Growing Economy Shrinks National Debt/ GOP Up in Polls

(This is a multi-art commentary covering a variety of issues.)

Here is some great news about the economy. Terence Jeffrey at reports:

The federal government this January ran a surplus while collecting record total tax revenues for that month of the year, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released today.

January was the first month under the new tax law that President Donald Trump signed in December.

During January, the Treasury collected approximately $361,038,000,000 in total tax revenues and spent a total of approximately $311,802,000,000 to run a surplus of approximately $49,236,000,000.

This surplus is called “growing out of our national debt ” through accelerated economic growth. This was president Trump’s plan all along and Trump’s positive economic agenda and outlook are what has produced it.

When Trump touts this success in the November 2018 elections Republicans will do just fine since the economy is the #1 issue to a vast majority of voters. predicts that Republicans will maintain majority control of the US House and will gain up to 9 seats in the US Senate, perhaps getting to a 60-seat ‘supermajority’ that would give Trump almost unlimited power.

Heartless Liberals Exposed in Canada

Liberals always claim to be “compassionate” but they are not. They are really heartless people. The Al Jazeera news network reports:

Despite its reputation as a haven for refugees, Canada has been deporting North Korean asylum seekers who came to the country through South Korea.

Nearly 2,000 have been kicked out of the country since 2013 because the government says they lied on their asylum application forms. Another 150 Koreans are under imminent threat of deportation.

Eleven years ago, Taegun Kim came to Canada with his wife, daughter and son. Now they have two more children, both Canadian citizens. A deportation would be catastrophic for the family.

“That notice means death to me,” Kim told Al Jazeera. “I came all the way here for a better life and my family is well adjusted to life in Canada. To think we’re going to be separated, it breaks my heart.”

The Jo family could be broken up too if Canada carries out its deportation orders. Two children are Canadian-born; the eldest came with his parents in 2010.

The family admits they lied on their asylum application – saying they defected to China, not South Korea – to help ease the immigration process, but add they did it to escape a horrible situation.

The refugees say South Korea is definitely not safe for them as North Korean spies can track them down.

“If we’re found by the North Korean government, our family left in North Korea will be executed or sent to a labour camp,” Kim said

This is typical. Liberals will defend any illegal immigrant’s “right” to come to the US or Canada, including potential terrorists, yet most immigrants come for economic convenience while millions come to live on welfare and commit crimes.

But then when desperate asylum seekers flee the most brutal nation in the world – North Korea – Canada deports them. Fortunately they will be sent to South Korea but still families in Canada will be broken up and North Korean spies can track them down even in South Korea.

Canada should be ashamed but never will be. Liberals are never ashamed of their inhumanity.

Democrats Don’t Want Bill Clinton Around

Look at this from the Politico website:

Democrats are looking to embrace the #MeToo moment and rally women to push back on President Donald Trump in the midterm (elections in November 2018) — and they don’t want Bill Clinton anywhere near it.

In a year when the party is deploying all their other big guns and trying to appeal to precisely the kind of voters Clinton has consistently won over, an array of Democrats told Politico they’re keeping him on the bench. They don’t want to be seen anywhere near a man with a history of harassment allegations, as guilty as their party loyalty to him makes them feel about it.

So there you go. The Clintons have become irrelevant. Hillary’s loss was the icing on the cake. This speaks volumes about a party that claims that it is on the brink of re-taking the American government. It also shows the fading status of Bill Clinton.

He has never recovered after the Monica Lewinsky scandal effectively ended his presidency. As a Rhodes Scholar and Yale law school graduate Bill Clinton should be remembered for all of his profound thinking and commentary during his presidency (1993 to 2001). Yet there is only one single sentence that most Americans can recite from his 8-year tenure in the White House – “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky…” And that sentence was a lie.

Bill Clinton always thought that he was a legendary figure who could not be bothered with the “little people” like the women whom he exploited. He is now finding out the truth. The world is slowly ridding itself of Bill Clinton. This is certainly devastating emotionally for him.

Friends, don’t believe all of this nonsense that Trump is hated and that America wants the Democrats back. Democrats are scared to death about the current state of their party.

Its fundraising has fallen through the floor, and the only they way that they can win an election, as they showed in the Alabama US Senate race, was to make never-proven 40-year-old charges against the Republican candidate.

It gets worse. Look at this from Politico:

Republicans have erased the Democratic advantage on the generic congressional ballot in a new Politico/Morning Consult poll that…

This is big news, that Republicans are surging in popularity for the 2018 mid-term election despite a minute-by-minute onslaught against Trump and Republicans by the US mainstream media.

This shows that the media are increasingly irrelevant to the American people. For such a big Democrat lead to evaporate must be very disconcerting for the liberals.

More worrisome for Democrats is a recent Rasmussen poll, which is the most accurate poll of the last decade. It put Trump’s approval at 49%. This is higher than Obama one year into his presidency and higher than virtually any world leader today. From the media onslaught we should expect Trump to be at 20%.

Politico reports about the Republican spike in the polls:

The most recent RealClearPolitics average (of polls) shows Democrats ahead by 7 points on the generic ballot, though that’s down from a high of 13 points late last year.

We should always beware of this RealClearPolitics “average” of polls. It is mentioned often in the media as an authoritative source but it is fake because it averages all polls, most of which are ‘media polls’ run by ABC, CNN, NBC, etc. that hate Trump and are slanted against Republicans. Yet since this “average” shows Democrats with a 7 point lead it probably means that they are tied with Republicans.

Politico also reports:

But, overall, the poll shows that voters’ perceptions of Republicans have recovered from the lows of late last year, including on a number of key issues.

“Not only have Republicans increased support on the generic congressional ballot, they are now trusted more to handle the most important issue when voters head to the polls: the economy,” said Kyle Dropp, Morning Consult’s co-founder and chief research officer. “In mid-December, 39 percent of voters said they trusted Democrats more to handle the economy, compared to 38 percent who said Republicans. Today, 43 percent say Republicans and 32 percent say Democrats.”

Wow. In other words the Fake News media see their influence against Republicans and Trump waning. Politico also reports:

Congressional Republicans also have a 9-point advantage on handling jobs, a 6-point lead on dealing with immigration and a 19-point lead on handling national security. The Democratic advantage on health care has dwindled to just 4 percentage points, down from double digits last year.

Wow again. 9 points, 6 points, 19 points. Stunning. So don’t think that Democrats are going to win the November mid-terms by telling us which bathrooms the trannybaggers can go into.

Meanwhile here is bad news about the once-hallowed CNN. This is from John Nolte at Breitbart News:

Massive layoffs, a cancerous fake news crisis, and the humiliating (and expensive) implosion of its digital platform, appear to be the least of CNN’s problems. Because on top of all that, when compared to last year, the far-left cable channel has lost -30 percent of its primetime viewers and -23 percent of its total day viewers.

This happened over just one year. And who has been president during that one year?

Donald Trump has, and this shows that his War on CNN is having a ruinous effect. Meanwhile CNN and its media cronies expected to bury Trump. It shows what can happen when Republicans get a spine.

When president Trump recently challenged Oprah Winfrey to run against him in 2020 he was not playing around. He would bury her. He is not afraid of her being black or a female or a celebrity.

Meanwhile predicts that Winfrey will not even run, that it would be way too much work for her and she would face a firestorm of criticism from political opponents. She is accustomed to a luxurious media lifestyle where she is not criticized. She would not risk that.

Breitbart also reports:

The viewership problems for the anti-Trump outlet (CNN) are breathtaking, especially when compared to its competition. Throughout the week of February 5, CNN could only scrape together an average 674,000 total day viewers. During the all-important primetime hours, CNN averaged only 888,000 viewers.

Those numbers not only put CNN in last place behind MSNBC and Fox News, it puts the 24/7 Trump-hating channel in last place by a country mile.

In total day, the openly left-wing MSNBC averaged 972,000 viewers (compared to CNN’s paltry 674,000). Fox News, however, nearly beat both CNN and MSNBC combined with 1.529 million average viewers.

During primetime, MSNBC smoked CNN by nearly a million viewers — 1.747 million (compared to CNN’s 888,000). Fox beat both MSNBC and CNN combined with a whopping 2.605 million.

While … CNN lost nearly a third of its primetime viewers, MSNBC actually gained in total day (+26 percent) and primetime (+22 percent).

While retaining its King of the Hill status by a wide margin, Fox’s audience dip was only about half that of CNN’s.

CNN was even one of the networks that gave wall-to-wall coverage to an anti-Trump rally in New York City that was secretly organized by Russian operatives(!) Amazing.

This is what CNN gets for messing with Trump. If they had toned down their hatred just a little, they would have suffered much less damage.

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