The Truth about Car Fuel Mileage Rules/ Kimmel Mocks Melania

It was recently reported that Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt plans to roll back Obama-era regulations to increase fuel mileage standards for cars. And we are supposed to be hysterical since this allegedly will lead to increased energy consumption and environmental damage.

Sorry, but no. Friends, please allow to let you in on a little secret: When cars get better gas mileage owners simply drive more miles; it is statistically true. This ends up equaling and generally even increasing overall fuel consumption, not reducing it.

We have seen this fact over and over when we ourselves buy a new fuel-efficient car. We might say, “Gee, I get such good gas mileage with my new car that I am going to take that trip to Michigan that I would not have taken before with my less efficient car.”

So you will take that trip to Michigan. It is your “bonus” from getting better mileage. And in the end statistics show that most drivers will increase their gasoline consumption because driving is fun and getting better fuel mileage allows you to have more fun and so you do it.

If we really wanted to reduce gasoline consumption we should mandate that cars get 5 miles per gallon, not 50 miles per gallon. At 5 miles per gallon nobody would be able to afford to drive much at all. The car would spend most of its time in the driveway and would be used only for critical travel. We would think carefully about every mile that we drove.

Think about air conditioning. In its early days air conditioning was rare, expensive and limited mostly to rich people. Its high cost and energy consumption limited its use to wealthy people who could afford the electricity.

But then along came efficient mass manufacturing. Air conditioners became cheaper to make and over time they also became more energy-efficient. And so more people bought air conditioning since it became cheaper to buy and to use.

The American South and Southwest would never have seen their huge population booms without widely available air conditioning and thus the overall energy consumption for AC has skyrocketed. This formula applies to tools, cars, etc. that we use every day. One study said that 76% of poor Americans even now have AC.

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Legal Immigrant Melania Trump

It was reported recently that late-night ‘comic’ Jimmy Kimmel mocked Melania Trump’s accent.

Can you imagine Kimmel mocking a poor Mexican immigrant who crossed over the border illegally?

Of course not. In fact the left-wing media spend every minute of every day seeking to cover up the facts about millions of illegal immigrants – their high crime rates, their dependency rates, their lack of achievement, their inability to speak English.

One way that liberals do this is to brazenly attack European immigrants like Melania Trump who came here legally, speaks five languages, and who succeeded economically even before marrying the president.

This “shifts the spotlight” from the horrible behavior of millions of illegal immigrants. This is a standard Democrat tactic that they employ in many ways. For instance they impugn the police relentlessly to “shift the spotlight” from the horrible behavior of criminals and to make us think that it is the police that we need to fear.

Can you imagine if conservative Sean Hannity mocked the way that some black people talk? Or immigrants? He would be driven off the air. Yet liberals mock selected immigrants like Melania Trump when they do not like them.

Liberals mock Southerners too. For decades people from the South were portrayed in the entertainment industry as dim-witted, slow-talking hillbillies and hicks.

NASCAR racing has been openly maligned as a dumb Southern “redneck” sport when in fact NASCAR racing today is one of the most high-tech ‘sports’ on the planet; NASCAR teams are well-versed in all of the latest technology from computers to aerodynamics; and the NASCAR audience is one of the wealthiest and best educated in all of sports.

Ironically the South is getting the last laugh. The conservative South is prospering more than any other part of the nation since it avoided the economic pitfalls of liberalism. Its hard-working people are leading the way. Meanwhile liberal states like Vermont, Illinois and Connecticut are floundering. Businesses are avoiding them.

Interestingly tens of millions of liberals have moved from liberal Northern states like New York and New Jersey to conservative Southern states like Texas, Florida and Georgia. This happens as these liberals see opportunity in the growing South and they move there even though they disdain the conservative Southern culture.

That happens since these liberals have principles that are as flexible as a rubber band. Their only real principle is their own self-interest.

Meanwhile you will virtually never see Southerners moving North to liberal states. Southerners are naturally conservative people who have strong principles. They don’t like the North, never have, and they generally would never move there.

Living in the Northeast for my whole 64 years I, Nikitas, have never met a transplanted Southerner that I can remember. Meanwhile people all over the South are surrounded by millions of fleeing ‘Yankees’.

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