Are College Kids Really ‘Hungry and Homeless’? (No)

First, here is a quick word about the mediocre job creation numbers (103,000) for March. Included in that number is this very bright spot from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

In March, employment in manufacturing rose by 22,000, with all of the gain in the durable goods component. Employment in fabricated metal products increased over the month (+9,000). Over the year, manufacturing has added 232,000 jobs; the durable goods component accounted for about three-fourths of the jobs added.

… Employment in mining increased by 9,000 in March, with gains occurring in support activities for mining (+6,000) and in oil and gas extraction (+2,000). Mining employment has risen by 78,000 since a recent low in October 2016.

Manufacturing and mining jobs are the most important wealth-creating jobs in the economy, and they now are increasing under Trump after decades of decline. So while the overall jobs number for March was not that great, these sectors were very good. That is a very positive thing.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

The Kansas City Star (KCS) recently published an article by Mara Rose Williams called Think college students are privileged? Nearly a third are hungry and homeless

This is a classic modern-day media concoction. The KCS wouldn’t publish this article when Obama’s economic policies were hurting tens of millions of Americans, including college kids.

No, this article is being published under president Donald Trump despite the fact that Trump has done more in one year to improve the economy than Obama did in 8 years. In fact this article is being published as just another way to make president Trump look bad.

First, it is certainly Fake News that ‘nearly a third’ of college kids are hungry and homeless. This is the equivalent of stating that “the planet is burning up in ‘global warming’” or that “all illegal immigrants are good people who have never committed any crime” or that “marijuana is harmless fun”, which are all insistent, and false, media narratives from the left.

So here are some excerpts from the Kansas City Star article with a comment after each:

KCS reports: Sarah Barrett didn’t need a grand study to tell her a bunch of students on Kansas State University’s campus had been going without food.

As an assistant dean of students, she had heard enough of them talk about choosing books or housing costs over food to know that the university needed to do something to help its hungry students.

K-State students are not alone. The problem of college students’ inability to afford food is common on campuses across the country. comment: The problem is not food; that is a feint. The problem is much bigger – that the cost of going to college has risen up to 4 times as fast as inflation over the last 40 years. This national scandal is being covered up by the media.

This is the main reason that students would be having a hard time economically in many ways, but especially with the massive college debt incurred for degrees that often have no value whatsoever in the job market (gender studies, ‘green’ studies, art, postmodern dance, etc.).

These colleges and universities are controlled by hard-left socialists who point their fingers at everyone else for wrongdoing and price-gouging in order to shift the spotlight from their own egregious greed.

These outrageous college costs were addressed in one single congressional hearing in the 1990s and virtually nothing happened as a result. They have continued to skyrocket.

The issue is ignored is because the academic left is ripping us all off and their friends in the media do not want us to know about it.

Meanwhile gasoline and natural gas prices hit low historical levels as a result of Trump policies and from industry practices like “fracking” that the same academics oppose vehemently.

In New York state Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo made a big deal of announcing food banks at state colleges, conveniently one year into the Trump presidency. Yet as conservative states like Texas and Georgia thrive the New York state economy has suffered enormously under decades of Democrat policies (high taxes, rampant overspending, widespread corruption, endless regulation and government obstruction, etc.) and under 7 years of Cuomo (his former top aide was recently convicted of corruption).

This includes a ban on “fracking” for natural gas, a practice that could be pumping billions of dollars every year into the hard-pressed rural economy of Upstate New York which is situated atop one of the biggest natural gas deposits on the planet called the Marcellus Shale (estimated 600 trillion cubic feet of gas).

KCS reports: According to a first-of-its-kind survey of two- and four-year private and public schools, 36 percent of students on college campuses in the U.S. do not get enough to eat. comment: This 36% figure sounds patently false. But the problem is really much more serious. Many kids should not even be in college, incurring all of that debt. A college education is not nearly as valuable or necessary as we were told back when college was affordable, before the left-wing vultures took over in the 1960s and started jacking up costs dramatically.

These students could be pursuing other courses of advancement. For instance, an electrician today earns much more money per year than many college graduates. Yet our media culture and our academic culture have convinced tens of millions of Americans that they must go to college, that being an electrician is a lowly ‘trade’.

Or you could become a real estate broker or salesman or start your own business and do better economically than a college graduate.

President Trump is wisely seeking to revitalize apprenticeship training, a practice that has been around for thousands of years, where a young person goes directly to work at an existing company and is trained in a job and earns a salary. There is no debt whatsoever and the employee grows in the job, contributes to the company, and then can advance to a higher wage with more skills, or to management, or even to owning a company.

KCS reports: And that lost income could also impact housing. Nearly as many of those who are food insecure don’t have secure housing. The U.S. Department of Education describes the homeless as “lacking fixed, regular, adequate housing,” which includes those living in shelters, hotels, cars, tents or “couch surfing” at friends’ houses. comment: Colleges once provided decent housing for students but dormitories today are full of drugs, disruptive students, political radicals, weirdos, perverts, and unisex bathrooms. If you don’t believe it then you haven’t been on a college campus recently. Many students don’t even want to be in these dorms and you can’t blame them. If a student reported to the college that he/she did not like the smell of marijuana smoke in the dorm he/she would be laughed at.

KCS reports: While it found that 36 percent of university students and nearly half of community college students surveyed fit the category of “housing insecure” in the past year, it also found that 9 percent of university students were fully homeless, as were 12 percent of community college students. comment: If even some of this bad news is true, many of these students should drop out of school; it obviously is not working out. In a growing economy that president Trump is working to provide there are increasing opportunities without the need for an expensive and debt-ridden college degree.

KCS reports: Those examining the national situation don’t place the blame on rising college costs alone. comment: This is the only honest line in the article. It mentions, but only in passing, the main economic problem for most students – the high cost of attending college. It should never be so expensive.

KCS reports: Other factors may include inadequate financial aid packages and the fact that today more low-income students have access to college through the help of tuition grants, federal loans and scholarships that don’t always pay for food or housing. comment: These “loan” and “grant” programs are a major scam. They encourage more and more students to go to college without addressing the issue of the colleges controlling their costs. These loans and grants simply funnel more cash into the unaccountable colleges – usually at taxpayer expense – which is an intended outcome of the Democrats to funnel more money to their friends in radical left-wing academia.

KCS reports: The Washington Post reports that the survey report, out Tuesday, says that one in 10 community college students report having gone an entire day without food. About 6 percent of four-year university students have made the same report.

Experts have long known that kids in elementary, middle and high school who come to class hungry are less likely to perform well academically. The study found the same to be true for college students. comment: Ironically, or expectedly, the socialists who control our K-12 and college education systems also vocally oppose the types of corporate/industrial farming practices that keep food prices low in the first place. They oppose GMOs and bio-engineering that produce abundant food at low cost.

These academics would like to see all farming done “organically”… producing food at three times the cost of supermarket food.

KCS reports: Students who take on the rigors of college study while experiencing basic needs insecurities are clearly committed to school and are trying to work to make ends meet. “But their academics still suffer,” the report says. “Among students who reported receiving D’s and F’s in college, more than half were food insecure, with more than 40 percent at the very lowest level of food security.” comment: Oh, sure. They get lousy grades and they blame it on being hungry. This is a classic cop-out. Oftentimes they are lazy or they are bad students or on drugs. Hey, you’ve gotta work hard to get a meaningful college degree.

Many of these students are black and poor and they are ushered into the colleges under affirmative action with grants, loans and even free scholarships even though they are not qualified. They have astronomical dropout rates yet still they are encouraged to go to college. This is bad for the students themselves and for the colleges too. This adds to the overall problems among college kids.

These students should be directed into other career paths like apprenticeships or trades or other types of training. And if they don’t have the skills or ambition for anything better then they will simply end up with lower standards of living.

KCS reports: In 2014, Barrett and some of her colleagues launched a survey of their own at K-State to assess the need for help with food on the Manhattan, Kan., campus. It revealed that 39.4 percent of “students who were experiencing financial hardship also experienced difficulty finding food,” Barrett said.

Studies at other universities had similar findings. The University of California found that 40 percent of its students were missing meals, and four universities in Illinois found the number to be 35 percent on their campuses. comment: On the other hand illegal drugs are rampant on the same campuses and the administrators do absolutely nothing about them. College students spend up to $10 billion on illegal drugs every year (an estimate based on overall estimates of illegal drug spending). Some of these kids would literally rather have drugs than decent food. And if you think that’s crazy, it is. But it’s true. And you would know that it’s true if you have visited a college campus recently.

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