Awful Obama Portraits/ Internet ‘Robber Barons’ Face Scrutiny

First, here is a quick word about the politics of the Winter Olympics:

It only took one day for the left-wing global media to find a hero at the Winter Olympics in South Korea. That hero is genocidal and totalitarian North Korea, one of the most brutal communist regimes in the history of the world if not the most brutal. Millions have starved in North Korea and today it has hundreds of thousands of its citizens in concentration camps.

North Korea is desperately poor. The total value of the North Korean economy is less than the economy of the US state of Vermont, while North Korea has 40 times as many inhabitants as Vermont.

The media sycophancy toward North Korea started several weeks ago when NBC News anchor Lester Holt visited North Korea and reported on it like it was a Summer vacation trip to Italy.

These media skunks have such pathological hatred for president Trump that they are using every opportunity to lift the image of the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. She is attending the Olympics on behalf of the killer regime.

With the start of the Olympics, the global media immediately took a shine to this stand-in tyrant who has the look of pure evil in her eyes. Still the Washington Post called her “the Ivanka Trump of North Korea”.

This would seem beyond belief but then again the global media long ago dropped all pretense of fairness or objectivity, particularly under Obama. One of their main goals at the Winter Olympics is to directly or indirectly contrast North Korea and president Trump and to make North Korea look like the good guy. Here are some of the tweets from major news sources:

Reuters: North Korea judged winner of diplomatic gold at Olympics

New York Times: Without a word, only flashing smiles, Kim Jong-un’s sister outflanked Vice President Mike Pence in diplomacy

CNN: Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics

ABC News: North Korea’s 200-plus cheerleaders steal spotlight at 2018 Winter Olympics with matching outfits, synchronized chants.

PBS: Did Vice President Pence miss an opportunity by not engaging in any way with the North Koreans? “He did. His behavior was boorish and politically tone-deaf,”

Think Progress (left-wing activist group): Despite Mike Pence’s sabotage, North Korea’s ‘charm offensive’ appears to be working

The New Yorker magazine: The Mesmerizing Spectacle of North Korea’s “Army of Beauties” cheerleaders at the Winter Olympics

Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald: Silent and sphinx-like, Kim’s sister steals Pence’s diplomatic thunder

This is sick. The North Korean regime will use this media coverage to aggrandize itself to the people of North Korea. But North Korea expert Michael Malice believes that the country is really in bad shape and may be nearing its end. It cannot sink any lower.

Now onto today’s main commentaries:

Awful Obama Portraits

Portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama were unveiled at the Smithsonian Institution on February 12. The paintings are here.

Both paintings were done by black artists. The Barack Obama painting is not traditionally presidential in any way, shape or form. It shows him sitting on a chair in front of what looks like a wall of leaves. It looks somewhat like Obama but is not a good portrait, somewhat grim, and his hands are way too big and he appears to have an extra finger. It is supposed to be some type of non-traditional painting, which it is; it is non-traditionally lame.

This same artist has depicted images of black females beheading white women. Thus he should be seen as racist. He also is of Kenyan descent, like Obama.

The painting of Michelle Obama is terrible. It is done by a black artist named Amy Sherald. It looks like a paint-by-numbers deal and the worst thing is that it does not even look like Michelle Obama. It looks like an illustration of a generic black female by a high school student.

There was a famous story back in 2015 about a celebrity portrait that ended up being very controversial. The town of Celeron in western New York state commissioned a bronze portrait sculpture of the comedienne Lucille Ball (1911-1989) who was born there. Unfortunately the sculpture ended up being one of the most famously bad art works ever. It was euphemistically called Scary Lucy. The town replaced it.

Note to artists: If you are going to do portraits, make them look like the subject. If you want to do abstract expressionism, that is another matter.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

Internet ‘Robber Barons’ Face Increasing Scrutiny

Between 1880 and 1930 the America economy expanded dramatically. New technologies and products were rapidly developed that would transform the whole world.

But academics and media leftists have been saying for decades that the business tycoons of that era were “robber barons” who made fortunes while the masses suffered.

This is the opposite of the truth. Those “robber barons” were people like Andrew Carnegie, who founded the modern steel industry; John D. Rockefeller (oil); George Westinghouse (electronics, and the air brake system used on railroads worldwide to this day); James J. Hill (the Great Northern Railway); and Henry Ford (automobiles).

As they got wealthy the nation prospered like no other nation on earth with new products and technologies for all Americans in a growing economy and importantly millions of good jobs for the people, including a flood of immigrants.

Liberals call these tycoons “robber barons” in order to besmirch their reputations for doing things that no college professor could ever do in a million years.

Today we have a vastly bigger problem. In an article in The New York Post called Tech giants are the robber barons of our time, writer Kevin Carty explains how the new ‘robber barons’ are left-wing internet tycoons like Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook, Jeff Bezos at Amazon along with the leaders of Google, Twitter, Spotify and dozens of other large and influential internet firms.

These new ‘robber barons’ have not created the essential goods needed for our economic sustenance like steel, railroads, cars and oil. They have merely developed internet communications systems that they use to take away our freedoms, first and foremost by censoring conservative points of view.

There are many other ways that these firms control speech, the economy and even impoverish us and this is causing a big backlash that could very well lead to government regulation. Here are excerpts from the Kevin Carty article with a comment after each:

Carty writes: Tech companies can dominate sectors without actually producing anything in those markets. Apple does not produce any music, but it nonetheless controls a huge amount of the industry. Facebook doesn’t produce any news, but news organizations are highly dependent on the social platform. And these corporations continue to expand. Amazon, for instance, has entered the grocery business — via its buyout of Whole Foods — and just last week announced a new healthcare project. comment: Notice that they don’t actually produce anything. This is classic socialism. By the way the workers at the overpriced ‘hippie’ supermarket chain Whole Foods are outraged over their working conditions now that Amazon has taken over, just like workers at Amazon warehouses are being subjected to horrendous conditions. These are typical examples of a liberal boss like Jeff Bezos, while liberals always accuse everyone else of such behavior.

Here is a story from Breitbart News:

Morale among employees of grocery giant Whole Foods has cratered after Amazon owner Jeff Bezos bought the chain and instituted new stocking and employee management policies, a report says.

The popular Texas-based niche grocery chain was bought by Amazon last year for a hefty $13.7 billion price tag, but employees are ruing the day the online retailer made the purchase, according to Business Insider (BI).

Employees feel hard pressed by the new policies Bezos’s management team put in place at Whole Foods. The pressure put upon them by updated stocking procedures and “pop quizzes” is causing some to have “nightmares” about work.

“I wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares,” a Whole Foods staffer told BI. “The stress has created such a tense working environment. Seeing someone cry at work is becoming normal.”

Carty writes: Americans have addressed this challenge before. In 1911, the US government broke Standard Oil into 34 pieces after the company monopolized 90 percent of the US oil market. Google now controls 92 percent of the global search-engine market but is still allowed to expand. The only way to tame America’s tech goliaths is to see them for what they are — monopolies — and go after them using antitrust law. comment: Liberals adored antitrust laws for decades until their cronies have possibly become targets. Let’s go!

Carty writes: Apple and Spotify control the majority of the music-streaming market, and 46 percent of all on-demand music listening goes through YouTube. As these corporations have expanded, they have steadily driven down what they pay to artists and labels for their music. In the aggregate, the effect is dramatic; global recorded music revenue fell from around $40 billion in 1999 to under $15 billion in 2014, adjusted for inflation. For many individuals and bands, the result has been an almost complete loss of income. Members of the 1970s rock group The Band, for instance, went “from a decent royalty income of around $100,000 per year to almost nothing,” as their former tour manager Jonathan Taplin has written. comment: These left-wing internet giants are now screwing their left-wing friends in the music business. This is how socialism always consumes itself after it has consumed everyone else.

Carty writes: The story is much the same for another set of creators: authors. A few decades ago, authors could sell their books in a highly competitive market, with many publishers and retailers competing to find the next new book and sell it to readers. But today, almost all power is concentrated in the hands of a single company — Amazon. Amazon today sells 55 percent of all books in the US, 82 percent of all e-books and 99 percent of all audiobooks. Like Google and Apple in music, Amazon uses its monopoly position to drive down the price it pays for books, negotiating steep discounts from publishers and tacking on additional fees.

Authors have seen the effect of Amazon’s power on their incomes. Full-time authors’ incomes declined by about a third just between 2009 and 2015 — from an average of $25,000 a year to $17,000 per year — according to a survey conducted by the Authors Guild. As the president of the guild, Mary Rasenberger, recounts: “A mid-list author in the mid-to-late 20th century could make a pretty decent middle-class income.” comment: Ditto. Writers are overwhelmingly liberal Democrats who now are getting shafted by the tech giants who give 98% of their campaign contributions to Democrats.

Carty writes: Movies are another industry in which the tech platforms are becoming increasingly dominant. Netflix, just like Amazon in the book business, prices its streaming service below what it costs to operate. And now, Amazon and Netflix are bidding up the prices of films they buy — thereby setting the price of movies.

Movie-studio businesses cannot compete with Amazon and Netflix’s money. This was why Disney, last year, decided to pull all of its content from Netflix. Separating itself from Netflix is Disney’s only hope of staying afloat. As in other sectors, Amazon and Netflix are beginning to dominate the market, even though they only produce a small share of the movies in the business. And, as is often the case, it is the regular, non-famous creators — the scriptwriters, small actors and set workers — who are sure to be hurt most if Amazon and Netflix continue to grow their monopoly power. comment: Wow. Is there anything that the internet giants won’t consume? Even Hollywood is quickly becoming a relic, which is actually a pretty good outcome.

Carty writes: It is increasingly clear that the relentless expansion of Amazon, Google and Facebook is beginning to have a much bigger effect on the American economy. This monopolization serves to drive down wages, and it may mean fewer jobs overall. It also means less opportunity for independent entrepreneurs to start up new companies — contributing to fewer small and local businesses. comment: Liberals have been saying for decades that “robber barons” drove down wages and exploited workers. But it really is the new “robber barons” of Facebook, Google and the rest who are driving down wages and destroying jobs and small businesses.

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