More Shocking News about Florida School Killings

The story of the Florida school murders continues to unfold. And while the liberals were certain that they had a winning gun-control event on their side, they do not. We are now finding out that there were dozens of opportunities for this killer to have been investigated, arrested, held and even prosecuted for many crimes including threats of violence using guns.

He was never seriously investigated and as the old saying goes, “Evil thrives when good people fail to act”. Here is the latest from the Naples News in Naples, Florida:

Broward County deputies received at least 18 calls warning them about Nikolas Cruz from 2008 to 2017, including concerns that he “planned to shoot up the school” and other threats and acts of violence before he was accused of killing 17 people at a high school.

The warnings, made by concerned people close to Cruz, came in phone calls to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, records show. At least five callers mentioned concern over his access to weapons, according to the documents. None of those warnings led to direct intervention.

In February 2016, neighbors told police that they were worried he “planned to shoot up the school” after seeing alarming pictures on Instagram showing Cruz brandishing guns.

About two months later, an unidentified caller told police that Cruz had been collecting guns and knives. The caller was “concerned (Cruz) will kill himself one day and believes he could be a school shooter in the making,” according to call details released by the Sheriff’s Office.

A second cousin asked police to take away Cruz’s guns after his mom died Nov. 1. “Nikolas is reported to have rifles and it is requested that (deputies) recover these weapons,” the dispatcher noted from the call.

The new details add to the growing list of red flags missed by law enforcement officials, including the FBI, in the months leading up to last week’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The FBI is reviewing why a tip last month called into the agency about Cruz’s desire to kill people was not forwarded to Miami agents for investigation.

The Sheriff’s Office has since opened two internal affairs investigations looking into whether its deputies followed the department’s standards after receiving two phone calls.

… After the February 2016 call, a deputy forwarded the information to the Stoneman Douglas School Resource Officer, Deputy Scot Peterson.

OK, look at just this single story. This kid was known as a huge problem long before he bought his AR-15, while 2016 was two full years before the killings. Why wasn’t he red-flagged for a gun purchase? After all these background check laws work perfectly when they are applied. But they never were.

By the way the AR-15 is not a military-style weapon. It is referred to by some gun aficionados as a “poodle shooter”, i.e., a relatively underpowered rifle. It is not an automatic weapon or a military assault rifle. It is just a rifle that is often used for hunting.

And if you have seen a phony internet story that a guy was able to buy an AR-15 rifle in 5 minutes with an expired license, that is Fake News from the gun-control left. It never happened. You cannot pass a background check like that.

And if you think that 2nd Amendment supporters are going to run away and hide after these Florida killings, forget it. The killings happened on February 14 and president Trump gave a full-throated endorsement of the 2nd Amendment in a speech on January 23 to wild cheers from the crowd. So there.

FBI had even received a tip about Cruz as recently as January 2018. They did not act. This shows once again that FBI is not to be trusted since it has become a weak and politically-correct agency not concerned with law enforcement.

Dozens of school students, teachers and administrators knew about this killer but did nothing. They should look into the mirror to see why this happened.

The first shooting of this type was at Columbine high school in Colorado in April 1999. Since then hardly a single public school has done anything to defend against such attacks. These public schools should look in the mirror if they want to see why this happened. Instead they are telling their students what the global temperature is going to be in 100 years.

Even the same coward cop Scot Peterson who refused to enter the school as the shootings were going on had personally received information about this killer two years ago. And he did nothing just like he did nothing on the day of the killings. This guy should be fired and stripped of his pension.

It was not just Peterson. Amber Athey at The Daily Caller writes:

According to a report by CNN’s Jake Tapper, four Broward County deputies waited outside of Stoneman Douglas High School while shooter Nikolas Cruz took the lives of 17 students and staff members inside.

Sheriff Scott Israel revealed on Thursday that the school resource officer on duty, Deputy Scot Peterson, “never went in” the school even though it was “clear” there was a shooting going on, but CNN’s new reporting reveals there were three other deputies who reported to the scene shortly thereafter also failed to enter the school and attempt to engage Cruz.

This was the day of the event and thus we now have four coward cops refusing to even attempt to stop the killer. These cops should be fired and stripped of their pensions for dereliction of duty.

This is our new generation of emasculated, corrupt, self-serving, cowardly and unionized police officers who are more worried about their paychecks than about serving and protecting the public. It is disgraceful beyond words.

In 2000 Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association said that president Bill Clinton tolerated a certain amount of violence using guns in order to strengthen the case for gun control and to score points for his party.

This is absolutely true of all Democrats. In fact the Democrats could have passed any gun control bill that they wanted in 2009 and 2010 when they held the US House, the US Senate and the White House. But they did not. Why?

So that they could use a situation like this for political gain, as LaPierre warned. Period. End of sentence.

Peter Hasson at The Daily Caller wrote about the outspoken Broward County sheriff who is a big time gun-control liberal in a super liberal county:

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, currently under fire for his department’s repeated failures to stop Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz, is no stranger to controversy.

Israel was criticized in 2014 after a political action committee supporting his re-election campaign for sheriff accepted thousands of dollars in donations from a convicted felon.

The donor, Yoram Izhak, was indicted for allegedly being part of an organized crime ring known as the “Cuban Mafia” that “was allegedly involved in cocaine trafficking, arson, gambling and murder,” according to Local10.

The sheriff has also faced corruption accusations: department employees routinely attended campaign events while on the clock for their taxpayer-funded positions, a Local 10 investigation found in 2016.

A Sun-Sentinal investigation the same year found that the sheriff had routinely handed out taxpayer-funded jobs to political supporters. The sheriff’s response at the time: “lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep.”

Israel is now facing sharp criticism for his department’s repeated failures to stop Stoneman Douglas school shooter Nikolas Cruz. The sheriff’s office was warned repeatedly that Cruz was a school shooter in the making, by both his relatives and those close to him, but failed to act to prevent the shooting.

Cruz’s guardian told police that the Cruz had “bought tons of ammo,” “used a gun against (people) before” and “put the gun to others’ heads in the past.”

This guy Israel is a liberal Jewish Democrat. Then he calls for gun control to shift the spotlight from his own failure. He has all the hallmarks of a liberal. He is corrupt and his department is full of lazy bureaucrats and cowards who do not even know how to deal with serious crime.

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