Trump is Flying High while Hillary Crashes and Burns

The voters of 2016 have been vindicated. President Donald Trump is flying high and having enormous success in every way possible while a thoroughly pathetic Hillary Clinton is still crying about losing the election.

Hillary even fell down some stairs on a recent trip to India – twice on the same set of stairs. It was all captured on video. The optics were awful. The contrast with Trump could not be more stark. She also is said to have sprained her hand in a separate accident.

This goes back to the presidential debates. said that the debates of 2016 were going to be a watershed moment, that Trump would bury Hillary and finally make his case to the American people without a media filter to distort what he said or meant.

Normally such debates are ho-hum affairs but the Trump-Clinton face-offs proved crucial to Trump’s victory. First, Trump was bold. When Hillary said that it was a good thing that Trump was not in charge Trump shot back without a moment’s hesitation, “because you’d be in jail.”

That comment alone helped Trump in a significant way to win the White House. Americans love boldness. Another significant factor, is certain, was that tens of millions of American saw a big, strong man in those debates standing next to a small woman. This contrast imprinted itself on millions of voters even if they did not know it.

And this comparison came after Hillary had fainted at the 9/11 memorial service, which did incalculable harm to her campaign, something which she will never admit among the reasons that she lost.

Today we see a whining Hillary telling anyone who will listen that she was robbed of the presidency 38 different ways while at the same time Trump is simply being a strong and effective leader and enjoying every minute.

Not only is Trump being presidential, but he is flying high. Trump is not allowing one syllable of media criticism to affect him. His classic off-the-cuff speech at a recent rally in Pennsylvania showed Trump in top form.

Every word that comes out of Trump shows excitement, optimism and confidence. He knows that he is on a huge roll. He knows that the nation is in his hands and that he is growing on the job daily. He knows that his media enemies like CNN are in serious decline.

This must be exhilarating for a man who certainly feels that being president is the culmination of a long life of success in business and in the media.

Trump is what you would call ‘a natural’. He has totally smashed the mold. He is not a low-energy aristocratic bore like Jeb Bush or a technocratic debutante like Obama with a million ideas and no solutions. Trump is who he is. He has no fear. He just keeps going like the famous Energizer Bunny, which is how he made his $5 billion fortune.

He even has announced his 2020 re-election bid and its slogan, “Keep America Great!” This is unprecedented but it is typical of how this man acts – by his own rules on his own timetable. No political figure in America has ever come close.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is exhibiting exactly the kind of behavior that she claims that she opposes. She has turned into a whining little schoolgirl, always playing the victim. She is not the “strong woman” that she claims to represent politically. She is the opposite. She is weak and cowardly and a national nag. She is the worst of what womankind has to offer.

But then again this is what we get from the Clintons. Bill and Hillary are 100% political animals. They have lived and died by politics and that is why they find themselves sinking into a quagmire that they never thought they’d ever see. Even the screeching hens on The View TV program have thrown the Clintons overboard (see further down). believes that Trump is having the time of his life. At his recent rally he called NBC commentator Chuck Todd “a sleeping son-of-a-bitch”. Trump was acting like he was the host of a Kiwanis roast and having a great time doing it. He fired his secretary of state as if it were no big deal. He is running his White House like The Apprentice TV show, i.e., “you’re fired!” It is absolutely amazing. Nothing fazes this guy. He is acting out every life dream that he has ever had.

Radio host Don Imus was talking recently about Trump, whom he knew well back in the 1980s. He said they often lunched together and that Trump was just a really funny, lively guy. So it is no surprise that Trump is acting the way he is. He is simply being himself.

President Trump recently pointed out that he described on Meet the Press way back in 1999 how to deal with Kim Jong Un. And when you see the clip you see that he was correct back then and that he is correct today too.

It must be quite a feeling for Donald Trump to feel that vindication. No wonder he often seems giddy.

If that were all that he was doing – feeling good and putting on a show – it would be meaningless. But his agenda is taking full force and really is transforming the country. Wow. This guy is on fire.

The economy is the primary beneficiary of Trump confidence. He knows that Trump alone is driving America to a brighter future. That must be a heady feeling to know that tens of millions of people support your agenda and that only you have been able to make their lives better.

At the same time, Hillary is falling down stairs and crying about her loss in an election 16 months ago. Thank God she was not elected.

Here is how The Daily Caller website reports about the very liberal and feminist TV talk show called The View, and the decline and fall of the Clintons:

The women of “The View” did not go easy on Bill or Hillary Clinton during Monday’s broadcast.

The co-hosts were responding to a new profile on Monica Lewinsky, where the former White House intern described Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse of her when he was president. The View ladies took turns savaging the Clintons and their “gross abuse of power.”

Speaking about the affair, which eventually led to Clinton’s impeachment, Joy Behar said it was “an abuse of power. He was the president and she was an intern. She was 23 or 24?” Behar continued. “If you’re talking about powers, inequality in power, that’s the big biggie. An intern and a president.” Guest co-host Meredith Vieira said Lewinsky was unfairly vilified after the affair but Clinton was allowed to go on to lead a successful life.

Behar made the point that Clinton no longer has a voice in the Me Too movement.

“It haunts him to this day,” she said of Clinton. “Have you seen him lately talking with this Me Too thing? He can’t stump for Democrats easily.” Whoopi Goldberg commented on the moment in the 2016 elections when three of BillClinton’s former accusers were brought to a presidential debate, saying it will “haunt” Clinton forever.

… The View ladies than turned their fire on Hillary for defending her husband and her “role” in the “bimbo eruptions” during his career.

… Speaking of the Clintons, Behar said “I think they’re a liability at the moment.” McCain then called the Clintons a “virus.”

Wow. Kaboom. We know that The View is the strident voice of anti-Trump feminist liberalism and that it therefore is very, very significant that it is turning against the Clintons.

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