‘Green’ Ethanol Fuel is a Vile Pollutant

Since the beginning of the ‘green’ movement we have been taught that environmental pollution is the greatest evil of all. Today tens of millions of Millennials are in a state of catastrophic dread over every type of pollution.

Yet we Baby Boomers grew up in the most polluted nation in the history of the world. In the 1950s and 1960s the United States had the worst industrial pollution ever recorded – the air, water, land, rivers, etc. – everything was polluted, including many nasty chemicals that are banned today.

According to ‘green’ fearmongering we should have all died young yet the 77 million Baby Boomers have lived some of the most healthy, prosperous and long lives in history.

Nikitas3.com grew up in a heavily polluted factory town and it was unbelievably prosperous and the people were very happy. Today the factories are gone and the town is very depressed, both financially and psychologically.

The human body adapts to pollution. Compared to, say, 500 years ago, when people were subjected to virtually no man-made pollution, chemicals or additives whatsoever the average human body in America today has been subjected for decades to air pollution, water pollution, auto exhaust fumes (including lead), paint fumes, workplace chemicals, food additives and synthesized prescription drugs. And on and on.

Nikitas3.com would guess that no Baby Boomers or Millennials would want to go back to the “natural” lives that people lived just 200 years ago when the average lifespan was 35 years, when children routinely died at birth or in their youths, when mothers frequently perished in childbirth, and when a simple infection could easily lead to death. Today poor Americans have better health care and longer average lives than kings and emperors had throughout history.

As the global production and consumption of carbon fuel and synthetic chemical compounds has skyrocketed life simply has gotten better. Thus we need not needlessly fear pollution but must see it as part of our high standard of living and our longevity. Those who fear pollution can move to the wilderness and live in a tent without any modern conveniences. They won’t last long.

For instance the mining and refinement of copper, steel and aluminum, which ‘greenies’ claim is bad for the environment and for all of us, has allowed us to generate and transmit the electricity that is certainly the single greatest technological gift to mankind of all.

The location, drilling, extraction, refining and distribution of crude oil has given us plentiful fuel to build a strong economy with machines that replace inefficient human and animal power. Heating oil and natural gas have given us warmth that allows us to live comfortably in cold climates where man suffered for millennia.

The herbicides and pesticides that are made from petroleum, along with biological engineering developed in our advanced agriculture companies, have given us massively greater crop yields. These have given us abundant food and healthier lives that man only dreamed of for thousands of years.

Thus rather than be fearful, the Snowflakes should be optimistic. But no…

Alas there is one glaring contradiction to all of this. The Millennials and their ‘greenie’ overlords claim that man-made ethanol fuel is ‘green’ and good for the environment and they are forcing us to use it through government mandate. Ethanol is alcohol fuel that is made from distilling corn in huge distillery factories in the Midwestern US and around the world.

Ethanol is a disaster. The only reason that we use it is because the huge taxpayer subsidies required to make it and distribute it end up enriching and empowering environmentalists and their friends like Midwestern farmers who take the subsidies to grow the corn and vote Democrat in return.

Ethanol is not a natural ‘carbon’ fuel like gasoline or diesel, which come out of the ground as crude oil. Ethanol is man-made alcohol fuel, much like whiskey. We are forced to burn ethanol since the government mandates that 10% of each gallon of gasoline sold must be ethanol, i.e., the ethanol is blended with the gasoline. Burning this ethanol in car engines releases many dangerous pollutants into the air including benzene which can cause respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis.

Studies have shown that ethanol is in many ways a worse pollutant than gasoline and that it produces more of the so-called ‘greenhouse gases’ that Snowflakes say they fear.

Look at this from Brighthub.com back in January 2014 about ethanol. Not only does ethanol hurt the environment to burn it, but even to make it:

The EPA mandate for increasing the use of corn ethanol in the manufacture of gasoline has resulted in farmers plowing up their wetlands and grasslands and planting corn. In the last four years, 23 million acres of wetlands and grasslands were turned into cropland. In just four years, more wetlands and grasslands were lost than were lost in the previous 40 years. Some of the negative effects on the environment include:

Croplands do not absorb as much carbon as wetlands and grasslands: Grasslands capture carbon better than croplands. This means more carbon is released into the atmosphere when the lands are turned into croplands. Any advantage to carbon reduction in using ethanol over gasoline is therefore lost. Because of this, experts have determined that any carbon footprint benefit to using corn ethanol over gasoline cannot possible be realized for at least 93 years.

Growing corn uses up the water supply: Corn needs more water than any other crop. Currently, drought conditions exist in the corn belt of the Great Plains and the Midwest. Some reports say the groundwater levels have plummeted by more than six feet.

More water means more fertilizer and pesticides: When more water is needed for irrigation, more fertilizer is washed off the fields. When fertilizer is washed off the fields, the pesticides are also washed off and seep into the underground water system. The water becomes polluted.

This also results in the destruction of wildlife habitats. The poor quality of the water due to the infiltration of fertilizer and pesticides also kills aquatic life due to depriving the water of oxygen, resulting in “dead zones.” The Gulf of Mexico has a dead zone of more than 5,800 square miles which is associated with the polluted water resulting from corn production for ethanol.

Production of Corn Ethanol Releases Air Pollutants

In 2011, the National Academy of Science published a report explaining that the production of corn ethanol to replace gasoline “is likely to increase air pollutants such as particulate matter, ozone, and sulfur oxides.” These air pollutants are all considered to be more damaging to people’s health than any pollutants released from gasoline production or use. Some are even believed to contribute to climate change.

It gets worse. Corn is the most important feed product that commercial animals consume to make meat, eggs and milk. Annual US corn production is 13 billion bushels. More than 3.5 billion bushels of that goes to making ethanol and so that 3.5 billion bushels is not available for animal feed, and thus animal feed becomes more expensive through scarcity. This pushes up the cost of meat, eggs and milk for the rest of us while farmers get our taxpayer cash to grow corn for ethanol.

What a fraud…

Millennials should learn the facts rather than believing things that they read in ‘green’ pamphlets.

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