Trump is Substance over Style/ France Succumbs to Islam

Let’s face it – president Donald Trump is winning big. He has instituted more substantive national reforms in one year that most presidents do in four years or eight years.

He has implemented reforms that conservatives like George Will have been demanding for decades yet some of these same conservatives are Trump Haters.

Why is there so much brazen hatred of Trump not only among his adversaries but among people who should be embracing his agenda? It is two things:

*Substance: Democrats hate his agenda, like his plan to build a wall on the Mexican border or to expand oil drilling in Alaska. Some Republicans do too.

*Style: This is also a very big issue. Trump’s style often overshadows his substance. His critics, including many conservatives, despise a president who is bold and unafraid, who often speaks off the cuff in a nonpolitical style, who is more street-wise than politically correct, who is not a Washington insider, or who is not an intellectual like they are. They want someone who is either one of them or who is afraid of them or in thrall to them.

President Trump continues to enrage the Fake News media. For instance he said that he would have run into the Florida high school and stopped the killer even if he was not armed. This sent the media into a tizzy just like Trump planned. This is his style – to keep the media and his adversaries off balance and in a constant state of turmoil.

When communist China voted to eliminate term limits and make Xi Jinping dictator for life Trump is reported to have said, “Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday.”

The media went bonkers, and again, president Trump was toying with the media. He makes these outrageous statements to intentionally upset them. They always take the bait. Always. It is a strategy that only Donald Trump could pull off.

Rush Limbaugh said that Trump is like a person with a laser pointer who points it all around the room so that a cat jumps here, there and everywhere trying to get the laser, as if to drive the cat (the media) crazy.

On the other hand the media loved Obama’s presidential style. They said that he was calm and erudite. They said he was mature and informed. Obama never raised his voice or showed emotion as president Trump often does. Obama sounded like National Public Radio on a tape loop.

These media skunks not only adored Obama’s style but they loved his substance even though substantively Obama’s presidency was a disaster like this:

The economy really was in a depression under Obama, not a recession; millions of vile illegal immigrants flooded into the US during Obama’s tenure, including thousands of MS-13 gang members; ISIS overran much of the Middle East, leading to the wars in Syria, Libya and Iraq; jobs continued fleeing America while Obama said that they would never come back; and Obama’s ‘green’ policies gave us gasoline and heating oil prices that in today’s money would be $5 a gallon. That is just a partial list.

In contrast look at Trump’s substance: He has helped to bring down energy prices; he is fighting every day to bring jobs back rather than allowing them to continue to flee the US; he is expelling criminal illegal immigrants from the US; he has increased military spending substantially; he is giving economic hope to tens of millions of Americans; he has reduced the food stamp rolls and increased economic growth to levels not considered possible under Obama; he is challenging trade deals that hurt the US to the benefit of foreign nations. And more.

This, friends, is substance. This is why has never complained about Trump’s style. We should never care about style when we have substance.

His style is fine. President Trump has employed a fearless approach to strike back at public figures who have gotten away with dishonesty and bias for decades.

Even when Trump criticized “war hero” John McCain he was correct but not quite for the reasons that Trump said. Trump was correct because McCain has shamelessly exploited his military captivity in North Vietnam.

More than 1.3 million Americans have died in combat in US history. Millions more have been injured and seriously injured but nobody has run for or held office telling us how great they are to the extent that McCain has.

It gets worse for McCain who wants us to think that he got an offer to be released from captivity but that he selflessly stayed behind in the prison camp in North Vietnam to show solidarity with his captured “brothers”.

That is false and McCain knows it. McCain was offered early release since his father was a top US military figure. But under the military code he was not allowed to be favorably released for that reason or released before others who were captured before he was. He probably would have been court-martialed if he took the release. Yet he acts like his conduct was totally altruistic. What a fraud.

Here is Article III of the Military Code:

If I am captured I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and to aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy.

President Trump is giving us real substantive leadership. This is what a president is supposed to do. He appears to be developing a campaign strategy for 2020 that is based on the slogan ‘Peace & Prosperity’. That is genuine substance.

Why not. George W. Bush gave us a disastrous war and Obama gave us economic depression and sky-high gasoline prices. ‘Peace & Prosperity’ sounds very good in contrast.

Conservatives Do Well in Italian Election

Look at this from Breitbart News:

In what is being called “the mother of all anti-establishment votes,” populist-nationalist parties hammered parties identified as being part of the old guard in Italian elections Sunday, radically altering Italy’s political landscape.

The anti-establishment 5-Star Movement emerged as the biggest party in both Houses of Parliament while the anti-immigration League has taken over from Berlusconi’s Forza Italia as the largest single party on the political right.

The results will not be final until Monday evening, but exit polls point to a remarkable shift in Italian politics away from conventional parties to anti-establishment groups looking to shake up business as usual. The real victors were Luigi di Maio of the 5-Star Movement and Matteo Salvini of the League, in an election that saw voter turnout at over 73 percent of the voter population, essentially debunking forecasts of low turnout due to supposed indifference and disillusionment.
(Salvini ran on a platform to deport 500,000 immigrants living in Italy illegally.)

… In absolute terms, the center-right coalition won the election with 37.5 percent of the vote as opposed to the 31.9 percent taken by the 5-Star Movement, which refused to enter a coalition with other parties. The combined center-left coalition, led by the PD, took only 23.1 percent of the vote, with three of its member parties taking less than one percent each.

Good. There is a backlash building even in Europe against immigration and European Union socialism. Britain, which voted to withdraw from the EU in 2016, is enjoying some of the best economic growth in Europe despite warnings from the socialists that the withdrawal would be an economic disaster.

France Succumbs to Islam reports:

French far-right leader Marine le Pen said Thursday that the bringing of criminal charges for tweeting graphic images of ISIS violence was clearly an attempt to silence her. She said the world was “upside down.”

If convicted of distributing violent images, the National Front leader, who lost an election run-off last year to President Emmanuel Macron, could be imprisoned for up to three years and fined some $90,000.

Prosecutors in a Paris suburb filed preliminary charges against her Thursday over the three controversial tweets, which featured graphic images of a caged man on fire, an ISIS prisoner being run over by a tank, and the body of James Foley, the American journalist who went missing in Syria in 2012 and was later beheaded by the Sunni terrorist group.

The tweets were posted in late 2015, shortly after ISIS’ deadly attacks in Paris, but until late last year Le Pen as a deputy in the National Assembly enjoyed immunity from prosecution.

This is a travesty of the first order. This shows once again that France is not the free nation that it purports itself to be.

Le Pen is not “far right” as she is described in almost every media story. She is simply a conservative who puts France first, like Trump does for the US. She wants French sovereignty and culture to be maintained by halting mass illegal immigration. She is rightfully alarmed by the rise of islam in France and the growing “no go” zones that are populated by muslims.

This is called “far right” by the left-wing global media. Yet it is just common sense.

Second, she tweeted actual photos of ISIS atrocities. Yet the far-left in France along with their muslim comrades have made a business of seeking to bury the truth about murderous islam.

Friends, if we are not vigilant we can lose our liberty easily. If Hillary Clinton had been elected it would have marked the end. But president Trump is giving us hope.

Unless we actively keep liberty alive we lose it. That is why we conservatives keep our torch burning. Because once citizens lose focus on the conservative principles on which our nation was founded they usually start drifting toward the socialist left by default.

That is why France is in such a dangerous state. The United States spent trillions of military dollars defending Western Europe from communist invasion following World War II. But Europe may now be succumbing to evil extremism without even firing a shot.

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