Lessons from GOP Election Loss/ Why Swedish Health Care is Great

(This is a multi-part commentary covering a variety of issues.)

A moderate Democrat has won a very close “special” election for a Pennsylvania US House seat in a conservative district that president Trump won by 19 points in 2016.

Democrats are claiming a big victory but let’s look at how their candidate won:

*The Democrat Conor Lamb ran as a moderate/conservative. Such figures have virtually disappeared from the Democrat party and the Democrats suddenly need them back again. Lamb said that he would buck Nancy Pelosi and support much of the Trump agenda.

But he probably won’t vote that way at all. He probably acted like that just to get elected. We’ll see. Don’t hold your breath.

*The Republican candidate was uninspiring. No pizzaz. If the Republican had been just marginally better he would have won since the vote count was very close.

*This was a “special” election which always have lower turnouts than regular elections on election day. So if the Democrats can turn out more of their voters when the total is much smaller, then they win.

*Democrats are more “energized” than Republicans since president Trump’s victory, and that goes a long way to winning, particularly in a “special” election.

*The media have given president Trump 91% negative coverage. This certainly hurts all Republican candidates.

On the other hand the media gave 100% fawning coverage to Obama yet Democrats lost majority control of the House in a huge Red Wave in 2010 less than two years into Obama’s first term.

*Democrats certainly used fraud as they do in every election. It recently was reported that up to 100,000 illegal aliens are on Pennsylvania voter rolls.

And finally and thankfully:

*President Trump is still firmly in control of the national agenda until at least 2020 (and probably until 2024) while the party in the White House almost always loses political power in Congress in the first two years of a presidential term.

But then again, Republicans won four straight “special” US House elections in 2017 after Trump was elected, along with the mayoralty of Omaha, Nebraska, and so that must be taken into account of the overall balance of power since Trump won.

Then again the US Senate loss by Republican Roy Moore in conservative Alabama was based on unproven charges from 40 years ago. This is a standard Democrat tactic – character assassination. The only piece of hard physical evidence against Moore was proven to be forged.

Sessions is Finally Getting Bolder

Attorney general Jeff Sessions is getting bolder. He must be reading the Nikitas3.com commentaries calling for his ouster, and decided to act like a man. NBC News reports:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions late Friday night accepted the recommendation that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who took the reins of the agency during the turbulent days after the abrupt firing of James Comey, be terminated — two days before he was to retire and become eligible for full pension benefits.

… Sunday is McCabe’s 50th birthday, which would have made him eligible for certain substantial retirement benefits.

The FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility proposed the termination, based on the findings of the Justice Department’s inspector general. That office has been examining the bureau’s handling of the Clinton e-mail investigation.

Great. McCabe is a corrupt Deep State insider. He should be fired. And don’t worry about his pension. He will find employment at ten times his current salary with some Deep State outfit in Washington.

Now it looks like Sessions may be on the verge of appointing a special counsel to investigate Deep State, FBI and Justice Department corruption in the legal assault on president Trump.

Wonderful… Good things often take time.

Good Ol’ American Ingenuity

Nikitas3.com recently saw a video interview with a Swedish conservative. The conservative was asked: “What makes the Swedish health-care system so good?”

And the conservative replied: “It’s because we use advanced American medical technology…”

Indeed the whole world today runs on American technology which has improved the lives of billions of people. Almost everything from modern medical technology to electricity to the internal combustion engine to modern agriculture to computers to modern chemistry to refrigeration and everything else came from America.

This comes out of American freedom and exceptionalism. This has been America’s ongoing gift to the world. Isn’t America great?

Yes, it is the greatest nation in the history of the world.

More Signs of the Great Trump Economy

The Daily Caller reports:

The number of food stamp dependent Americans hit a six-year low in President Donald Trump’s first year in office, reflecting an improving economy and falling unemployment, according to a U.S. Agriculture Department (USDA) report.

An average of 42.2 million Americans participated in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program in 2017, which is an 11 percent decrease from 2013, when a record number of people used food stamps…

More good news. This is precisely what capitalism means – that people will have jobs to take care of themselves, and less need for government. This is Trump’s plan.

Ultra-Liberal New Jersey is Going Downhill Fast

This is from a website called Zero Hedge:

… the struggling New Jersey public pension system decided that instead of lowering its expected rate of return, it would raise it, from 7% to 7.5%.

The simple reason behind this odd increase in projected returns was an accounting sleight of hand which would allow the state of New Jersey to save some $238 million in pension contributions as a result of the higher discount rate applied to the fund’s liabilities. And with a pension funding level of only 37% for the 2015 fiscal year, the worst of any state in the US, New Jersey would gladly take even the most glaring accounting gimmickry that would delay its inevitable death.

Unfortunately, being the not so proud owner of the most distressed and underfunded public pension fund in the US is just the start of New Jersey’s monetary woes, and as Bloomberg reports, New Jersey’s fiscal situation is so dire that new Governor Phil Murphy has proposed taxing online-room booking, ride-sharing, marijuana, e-cigarettes and Internet transactions along with raising taxes on millionaires and retail sales to fund a record $37.4 billion budget that would boost spending on schools, pensions and mass transit.

The proposal which is 4.2% higher than the current fiscal year’s, relies on a tax for the wealthiest that is so unpopular it not only has yet to be approved, but also lacks support from key Democrats in the legislature, let alone Republicans. It also reverses pledges from Murphy’s predecessor, Republican Chris Christie, to lower taxes in a state where living costs are already among the nations’ highest.

Tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend. This, friends, is how liberalism destroys individuals, families, cities, states and entire nations.

New Jersey is another liberal state that is failing along with Illinois, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. This is typical. Meanwhile liberal states that elected tough-minded Republican governors like Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio, are well into a historic economic turnaround.

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