Heaven Forbid… Has ‘Country’ Music Gone Liberal? Gay?

We all have known for decades that the so-called entertainment industry, including Hollywood, TV, rock music, comedians, actors, directors, writers, producers, critics, etc. is liberal.

We conservatives have managed to find a political niche for ourselves in institutions like NASCAR racing and “country” music, with patriotic artists like Charlie Daniels defending ‘God and guns’ every step of the way.

Well, even that now may be changing. While Nikitas3.com believes that NASCAR drivers are under strict orders to keep their politics to themselves, and while NASCAR races are always preceded by respectful playing of our National Anthem ‘country’ music may be going in a different direction.

Look at this from Fox News about 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who was once a conservative Baptist pastor in Arkansas:

An apparently frustrated Mike Huckabee resigned from the board of the Country Music Association Foundation after just one day Thursday, saying the music industry is intolerant to those with conservative, religious beliefs.

On Wednesday, the former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate was announced as a new board member of the charitable arm of the group that runs the annual CMA Awards and CMA Festival.
But prominent music industry leaders swiftly criticized Huckabee’s appointment, including some who singled out his support for gun rights and traditional family values.

In his resignation letter to the CMA Foundation, Huckabee called his critics bullies, but said he was resigning to end an “unnecessary distraction” for the foundation.

“If the industry doesn’t want people of faith or who hold conservative and traditional political views to buy tickets and music, they should be forthcoming and say it,” Huckabee wrote. “Surely neither the artists or the business people of the industry want that.”

This is big news and a sign of the times. Since when has ‘country’ music been intolerant of Christianity? Isn’t that the lifeblood of “country” living – hard work, family values, faith, love of America and small-town churches?

It used to be but no more and one of the reasons is that “country” music is now Really Big Business and is no longer the bailiwick of dedicated and humble musicians playing to a niche audience of like-minded people. It now has attracted a wider spectrum of people, some with opinions that are anathema to traditional thinking in the industry.

They may sing about “balin’ hay” and “pickup trucks” while living in mansions and driving Ferraris. They are not “country” in their souls like the musicians of the past. Heck, one of the biggest stars of our time is Keith Urban from… Australia.

Nikitas3.com believes that this incident with Mike Huckabee is going to send shock waves throughout the “country” music industry. Because there still is an overwhelming proportion of people including fans and performers in the world of “country” music who are conservatives and they are not going to be happy with what happened to Mike Huckabee.

Nikitas3.com also believes that if this rift is not healed quickly that it will cause a schism in “country” music that started to show at the 2017 Country Music Awards that took a number of cheap shots at president Trump.

Wouldn’t Donald Trump, with his respect for the flag and for the US military and for the ‘forgotten man’ in small-town and rural America, be in step with most “country” music fans?

He sure would. Would these same fans embrace Obama and his contempt for the military, for our border laws and for those in small-town America “clinging to” their Bibles and guns?

Nikitas3.com believes not. But to understand this situation with Huckabee, read this excerpt from Fox News closely and see if you can spot the key phrase:

One of the fiercest critics of Huckabee’s appointment was Jason Owen, who leads Sandbox Management, representing artists like Little Big Town, Faith Hill and Kacey Musgraves.

Owen and his husband have one child and are expecting more, but Owen said that Huckabee has made it clear that his family is not welcome.

“Huckabee speaks of the sort of things that would suggest my family is morally beneath his and uses language that has a profoundly negative impact upon young people all across this country,” Owen wrote. “Not to mention how harmful and damaging his deep involvement with the NRA is.”

So there you go. Did you catch it?

Notice the sentence, ‘Owen and his husband have one child and are expecting more’. In other words Owen is a homosexual and he is a major player in Nashville, and this ain’t the Nashville of Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn.

It gets worse. We, of course, are supposed to believe that this is all Trump’s fault. But it is the opposite. This is the type of radicalism we have gotten after 8 years of Obama and 50 years of left-wing extremism when traditional institutions are infiltrated by the left and traditional values then come under question and even attack.

When confrontational people like activist gays move into an industry and unabashedly seek to change its essence it is going to cause disruption like liberals moving to conservative states and trying to make them liberal.

Nikitas3.com found one internet article about Jason Owen after the Huckabee resignation and the comments section included some very angry stuff about Owen being gay and what happened to Mike Huckabee. This is just the beginning.

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