Degenerate Leftist Culture Encourages School Murders

These mass school killings have emerged from the degradation of our culture since the 1960s at the hands of the Democrats and their left-wing friends in the universities and the media (rock musicians, the ‘hippies’, degenerate writers like William Burroughs, illegal drug users, etc.)

Remember the old adage: Guns don’t kill; people kill using guns. There are reported to be 300 million guns in America but the number of legal gun owners who commit crimes is infinitesimal. Meanwhile an astronomical number of crimes including murder and armed robbery are committed by those with illegal guns.

Guns have been legal since the founding of our Republic but these school shootings have only been happening in the last 20 years. Why?

Well, a killer must be motivated by external forces including total contempt for the law and for human decency. Here are some of the forces acting on young people today to produce these school killings:

*First and foremost is that God and Christian prayer have been removed from the lives of most young people today. They therefore exhibit angry and irrational behavior with no check on it. They have never heard the fundamental Christian phrase from Jesus, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’. They have no guidance or inspiration for living decent lives. Christian faith is ridiculed.

It is no coincidence that the first major school shooting was Columbine in 1999. This came after the rapid decline of our culture from the 1960s when, for instance, Hollywood abandoned its voluntary Hayes Code for decency in films, illegal drug use skyrocketed and prayer was driven from our schools.

The legendary Christian evangelist Billy Graham passed away recently at age 99. There are tens of millions of us who remember when he preached to the whole world that God was the great good. And the world listened. Today Graham would be openly mocked by tens of millions.

We conservatives warned that the outcome would be dire when Christianity was run out of the public schools and public life. And now that we are seeing this outcome the liberals ignore it and blame every problem on “the gun” and never on the God-less criminal mind.

At the same time The Ten Commandments have been banned and banished from public schools and public places. The Commandment proclaiming ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is alternately listed as the fifth and sixth and sometimes the seventh.

With no knowledge of this Commandment young people feel that it is acceptable to kill.

*Widespread violence in the American media from Hollywood to TV to novels to plays has inspired a wave of violence throughout society. The Columbine high school killers were acting out a violent film called Natural Born Killers. The film has inspired more than a dozen cases of copycat violence. These crimes are even listed on their own Wikipedia page. The Virginia Tech killer was obsessed with a hyper-violent Korean film called OldBoy.

*Public schools like Parkland in Florida and Columbine in Colorado are full of extremist liberal ideas that are a breeding ground for chaos and even murder. In today’s postmodernist culture there is no longer any clearly defined “right” and “wrong” and thus young people often do not know the difference.

For instance, abortion is accepted by liberals as legitimate even at the point of birth. And abortion is the murder of an unborn child. So once you accept one type of killing, particularly of a defenseless child, any type of killing seems acceptable. Compared with more than 1 million abortions per year in the US those 17 high school students killed in Florida is a small number.

Isn’t it interesting when you put the numbers in perspective?

*These school killers were known lunatics but their fellow students were not allowed to be “judgmental” under today’s political correctness. The Florida killer was well known to fellow students, school administrators and police. The Columbine killers too. Nobody acted on them despite this about the Columbine killers Harris and Klebold from Wikipedia:

Harris’ (web)site attracted few visitors, and caused no concern until March 1998. Klebold was aware of the site and gave the web address to Brooks Brown, in an effort to warn him of Harris’s threats of violence against Brown and his family. Brown’s mother had filed numerous complaints with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office concerning Harris, as she thought he was dangerous. The website contained numerous death threats directed against Brown: Klebold knew that if Brooks accessed the address, he would discover the content and inform his parents, and likely the authorities would be notified. After Brown’s parents viewed the site, they contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. The investigator Michael Guerra was told about the website. When he accessed it, Guerra discovered numerous violent threats directed against the students and teachers of Columbine High School. Other material included blurbs that Harris had written about his general hatred of society, and his desire to kill those who annoyed him.

Harris had noted on his site that he had made pipe bombs, in addition to a hit list of individuals (he did not post any plan on how he intended to attack targets). As Harris had posted on his website that he possessed explosives, Guerra wrote a draft affidavit, requesting a search warrant of the Harris household. The affidavit also mentioned a suspicion of Harris being involved in an unsolved pipe bomb case in February 1998. The affidavit was never filed. It was concealed by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and not revealed until September 2001, resulting from an investigation by the TV show 60 Minutes.

Look at that – “numerous complaints” filed with the sheriff’s office. And nobody acted. Then “the affidavit was never filed” and so there was no search warrant which would have stopped the crime. And then Harris described making pipe bombs. And nobody acted. There were many other indicators that these guys were going to do something evil. And nobody acted.

This is because today’s public schools and even some police departments are populated by live-and-let-live civil libertarians who came out of the 1960s, who believe that any type of behavior is a personal decision that should not be judged by others.

This also may be why FBI did not investigate the Florida killer even when it had a specific tip about his behavior. Many people at Virginia Tech knew that the killer there was dangerous. But they did nothing serious about him.

Here is more about the absurd politically-correct public school culture from the Miami Herald about the Florida killer:

At times, Nikolas Cruz’s behavior could be a school administrator’s nightmare: Teachers and other students said he kicked doors, cursed at teachers, fought with and threatened classmates and brought a backpack with bullets to school. He collected a string of discipline for profanity, disobedience, insubordination, and disruption.

In 2014, administrators transferred Cruz to an alternative school for children with emotional and behavioral disabilities — only to change course two years later and return him to a traditional neighborhood school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Cruz was banished from Douglas a year later for other disciplinary violations — then toggled between three other alternative placements, school records obtained by the Miami Herald show.

If the frequent transfers — records show there were six in three years — did little to stanch Cruz’s disruptive behavior, they eventually became the only option left in the school district’s toolbox. Contrary to early reports, Cruz was never expelled from Broward schools. Legally, he couldn’t be.

Under federal law, Nikolas Cruz had a right to a “free and appropriate” education at a public school near him. His classmates had a right to an education free of fear.

Right, he had a “right” to an education. What hogwash. This is typical left-wing garbage. This kid should have been expelled and his home searched. That would have prevented his killing spree.

It gets worse. Look at this from CNN:

Just months before Nikolas Cruz killed 17 at his former high school in South Florida, the host family who had taken him in immediately after his mother’s death warned local law enforcement that the 19-year-old had “used a gun against people before” and “has put the gun to others’ heads in the past,” according to records obtained by CNN. It’s the latest indication of how law enforcement encountered warning signs about Cruz’s violent behavior before he attacked students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day. CNN has obtained records from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that detail deputies’ interactions with Cruz in the home where he lived for a few weeks in November, before he moved in with another family, the Sneads, and months before the massacre.

And nobody acted. This is shocking. Can it get worse? It sure can. Look at this from The Daily Caller about a local cop who was supposed to be protecting the school:

Sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson, who was on duty at the school when Cruz started shooting, “never went in” to confront the shooter, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said on Thursday. Peterson, who resigned on Thursday, could hear gunfire from coming inside the building but stayed outside the building, even as heroic students and faculty members died saving students from the hail of bullets.

*Under liberalism we cannot “profile” people on account of their race, ethnicity, religion, etc. The muslim Pulse nightclub killer was investigated twice but was not considered a threat. An eavesdropping program at his radical mosque was shut down for fear that it “profiled” muslims. The Obama administration tossed out federal data gathered over six years about dangerous muslims so as not to ‘profile’ them.

*Those on the Democrat left claim that we have to be totally focused on civil liberties to the extreme. But preserving civil liberties always has been a balancing act that needs to be considered in light of other issues like public safety. We need to start erring strongly on the side of caution when we are dealing with increasingly dangerous people like these crazy students.

*Contempt for authority came out of the 1960s culture when police, corporations, the US military, strong fathers, churches etc. were openly impugned. This has morphed into a situation where fringe students have no regard for any type of authority and do whatever they want to do including killing.

*Illegal immigrants have committed millions of crimes including murder, rape, robbery, drug dealing and assault. Yet the public schools, and many public school students, ignore this reality and ideologically support illegal immigration.

*Liberal judges and lawyers treat bad people with kid gloves. We all have heard stories for decades about a criminal with a long “rap sheet” walking freely in the streets.

The killer who murdered 25 people at the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas was supposed to have been in jail on the day of the murders for a charge from years before. Who let him out early? Probably a liberal judge or a lenient law. In Massachusetts an African immigrant murdered two doctors in Spring 2017 after a liberal judge named Lisa Grant had halted the immigrant’s deportation following a bank robbery conviction.

*The left’s War on Men and Boys is having a devastating psychological effect, alienating millions of young men and making them mentally ill. This ‘war’ has been a relentless day-by-day assault on men and masculinity and also on young boys who are made to feel inferior to domineering girls and feminist adults. Boys and men are also robbed of economic opportunities, giving them a bleak outlook.

*Easily available pornography has increased crime dramatically. Studies repeatedly have shown a strong link between pornography and crime. Since Playboy magazine in the 1950s pornography has become more readily available on the internet, more graphic and more violent. Liberals say that porn is “free speech” since they exclusively profit from it, but porn is extremely damaging to the overall fabric of society.

*The spread of mental illness, as in the Florida killer’s case, comes after decades of condemnation by the radical left of anything “normal”. If you are patriotic, heterosexual, hard-working, sober, educated, skilled and rational the socialists and communists attack you as some sort of freak.

Many of these deranged killers, including Florida, Virginia Tech and Columbine and others, were thus suffering from severe disorientation and consuming some sort of psychotropic medications, which are powerful drugs. So these people start with a twisted mind and then the drugs sometimes make it worse or simply put them in another equally dangerous state of mind.

On the other hand Trump-hating rock musicians who sing gruesome songs about killing and depravity, who take drugs and drink alcohol to excess and who use crude language and exhibit vile personal behavior are revered by the left and its media cronies as a role model. This spreads insanity to tens of millions of young people.

*Apocalyptic environmentalism is an atheistic movement that declares that the world is ending. It has done so for decades. This paints a dark picture for our youth and puts them in a bad frame of mind.

This encourages some young people to assume that their violence is not all that bad since we are all going to die anyway allegedly because of corporate polluters, Trump, white men, etc. Modern-day environmentalism also promotes the idea that man is evil and is killing the earth and thus the idea of killing people is not seen negatively.

*Hatred of white people and conservatives. The overwhelming majority of the victims of these mass killings have been white. The targets of the Las Vegas killer were conservative white “country” music fans. All of those killed in Florida at the high school were white. This is no coincidence. The media and Democrats have been defaming white people since the 1960s as evil and corrupt.

Now the lunatics are calling the mostly-all-white NRA names and even calling to kill them. This is a dangerous trend, just like the trend to attack Trump supporters and even kill some of them.

*Virtue is treated with contempt. Leaders like Christian pastors or conservative commentators or police officers are called evil. This comes straight out of communism, to disparage the good and elevate the evil. This causes mass confusion in the minds of young people.

*The communist left has been encouraging illegal drug use since the 1950s. These powerful drugs have warped the minds of millions of people and destroyed their lives. We do not have a clear accounting of the number of crimes committed by people under the influence of these drugs but it certainly could be in the many millions.

*Rabid hatred of Trump and of Republicans has spread hatred throughout our society. This hatred is being fueled by the Democrat party and its followers in the media, the entertainment industry, by radical political activists like ‘antifa’, and other fringe groups. They glamorize revenge and killing of those with whom they disagree. One billboard in Kentucky said ‘Kill the NRA’. It was painted on a blank billboard by an unknown person.

*’Bullying’ is now a major issue with young people. If they feel ‘bullied’ or feel like outcasts in their schools they think that they have the right to revenge like killing.

*Breakdown of the family and absence of strong fathers: For decades the American media have attacked strong fathers and have said that fathers are not necessary to raising a good child.

The Sandy Hook school killer in Connecticut was being raised by a stupid single mother who showed him how to use guns even though he had clear mental problems. conjectures that if a strong father had been in the home that those killings would not have happened.

*Millions of parents no longer control their children and have decided that their kids can do anything they want because the media tell them that that is true, that kids know best, that adults are fools. The Columbine killers were hiding guns and building bombs in their own bedrooms and their parents did not even know. Here is the Denver Post reporting in 2000:

In the months before the (Columbine) rampage, one co-worker saw Harris and Klebold explode a “dry ice” bomb during their shift at a Blackjack pizza parlor. A friend watched the teens detonate another bomb in a ditch near Chatfield Reservoir. In his bedroom, Harris also showed the friend two pipe bombs, built with instructions taken from the Internet.

But on the day of the killings, in a house rife with gasoline fumes, Wayne Harris told police he had “no reason to believe his son would be involved with such a situation.” The father said his son’s “interest in explosives and firearms was no more than you would expect from a person looking forward to joining the Marine Corps.”

Yeah, right… Here is a great analysis of that issue:

A Florida teacher who was named Teacher of the Year at her school has stirred up a controversy by speaking the truth. After the Florida school murders, Kelly Guthrie Raley, who was selected as Eustis Middle School’s Teacher of the Year 2017-2018 last month, wrote on Facebook:

Okay, I’ll be the bad guy and say what no one else is brave enough to say, but wants to say. I’ll take all the criticism and attacks from everyone because you know what? I’m a TEACHER. I live this life daily. And I wouldn’t do anything else! But I also know daily I could end up in an active shooter situation.

Until we, as a country, are willing to get serious and talk about mental health issues, lack of available care for the mental health issues, lack of discipline in the home, horrendous lack of parental support when the schools are trying to control horrible behavior at school (oh no! Not MY KID. What did YOU do to cause my kid to react that way?), lack of moral values, and yes, I’ll say it-violent video games that take away all sensitivity to ANY compassion for others’ lives, as well as reality TV that makes it commonplace for people to constantly scream up in each others’ faces and not value any other person but themselves, we will have a gun problem in school. Our kids don’t understand the permanency of death anymore!!!

This says more in a few sentences that all of the liberal sanctimony of that last century.

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