Obama Officials Hurling Unprecedented Charges at Trump

Obama-era CIA director John Brennan has broken all precedent in hurling charges at president Trump.

This is beyond the pale but then again Brennan was first hired at the CIA even after admitting that he had voted for the communist candidate for US president in 1976. So obviously Brennan is yet another radical in the Trump-hater camp. Fox News reports:

Former CIA director John Brennan raised eyebrows this week when he went on national television and suggested the Russians “may have something” on President Trump.

Brennan, who led the CIA during the Obama administration, later conceded to the New York Times that he actually had no knowledge to back the claim.

To critics, this was yet another example of increasingly hostile and partisan behavior toward Trump from the former leader of an agency that considers itself above partisanship.

“There used to be a day when intelligence officials, whether they were in office or out of office, would not spew innuendo like that, especially such grave charges,” Wall Street Journal writer Kim Strassel said on Fox News’ “Ingraham Angle.”

This is all very true, but then again decorum, tradition and common decency go out the window with Democrats and leftists like Brennan. These people are dangerous extremists. They cannot tolerate any ideas different from their own.

For instance Bill Clinton was the first ex-president to egregiously break the “unwritten rule” that ex-presidents should stay out of politics after the White House. Now Obama is doing the same thing. But Republicans Ronald Reagan and the two Bushes never did any such thing. Neither did Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford or Dwight Eisenhower.

On the other hand Democrat Jimmy Carter sure does. Carter has been in our faces for years now in order to try and compensate for his failed presidency.

Brennan recently tweeted, “When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history”

This is unreal. Fox News continues:

Mollie Hemingway, a staff writer at The Federalist, said Brennan’s comments destroy the media narrative that intelligence chiefs are “a bunch of apolitical boy scouts.”

“As Brennan’s increasingly unhinged tweets show, a year later, that narrative (and push by compliant media) looks patently absurd,” she tweeted.

Other experts say Brennan’s intense partisanship is unusual for someone in his position…

“Partisan criticism is not uncommon, but it is usually diplomatic,” said Cal Jillson, political science professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. “Think of James Baker or Leon Panetta, people who speak softly because they are used to being listened to.”

Jillson said that current and former intelligence officials who have been privy to secret information should adhere to a higher code of conduct because their remarks “carry more weight.”

Now we are seeing every type of Democrat going after president Trump, including an angry Joe Biden who said publicly that he would like to “beat the hell” out of the president. ABC News reported:

Former Vice President Joe Biden took fresh jabs at President Donald Trump on Tuesday … telling students at the University of Miami that he probably would have “beat the hell out” of Trump if they’d attended school together.

… “They asked me if I’d like to debate this gentleman, and I said ‘no.’ I said, ‘If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.'”

For Biden to use that kind of language is unacceptable. It is an incitement of violence against not only Trump but against all Republicans, and Biden knows it. That is why he is saying it.

On the other hand you can go to YouTube and type in ‘creepy Joe Biden’ and you can see videos of Biden stroking little girls’ hair and trying to kiss them in the most disgusting and perverted ways. These videos are famous.

Here is another way that Republicans are being constantly threatened by people incited by figures like Biden. CNN reports:

A man was arrested on Friday after allegedly threatening to assault and murder Rep. Scott Taylor, (Republican of Virginia), according to the US Attorney’s office in the Eastern District of Virginia.

The 69-year-old from Virginia Beach allegedly threatened to bring his shotgun to one of the congressman’s events on Saturday after a conversation regarding marijuana policy got heated, court documents showed, according to the press release from the US attorney’s office.

“Scott is having an event this Saturday. I am going to get my shotgun and do something about this. I will just handle this myself,” Wallace Grove Godwin told a staffer, according to the release.

He then allegedly proceeded to point at two other staffers and said, “You two are next,” according to the US attorney’s office.

The incident took place at Taylor’s Virginia Beach office, and Godwin faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

… The press release also stated that according to court documents, in 2017, Godwin went to Taylor’s personal residence and interacted with him there. It also noted another instance where he yelled at staffers in the Virginia Beach office in 2017.

When Obama was elected I never recall this type of rhetoric or threats against Obama or Democrats. My conservative friends all took Obama’s election in stride even though we knew he was a radical.

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