Conservative Ann Coulter Slams Trump/ More ‘Warming’ Baloney was a longtime fan of columnist Ann Coulter.

No more. Coulter has turned on president Trump. Once one of Trump’s biggest supporters, The Hill website reports:

Conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter late Tuesday accused President Trump of being an “ignoramus” who is “not giving us what he promised” during a stinging attack at Columbia University.

The former pro-Trump writer lambasted the president over a perceived failure to deliver on key immigration promises in comments reported by The Daily Beast.

“I knew he was a shallow, lazy ignoramus, and I didn’t care,” Coulter told the audience, which was largely comprised of College Republicans, according to the news outlet.

If this is true then Coulter is the biggest ignoramus by a mile. Just a few months ago she was the biggest Trump supporter in America. Today she has done a 180. This is really disturbing, but hey, she’s just a media person. They do this stuff all the time.

Has Coulter ever run for office? Beat all the odds and gotten elected like Trump? Sought to govern with her own party against her?

No. Has she ever built a real estate empire like Trump? No.

Had a nice family like Trump?

No. She is childless and unmarried. believes that spinster Coulter is secretly envious of Trump’s family and of Ivanka Trump’s growing power. has seen this game many times. A public commentator like Coulter sticks his/her finger in the air and decides that there is more to gain by supporting Politician A over Politician B. And Coulter may now see it in her interest to become anti-Trump so that she can build a new career on CNN or some other liberal outlet. also believes that there could be something much deeper at work. These are my theories about why Coulter has turned on the president:

*Somebody has damaging information on Coulter and she is being blackmailed. Here is one possibility: Coulter has been involved in a years-long friendship (she says it is not romantic) with a 1970s TV star named Jimmie Walker (famous for saying “Dy-no-MITE!”), who is black and who is 70 years old.

Does Walker have damaging information on Coulter? A sex tape, perhaps? A secret recording? A personal scandal? Could Walker have been used by left-wing forces specifically to compromise Coulter?

Could be… Walker comes out of Hollywood.

*Coulter is setting herself up for a Liberal Media conversion. Perhaps she sees being liberal as more lucrative than being conservative. So she’s going for the money. She knows that Trump will only be president until 2021 or 2025. She is looking beyond that.

*Coulter has suffered some type of nervous breakdown. The media hatred of president Trump has gotten to her.

*Coulter is being paid by someone like George Soros to turn on Trump, maybe in the millions.

*Coulter is addicted to instant gratification. As a political commentator you simply state what you wish for and it is supposed to magically happen. You don’t have to deal with reality like president Trump has to do.

This is why Coulter thinks that the border wall should already be built and that we should already have 10 million new jobs and 9 conservatives on the Supreme Court. Because that is what she dreams of in her instant gratification world.

The real world does not work that way. Change takes time. President Trump has instituted more conservative change in 14 months than any other president including Ronald Reagan. He is working hard on the border wall but is being obstructed by his own party.

*Or finally Ann Coulter is just a fickle female. She was The World’s Biggest Trump Supporter and now she is running away after the president has been in office just 14 months.

This is like the frightened soldier who waves the flag of surrender as soon as the battle turns ugly. It shows a lack of courage, maturity and stamina.

When I see Coulter pontificating from now on I will turn the channel. I’ll look for a real leader like president Trump, someone who is in the trenches and making many good things happen.

President Trump is seeking to undo decades of damage to our nation, to our economy, to our American pride. He has made a great start. If Coulter thinks she can do better then she should run for office. But she never will. It is too much work and risk for Snowflake Ann.

Now here is a second commentary:

Very Cold ‘Global Warming’

The Northeastern United States started out April very cold and even snowy. This comes after we had the most frigid Christmas and New Year’s period in memory, and the first half of March produced up to 3 feet of snow.

Boy, this “global warming” is really getting to be too much!

Friends, ‘global’ warming should mean that the whole “globe” is warm. It is not. Over the last 20 years, as the bleating of ‘warming’ alarmists has increased geometrically in volume, the world has seen record cold and snow from Hawaii to New Orleans to the Middle East. Northeast Winters have been generally brutal.

At the same time several ‘warming’ expeditions to the polar regions have been stopped by sea ice, even in Summer. Here is just one example of many from July 2016 from The Daily Caller:

A group of adventurers, sailors, pilots and climate scientists that recently started a journey around the North Pole in an effort to show the lack of ice, has been blocked from further travels by ice.

The Polar Ocean Challenge is taking a two month journey that will see them go from Bristol, Alaska, to Norway, then to Russia through the North East passage, back to Alaska through the North West passage, to Greenland and then ultimately back to Bristol. Their objective, as laid out by their website, was to demonstrate “that the Arctic sea ice coverage shrinks back so far now in the summer months that sea that was permanently locked up now can allow passage through.”

There has been one small hiccup thus-far though: they are currently stuck in Murmansk, Russia because there is too much ice blocking the North East passage the team said didn’t exist in summer months, according to Real Climate Science.

You will never read about this in the liberal Fake News media.

It is important to know how these alarmists arrive at their conclusions, for instance that “the planet is experiencing record warmth.”

These people do not take millions of thermometer readings from all around the earth. There are not millions of thermometers across the oceans, the deserts, the wilderness and the mountains. No, these readings come from satellite measurements of surface temperatures that are then run through computers, making the so-called “computer models” that we hear so much about.

And we know that a “computer model” can be altered significantly and even dramatically at the click of a mouse and that even small inaccuracies or alterations can mean huge differences in interpretation.

We rational people need to continue to call out the ‘climate’ alarmists over and over for this ‘junk science’.

Naturally every ‘solution’ to ‘warming’ has a big, giant government program behind it, like subsidized windmills or solar panels or billions in handouts for ‘climate’ research. No surprise there.

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