Liberals Try to ‘Solve’ Problems that are Not Solvable

First here is an amazing quote from Fox News about top Democrat Nancy Pelosi:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi put forth a new idea for border security, arguing that “mowing the grass” in some areas could be sufficient instead of building a wall.

In an interview with the Arizona Republic Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she “is not the biggest advocate” for President Trump’s long-promised wall as part of a negotiation on a fix for Dreamers.

“Let’s talk about where a more serious structure might be necessary, where fencing will do or mowing the grass so people can’t be smuggled through the grass,” she proposed, also mentioning adding levees, technology and personnel to enhance border security.

Yes, let’s mow the grass… That will keep millions of illegal immigrants out.

This is crazy talk… This is why Trump was elected. Now here is today’s main commentary:

A guy named Elon Musk founded the Tesla car company in 2003 to produce electric cars. This company has absorbed more than $5 billion in federal subsidies to build cars that are extremely inefficient and that few people want. The only people who buy Teslas are wealthy ‘green’ elites who want to look ‘cool’. The car is also subsidized at the point of sale.

Musk has yet to earn a profit from his firm. Without subsidies Tesla would have folded years ago. Tesla also owns Solar City which is a solar panel installation company that also relies on subsidies from taxpayers and from electricity ratepayers for its very existence.

Now Musk has started the Boring Company which is going to bore tunnels for transportation. Musk said that he wants to dig highway tunnels under Los Angeles to alleviate the nation’s worst traffic congestion. The liberal media are in thrall of Musk and this is no surprise. He is a wealthy liberal who pushes all the right “green” buttons.

These tunnels won’t work. A tunnel is vastly more expensive than building a new road on the surface and once a tunnel is dug it will quickly fill up with traffic.

The longer and wider the tunnel is the more it is going to cost. The cheapest and best solution would be not to try and “solve” every single problem including LA traffic but to accept some problems as far too expensive to “solve”.

Therein lies the crux of the matter. Liberals think that every problem has to be “solved” and lo and behold their ‘solution’ is always a taxpayer-funded project, like an expensive tunnel.

This is nonsense. There are certain problems that cannot be solved economically. The reason that we have traffic jams in our cities is because tens of millions of people prefer to live in cities and suburbs and they need to get around. They accept the traffic or they leave the city. These jams then get worse at the rush hours when everyone needs to get to work or go home.

It is just the way things are. We can’t change the clocks and we can’t make people move out of the cities. They often “solve” the problem themselves, naturally, by moving elsewhere.

But the liberals sure keep trying to “solve” everything. They throw boatloads of cash every year at expensive “light rail” trolley and commuter train projects that end up doing little or nothing to alleviate traffic but that suck billions out of taxpayers’ pockets. Or they propose to dig tunnels. Or they propose “high-speed” intercity passenger trains that turn out to be financial boondoggles like the one in California. Here is a commentary on that subject.

It gets worse. Musk is now talking about building a ‘hyperloop’ transit system, a giant tube that will blast passengers hundreds or thousands of miles across the land at 600 MPH in special capsules.

This all sounds very exciting but the first thing that comes to mind is that jetliners fly at 550 MPH and we already have them and they work perfectly well and have for decades. So why do we need the ‘hyperloop’ and the billions or tens of billions or hundreds of billions of dollars that we would need to build it? Along with all of the environmental disruption to build the ‘hyperloop’ infrastructure?

We don’t, but since the ‘hyperloop’ is being proposed by an oil-hating, climate alarmist like Musk and will certainly consume endless mountains of taxpayer cash, the media are behind it. At the same time the media and the ‘greenies’ totally ignore the airlines since they are a private-sector success story. In fact they seem to spend every minute possible criticizing the airlines.

These liberals never stop imagining a utopia that ultimately produces the opposite effect of what they propose. You may have heard about or even observed in your city or town something that is referred to as a “road diet” which is a lane reduction or road reconfiguration wherein the number of travel lanes for cars and trucks is reduced or the width of the road is reduced, ostensibly in order to “solve” a problem.

In many parts of the country there are wide bicycle lanes being painted on the roads, reducing the car lanes from two to one and snarling traffic. In many locales drivers are up in arms since the “solution” ignores the huge number of cars in favor of a tiny number of bicyclists.

Then we are supposed to think that this is a wonderful “green” idea that will encourage more commuters to ride their bicycles to work and reduce air pollution.

If you look at who is behind this particular “road diet”, however, you see the truth. It is these increasingly vocal bicycle activists doddering along on their ten speeders and creating hazards for themselves and for motorists every foot of the way.

One Los Angeles “road diet” in the town of Playa del Rey was imposed to encourage bicycles, reduce air pollution and cut down car accidents and deaths. But the accidents and deaths multiplied while at the same time the “diet” has increased traffic jams and caused more air pollution from slow-moving and stopped cars, i.e., the ‘solution’ is much worse than the original “problem”.

Meanwhile the proportion of people riding bicycles has remained extremely low in comparison to the number of cars. But it is amazing how much money, time, media attention, publicity and political energy get devoted to this “minority group” – in this case bicyclists. In short the whole world is turned upside down for their benefit like we have done for many other ‘minorities’.

This, friends, is just another way that the ‘greenies’ get us to spend more and more of our money for things that we do not need.

These bicyclists are awful. The professional ones on the $5,000 bicycles with the spandex outfits are absolutely the worst. They act as if they own the road. They sometimes even ride side-by-side as if car traffic does not matter. They cause car accidents by forcing motorists to swerve out around them (it almost happened to Most motorists detest them. But wouldn’t you know it – bicyclists are virtually always ‘greenies’ who think that they are saving the world.

Here are two more examples of how the liberals try to “save” us with their ideas. These are examples in the county in western Massachusetts where is located:

Liberals have been trying for decades to get passenger train service restored between my county and New York City, 150 miles away. There is no demand for such a service. There already are four different ways to get to the City while intercity bus service to the City, which has been around for almost a century, has been cut from four trips a day to two for lack of riders.

But the train zealots keep pushing with promises that this train will produce $1 billion in economic growth for the economically distressed county. They also claim that the train would carry up to 2 million riders per year.

Nonsense. estimates that this train would produce zero economic growth; would carry a maximum of 35,000 passengers per year; and then would actually cost the towns, county and state hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies to build and operate, i.e., a net economic negative.

Here’s another story about the same county:

We have a very expensive taxpayer-subsidized public bus system that runs 6 days a week and 80 hours a week. It goes to every town on a regular schedule. The buses are new and clean but the system has few riders, probably about 1% of the county population or less.

Only low-income people without cars ride the buses, and the buses often run with low passenger loads or empty. This system is very wasteful in both energy consumption per passenger moved, and for taxpayers.

Wealthy environmentalists who are hysterical about saving energy never ride the buses. Yet now some county politicians want to expand the bus schedule to night hours that will waste more money and energy to move even fewer people. estimates that it costs federal, state and local taxpayers $25 or more in subsidy every time a passenger boards a county bus, while the fares for riders can be less than $1. (Every time an Amtrak passenger boards a train he/she gets almost $50 in federal subsidy along with many state subsidies.)

So you wonder: If these vocal environmentalists will not use an efficient mass transit system right in their own midst like these buses why should we expand their ideas nationwide with high-speed trains or tunnels or bicycle lanes or a ‘hyperloop’? Or any of their other crazy ideas?

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