Pow! It’s Official – Trump Will Run for Re-election in 2020

With 980 days to go until the November 2020 election president Trump has apparently decided officially to run for re-election, according to media reports.

Pow! This is the earliest in a first term that an incumbent president has ever announced that he will seek re-election.

If this story is true – and it sounds perfectly feasible – it would be classic Trump. It really fits the Trump mold to a T.

Just think – we are in the midst of a national controversy about the school murders in Florida. Yet nine days after the killings president Trump boldly announced his full-throated support for the 2nd Amendment before a Washington audience at the CPAC conference.

In other words Trump never backs down or gets scared or retreats. Never. And now he is announcing that he is running for re-election. In other words Trump is not going away.

But then again, he never has backed down. Since the day that he came down that escalator and announced his candidacy in June 2015 Trump has been at the center of a media whirlwind. They said he could never win, but he did so by being bold and never, ever appearing weak. He never apologized or backed away from any of his statements even after the media attacked him. In other words, he adheres to the old rule, ‘Never complain, never explain’.

Natural law says that an adversary can sense weakness and will exploit it. Trump knows this and he never, ever shows weakness or hesitation. Never. That is how he got to where he is. From the start, Trump has disregarded the “experts” and moved forth at the Speed of Trump. There is no reason to stop now.

Trump is confounding his critics yet again with this announcement. Just think – tens of millions of Trump haters have slightly soothed themselves with the idea that he will be a one-term president and then drop out. But when they hear this announcement they will start to have hallucinations again.

He knows full well that the “experts” said that he would get tired of dealing with the media, would want to retire rather than run for a second term, would pass off the presidency to someone else, would leave the White House in disgust. A few even conjectured that he would resign in frustration before the end of his first term, or, of course, be impeached.

Baloney. They still do not know who Donald Trump is or why he is president.

Nikitas3.com predicted way back in 2011 that Trump would be elected president. Throughout 2016 Nikitas3.com said over and over that he would win. By April 2017, just three months into his presidency, Nikitas3.com predicted that he was on his way to re-election in 2020.

But the big question might be: Why is he running for re-election? Doesn’t he want to retire and play golf?

No. Trump is like the Energizer Bunny. He is a bundle of energy. He works 20 hours a day. He probably cannot wait for the sun to rise, so he rises before the sun. He has things to do. And now that he is affecting the whole world with his policies and his persona he must feel totally exhilarated in a way that nobody else can know.

Nikitas3.com believes that president Trump is thoroughly enjoying the presidency more than he has enjoyed anything in his storied life. Nikitas3.com believes that he is calm and comfortable in the White House, that he is unfazed by the attacks on him because he has survived and prospered for decades by being tough and confident.

And once again, Nikitas3.com predicts that Trump will be re-elected. After all, he will have the massive power of the incumbency in 2020 and his popularity is higher than Obama’s was at the same point one year into his presidency. With the better and better economy, his popularity is going to continue to rise.

This announcement is also a form of psychological warfare. Trump is showing that he will never be cowed by his opponents, and he certainly has become more iron-willed with the ruthless attacks on him.

Just imagine that you are a Democrat who is thinking of running in 2020 against Trump. Or even a Republican who might challenge him in the primaries. This announcement is a shot over your bow. It is intended to rattle his potential opponents. They can no longer fantasize that he will drop out.

If you are in politics, you know how this works. A candidate’s confidence can intimidate political opponents. Trump has more confidence in himself than any other president ever.

Let’s face it – Trump is on a huge roll. He has what is called Big Mo – big momentum. He can certainly put some energy behind his momentum with this announcement.

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