conditions that many felt were unfit for competition, the best ski jumpers on the planet dealing with swirling gusts and biathletes aiming to shoot straight.

All around the games, athletes and fans are dealing with conditions that have tested even the most seasoned winter sports veterans.

Low temperatures have hovered in the single digits, dipping below zero Fahrenheit with unforgiving gusts whipping at 45 mph making it feel much colder. Organizers have shuffled schedules, and shivering spectators left events early.

The raw air sent hundreds of fans to the exits Sunday when qualifying was called off after women’s slopestyle devolved into a mess of mistakes, and Monday’s final started 75 minutes late. Of the 50 runs, 41 ended with a fall or a rider essentially giving up. The temperature dropped to 3 Fahrenheit, with high winds.

So much for ‘global warming’. Al Gore claimed adamantly in 2007 that ‘global warming’ was “settled science”. Yet the ‘greenies’ then altered the name to ‘climate change’ beginning around 2010. Huh?

The reason they did this is because their scary ‘warming’ model was not working out. On one occasion Al Gore gave a dire ‘warming’ speech on one of the coldest days ever in New York City. Gore got laughed out town and so he had to change his tune.

But alas the ‘climate’ fanatics have shifted their strategy once again. They are claiming that the cold weather that we are seeing all over the globe, and have seen since the ‘warming’ story first emerged, is really a result of, you guessed it, ‘global warming’.

It is impossible to follow this rationale but they still promote it.

Meanwhile they come up with this claim that the world is burning up through computer models based on temperature readings from…. satellites. Yes, from satellites. Thousands of miles above the earth. And worse these computer models can be instantly modified with the click of a mouse to fit any narrative that the ‘greenies’ want.

It gets worse. ‘Greenies’ blame warming on the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that is increased by the burning of oil, coal and natural gas.

And from science textbooks, we know that trees, plants and crops grow when they absorb carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into plant matter, wood, and food.

They “fix” the carbon dioxide (CO2), if you remember the technical term. That is why we hear that millions of tons of CO2 are in the air – because it is – and it becomes wood and plant matter and crop matter when it is absorbed.

The CO2 in the air comes from humans and animals breathing out CO2 after inhaling oxygen and from the decay of plants and trees. The burning of coal, oil and natural gas also contributes to the CO2 in the atmosphere.

So if there is all of this extra CO2 in the atmosphere, then that should cause greater plant, tree and crop growth, right? Which will then accelerate the absorption of CO2 from the air, right? Which would naturally balance out the extra CO2, right?

Right… and you would think that ‘greenies’ would be thankful about all of this growth, but they are not. Environmentalists never mention this reality because they want the presence of CO2 in the atmosphere to be seen as something dangerous and artificial rather than something natural and beneficial, as warm weather itself is beneficial.

In fact burning oil, coal and natural gas and its CO2 emissions is helping to create huge amounts of food for the world’s hungry people in increased crop yields.

But don’t tell that to an environmentalist…

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