California Slides into Oblivion/ Clintons Will Finally Face Justice

Ultra-liberal US senator Kamala Harris of California struck back at attorney general Jeff Sessions after Sessions filed suit against California for its violation of federal law in protecting illegal aliens.

Harris said: “This Administration and Jeff Sessions in particular have clearly put a target on the back of California and California’s going to fight. And, I think that these folks are really mired in rolling back the clock in time and that’s not going to happen. California represents the future.”

Yes, siree, “California represents the future”. Well, OK, then go to this link and click through the photos of rampant homelessness in California like no other state in the US. This is a direct result of California’s left-wing policies. This truly is “the future” California style.

Here is more of the glorious “future” that we are seeing in California. And remember that California is one of the richest places on earth. Its economy is twice the size of Mexico’s economy and almost as large as the economy of Britain. Fox News reports:

Gritty details from the cleanup of a homeless encampment in Southern California were revealed Thursday — and the numbers were stunning.

According to the figures, public works crews in Orange County collected 404 tons of debris, 13,950 needles, and 5,279 pounds of human waste during a massive overhaul between Jan. 22 and March 3, the Orange County Register reported.

The specter of the ever-increasing homeless encampment along the Santa Ana River Trail had drawn the ire of local residents, prompting city officials to take action.

Todd Spitzer, who sits on the Orange County Board of Supervisors and led an effort to address the growing encampment, says he felt compelled to take a different course than other major cities in California that have been experiencing growing homeless populations.

California is starting to look like a Third World nation. That is no surprise. It is controlled by Third World Democrats.

Clintons Will Finally Face Justice

The Clintons have gotten away with decades of malfeasance since they have intimidated many people who opposed them while their friends in Washington would never investigate them. That now is changing under president Trump. That is one of the main reasons that Democrats are so desperate to get rid of Trump. Look at this from investigative reporter Sara Carter:

A former FBI informant who spent more than six years undercover gathering information on the Russian energy and uranium market was recently interviewed by FBI agents from the Little Rock, Arkansas field office as part of an ongoing bureau investigation into the Clinton Foundation, according to Victoria Toensing, the attorney representing the informant. […]

Toensing said the information Campbell delivered to the FBI and his previous knowledge of Russian operations to enter the U.S. energy market was significant enough to the bureau that they interviewed him in December regarding the Clinton Foundation investigation.

“FBI agents from Little Rock, Arkansas interviewed Mr. Campbell about the Clinton Foundation,” she revealed. “Would they have done so if he had “serious credibility concerns?” […]

During the February meeting with staffers, however, Campbell provided a written statement and answered in-depth questions about his time working for the Russians. He informed the staffers that the information he collected was in possession of the FBI, which is conducting its own investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Toensing told this reporter that none of the staff members at the meeting had called her for more documentation or information. She noted that she had also told the congressional staff to request from the FBI any information Campbell provided the bureau.

Wow. Kaboom. This is finally happening, folks. Watch over the next few months as more information becomes public. It is going to cascade into a major investigation into the Clintons.

We conservatives have been anxious with the pace of these investigations but they take time. And things are now starting to happen and will pick up speed this Spring regarding the Clintons, the fake Russian “dossier”, FISA, and many other issues. The Deep State is being slowly exposed.

Trump Pardons Sailor Kristin Saucier

Fox News reports:

President Donald Trump on Friday pardoned former US Navy sailor Kristin Saucier, who served a year behind bars for taking photos of classified areas in a nuclear submarine.

During his campaign and after he took office, Trump drew attention to the handling of Saucier’s case, describing it as politically motivated and contrasting it with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s mismanagement of classified information through a private server.

On “Fox & Friends” Saturday morning, Saucier said he’s very grateful to Trump for giving his family their lives back.

“He’s an amazing man, and this is just one of the many great things that he’s done in his term,” Saucier said.

.. Saucier, who served as a machinist’s mate aboard the USS Alexandria and used his cell phone to photograph parts of the submarine’s nuclear propulsion system, has repeatedly recognized that he made a mistake but maintained he meant no harm and only wanted to take photos as mementos.

“All I ever wanted to do was serve my country,” Saucier said. “I honestly believe that the systems that went after me were put in place to protect people like me until I was run through the ringer.”

“And it’s unfortunate because I still love this country. It’s still the greatest country in the world. And I believe President Trump’s taking it back to that place where it needs to be.”

Fantastic. Saucier is a good man. He lives in Southern Vermont near where lives in Massachusetts. This pardon is another promise kept, as Trump is keeping virtually all of his campaign promises unlike most politicians who keep few or none of their promises.

The pursuit of Saucier shows the Deep State’s duplicity by singling out a “small fish” for prosecution while letting a “big fish” (Hillary Clinton) escape. This is now changing. Rest assured, friends, Hillary is going down.

Fake News Media are Totally Unhinged

Bob Woodward is a Washington Post journalist who became famous for forcing the resignation of president Richard Nixon in 1974 over the Watergate scandal. That scandal was an ant hill compared to the mountain of corruption in Washington today in seeking to undermine president Trump, corruption that Woodward and his media cronies will not lift a finger to investigate.

Look at this from the Washington Free Beacon:

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward criticized reporters on the right and left alike who were becoming too emotionally invested in their coverage of Donald Trump, calling them “unhinged.”

“You’ve described the Trump presidency as being a “test” for the news media. Do you think the media is failing the test?” asked Newsweek.

The former Washington Post reporter—now an associate editor—responded journalists could always do better, including himself, but that he thought the media had not “failed” to date.

“But we have a lot of work to do,” he continued. “A number of reporters have at times become emotionally unhinged about it all, one way or the other.”

This is as fraudulent and biased as Woodward himself. It is not reporters “on the right and left alike” who are becoming unhinged. It is Woodward’s side, the anti-Trump side that is totally out of control. They have sold their souls to the devil to bring down Trump. Then when we conservatives simply point out Trump’s successes we are called “unhinged” too.

These left-wing media skunks like CNN, CBS, the Washington Post and the New York Times fell into a trap. They thought that they were going to get rid of Trump quickly and that they then could go back to being just biased rather than being biased and engaging in massive journalistic fraud every single day. But now they must continue with the fraud because they have not yet brought down Trump and never will.

This ultimately is making the Fake News media into a Soviet-style institution. They may think that they are winning today, but in the long run they are destroying themselves. Good.

Update on the Florida School Murders

Here is some very interesting news about the Florida school murders of February 14. This is from PJ Media:

Despite the attempts to make the Parkland, Florida, massacre a story about gun control, it seems law enforcement and the school administration failed miserably before and during the slaughter of 17 innocent high school kids.

That’s why it’s not surprising to see lawsuits now being filed naming both the sheriff’s office and the school system as defendants.

Anthony Borges is a 15-year-old student who has been hailed as a hero by classmates after he was shot five times while trying to close and lock a classroom door. His attorney Alex Arreaza has notified Broward County officials of the family’s intent to sue: “The failure of Broward County Public Schools, and of the principal and school resource officer to adequately protect students, and in particular our client, from life-threatening harm were unreasonable, callous and negligent.”
The notice was sent to the state financial risk management division, Sheriff Scott Israel, and Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie.

Kyle Laman was shot during the attack. In a written statement, a spokesman for the Berman Law Group stated: “Kyle is still dealing with memories of the terror he felt when his classroom was locked and he was stuck in the hallway during the shooting.” The statement added: “The teacher couldn’t get the door open fast enough. Everyone was running scared. Kyle looked at the gunman staring right back at him, and instinctively jumped for cover.

“The bullets were flying, and doctors told his mom one tore through his ankle and foot.”

Frankly, these are the kind of lawsuits that need to happen in a case like this, and not the frivolous suits we’ve seen in the past, when victims sue firearm makers. The sheriff’s office and school clearly dropped the ball in so many ways it boggles the mind, and as a result, a horrific event took place.

These kids will have months, if not years, of difficulties and treatment ahead of them, treatment that will well exceed what insurance will pay. There’s no reason these kids’ families should have to foot the bill for the failures of the county government.

Good. These crooked cops and school administrators need to be held to account for allowing this tragedy to happen. As predicted this issue is going to turn around on the people who wanted to make it all about gun control.

Breitbart News also reported about the murders:

An op-ed in the Sun Sentinel claims that Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is stonewalling the release of surveillance video that could clear up exactly what law enforcement did or failed to do in response to the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The paper has been trying to obtain the video taken “outside the school” during the shooting, only to be told that the only copy was given to Israel’s office and will not be released.

We would expect the crooked cop Scott Israel to stonewall. Why? Shouldn’t we get to see the actual video to find out the truth.

Of course, but we are dealing with a corrupt leftist Democrat sheriff’s department in one of the most liberal counties in America. We will never get the truth without an independent state or federal investigation which tells us what really happened. And the Democrats are not going to like that one bit. They know that they are responsible for this tragedy.

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