Democrats Allowed Florida School Murders to Happen believes that top Democrats, hard-line leftists and other radicals in the gun-control movement allowed the Florida school murders to happen.

No, they did not plan the event step by step. But as the killer appeared increasingly likely to commit such a crime Democrats allowed the killings to happen through dereliction so that they could ‘blame the gun’ and start a nationwide movement against the NRA and Republicans.

These murders happened in a liberal public school in Florida in one of the most liberal counties in America presided over by a Broward County sheriff who is a super-liberal Jewish anti-gun Democrat. His name is Scott Israel and like a good Democrat he is refusing to take responsibility for the multiple failures of his department to act on the killer who was known as a serious threat to many people over many years.

Question: Why didn’t Democrats pass strict federal gun-control measures when they controlled the US House, US Senate and the White House in 2009 and 2010, when they even had a “magic number” of 60 US Senate seats which gave them almost unlimited power?

Answer: Because they wanted to take political advantage when the right situation arose like the Florida murders, and then blame Republicans and the NRA.

This story goes way back, of course. It comes after Democrats have been tolerating and encouraging crime through decades of lax law enforcement for instance by not prosecuting crimes; giving out more and more lenient sentences; getting criminals off the hook on the slightest technicalities, etc. We know this story all too well, like criminals roaming the streets despite having “a rap sheet as long as your arm”, as the old saying goes.

In just one example out of millions liberal Boston, Massachusetts judge Lisa Grant in 2017 shortened the jail sentence for an African immigrant who had robbed a Boston bank. The shorter sentence allowed the African to escape deportation. The immigrant then murdered two Boston doctors.

Thus Grant was complicit in allowing those murders to happen. believes that her action was part of an unwritten and unspoken Democrat strategy to allow the spread violence and chaos throughout our society but then to act as if they could never be part of such a plan and then to find any way possible to blame Republicans.

In another example, millions of crimes including murder, rape, assault and robbery have been committed by illegal aliens over the last decade, and millions more will be committed over the next decade, yet Democrats act like these crimes never have happened or that they are not important and that illegal immigrants must continue to be allowed to flood into the US.

On the other hand we conservatives believe in the rule of law and in being tough on crime so as to deter more crime, and that existing laws should be strictly enforced regarding illegal immigration, bank robbery, guns and every other type of crime.

But many judges have a penchant for light sentences even when guns are used. In Western Massachusetts a judge named John Agostini gave a 6-month sentence to a black gang-banger who had shot another kid with an illegal gun.

Heck, you can do 6 months for shoplifting…

We conservatives also believe that the 20,000 gun laws currently on the books are more than adequate to protect us from bad people getting guns. Yet when laws are not enforced then bad people can get guns. This Florida killer should have been on a ‘no buy’ list for guns after years of police reports and public knowledge about his erratic behavior, including gun threats against others.

Then when bad people get guns liberals often ignore the danger just as police in Florida ignored the school killer despite having dozens of contacts with him, and telephone warnings about him with specific information about how dangerous he was. These included tips that he was going to potentially shoot up the school since he owned guns and was pictured with guns on the internet.

Sheriff Scott Israel did nothing. This killer was well known as a wacko to school officials, teachers, fellow students, neighbors, etc. And they all did nothing. Zero. Neither did FBI after two specific tips about the killer. Thus these people should look in the mirror if they want to see who allowed this crime to happen.

The Virginia Tech killer of 2007 was well known around his campus as a crazy person but nobody did anything serious about him. He even had been officially evaluated by a psychologist who did not deem him dangerous enough to be placed on a “no buy” list for a gun. So he bought a gun legally and killed 32 of his fellow students.

The mastermind of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing was an extremist muslim US immigrant who had gone back to Russia and visited a radical muslim enclave. He even had been interviewed by FBI about the trip and should have been expelled from the US but was not. He and his brother then built the two bombs in their apartment just blocks from Harvard University and waltzed into the marathon crowd with huge backpacks with the bombs in them right under the noses of Boston police.

One of the Columbine killers of 1999 was known to local police for making death threats against a fellow student. The police did nothing, even neglecting to file a completed affidavit for a home search warrant that would have stopped the killings.

The killer at the Sutherland Springs, Texas church was supposed to have been in jail on the day of the killings for crimes committed years before but he was out long before his sentence was up, probably released by a liberal judge or a lenient interpretation of the law. He even was supposed to have been on a “no-buy” list for a gun purchase but he was never listed due to incompetence by Air Force officials who knew about the original crime and were responsible to report him.

Stories like this from Breitbart News are common:

Police have arrested a man for the seemingly unprovoked stabbing death of a young woman in a Massachusetts public library.

Police say 23-year-old Winchester, Massachusetts resident Jeffrey Yao abruptly walked up behind a woman sitting in a Winchester library and stabbed her repeatedly in the neck, back and head with a 10-inch knife, the Associated Press reported.

… According to Fox News, police have been warned about Yao in the past. Ryan noted that Yao was “known to police.” In addition, the suspect’s Facebook page is filled with pro-Palestine, anti-Semitic, and anti-Trump posts

This was another crazy left-wing Trump hater who was known to police. This would not have happened if real conservatives were in charge. But that’s Massachusetts for you…

The lunatic James Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter who sought to kill a group of Republican congressmen at a baseball practice game in June 2017 came from a small town in Illinois.

How did this maniac make that long trip with his high-powered rifle and then just so happen to know that these congressmen would be practicing at 6 o’clock in the morning at an obscure little baseball field in the suburbs of Washington, DC?

Answer: believes that he got inside information from a leftist operative within the US Congress who knew about the practice game, which was part of an annual tradition.

Then again the very liberal Broward County sheriff’s department in Florida is corrupt from the top down. Look at this from investigative journalist Sara Carter:

There are more than 66 investigations by the Broward County State Attorney’s office into Broward County Sheriff’s deputies and employees, ranging from drug trafficking to kidnapping since 2012. All the internal investigations occurred under embattled Sheriff Scott Israel’s watch, whose office is now under investigation for allegations that his deputies failed to allow first responders from treating patients at the scene of Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on Feb. 14, and that multiple deputies failed to enter the school to defend the children during the rampage that left 17 people dead, this reporter has learned.

Over the weekend Israel fought back on calls for his resignation saying the actions of his deputies were “[not] his responsibility” when they failed to enter the high school that was under siege by Nikolas Cruz, 19. Police responded to calls regarding Cruz over 45 times over a seven-year period, although Israel disputes the report, stating his office only received 23 calls during that time frame. The FBI also received a detailed call on Jan. 5warning that Cruz had posted disturbing images of slaughtered animals and comments on his Instagram saying he wanted to kill people, according to reports. The FBI stated on Feb. 16, that the tip was not forwarded to the FBI Miami Field Office.

… “Approximately 66 BSO (Broward Sheriff’s Office) deputies and other employees, including supervisory personnel were arrested for, charged with, and/or convicted of crimes that run the gamut from Armed Kidnapping, to Battery, Assault, Falsifying records, Official Misconduct, Narcotics trafficking, and other crimes involving dishonesty and violence in the years immediately proceeding 2013 when Jermaine was killed. Most of the offenses on the list occurred in the years 2012-2013,” according to court records filed by Schoen against Israel and the Broward County Sheriff deputy defendants.

“Often the cases against BSO (Broward Sheriff’s Office) employees are resolved by guilty pleas resulting in short or no period of incarceration and a chance for the criminal record to be cleared after a period of time.”

Armed Kidnapping… Battery, Assault, Falsifying records, Official Misconduct, Narcotics trafficking, and other crimes? You must be kidding. But no.

Now imagine that president Trump had been a sheriff in a department with a record like this. Trump would be impeached and thrown in jail.

Here is more from Fox News:

Fox News has learned that in the critical moments as first responding deputies were searching for an active shooter on the property of Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, a commanding officer on scene apparently ordered some of the initial responders to “stage” and set up a “perimeter” outside — instead of immediately ordering or allowing officers to rush in to neutralize the suspect, Nikolas Cruz.

“It’s atrocious,” a law enforcement source who was on the scene after the shooting told Fox News. “If deputies were staging it could have cost lives.”

The law enforcement source said responding deputies and officers were called to an active shooter scene in which they are trained to immediately “go, go, go” toward the direction of the shooter. “Every second is another life,” the source said.

The Broward County Sherrif’s Office policy on active shooters indicates responding deputies may enter the building to preserve life without permission. That remains the priority until various objectives are met such as the shooter being detained. The policy does not appear to list staging — setting up an area to keep first responders safe before police secure a violent scene — or a perimeter as an immediate priority.

It gets worse. Obama started something called the Promise Program which gives federal money to public schools to not prosecute ‘minority’ students who commit crimes. This is allegedly being done to stop the “pipeline” of black kids from public schools to jails. believes that Promise Program leniency applied to the erratic and dangerous behavior of the Florida school killer before he did the killings since that killer has a hispanic surname. That is probably why he was never arrested and prosecuted, and thus why his name never showed up on a ‘no buy’ list for the rifle that he used.

In short, it was another way that another liberal policy allowed another crime to happen.

The Promise Program was brought to Florida from, where else… Chicago… by a black school superintendent named Robert Runcie. Here is an article from 2013 from the Sun Sentinel newspaper:

Just two years ago, Broward County schools funneled the state’s highest number of students into the juvenile justice system, often hauling them away in handcuffs for minor infractions.

But the district this year dramatically altered its discipline policies and launched an intervention program to reduce the number of arrests for non-violent offenses. It’s already seeing results.

The number of students arrested for misdemeanor incidents from August to September dropped to 22 students from 54 in the same period last year, district figures show.

“We need to give students an opportunity if they make mistakes,” Superintendent Robert Runcie said.
On Tuesday, members of law enforcement, the public defender’s office, the NAACP, the state Department of Juvenile Justice and the State Attorney’s Office will join the School Board to sign an agreement to reduce school-based arrests.

It’ll be the first such agreement in the state.

“Unless we put in appropriate interventions to help these students address their behavior and get back on track, then as an institution, we fail,” Runcie said.

Broward referred 1,062 cases to the criminal justice system in 2011-2012, according to the state’s latest numbers. Of those, 71 percent were for misdemeanor offenses.

Under a Broward program called Promise, incidents such as theft, vandalism, trespassing, drug or alcohol possession or disorderly conduct will no longer result in an arrest. Instead, students will be referred to the program housed at Pine Ridge, an alternative education center in Fort Lauderdale.

We now know that this Promise Program probably applied to more serious crimes, but you won’t read a single word of analysis about this program in the Fake News media after the Florida killings. It is too distracting for them to discuss when they want to focus only on guns.

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