Trump Hatred has Become Mass Hysteria

A conservative commentator recently claimed that he had a private conversation (in a grocery store(!?)) with a Republican congressman in which the congressman ruthlessly criticized president Trump.

The commentator writes about the unnamed congressman who allegedly said:

“If we’re going to lose because of (Trump), we might as well impeach the motherf**ker,” said the congressman as we roamed the aisles of a Safeway grocery store together. … The congressman did not want to be seen with me on Capitol Hill. He needed to get some stuff anyway and decided he’d let me walk with him through the cereal and dairy selections at the Safeway near my hotel.

And on and on, followed by various other insults about president Trump.

This is the daily routine. It is all a form of mass hysteria against Trump that is being whipped up by the Fake News media and by other anti-Trumpers including Republicans and conservatives, like the commentator who wrote the article. This commentator also hated Mitt Romney and anyone else who is not a doctrinaire, puritanical conservative.

Yet president Trump is our most effective conservative/Republican leader since Ronald Reagan. He is truly reforming our nation for the better.

Many of us remember the Democrat/media hatred of Nixon and of Ronald Reagan and of George W. Bush. This hatred of Trump outdoes them all; it really has reached a whole new level of mass hysteria and vitriol.

This is precisely what is intended. Liberal newspapers, cable TV channels and websites virtually never say one single positive thing about Trump. Letters to the editor are never-ending rants against the president. This intentionally creates a highly toxic environment, which liberals have always embraced as a political tool.

Meanwhile in just his first year president Trump has improved the economy, cut taxes, got tough on our foreign adversaries like North Korea and China, curbed illegal immigration, appointed many conservative judges and beefed up our military. And he is just getting started.

Liberals fear Trump precisely for these reasons since he is an effective leader whom they cannot rattle or knock off of his feet like they are used to doing to weak-kneed Republicans. That is why they want to totally destroy him instead.

Interestingly the most accurate poll of the last 10 years, the Rasmussen poll, puts president Trump’s approval number at 50% or more. This is causing great alarm among liberals. This is higher than Rasmussen polled for Obama 14 months into his presidency.

Oh, sure, Trump is highly unorthodox and sometimes creates his own problems. But he is becoming more settled and more presidential in his routine.

This mass hysteria is very dangerous. It is the type of mania that dictatorships generate to suppress adversaries. It has no place in America.

We all have personally witnessed unhinged rage against the president. There is no rational debate with these emotional people. This is what is driving the historic wedge in American politics like none of us remembers from the past. This is their fault, not ours. Trump won a perfectly legitimate election.

The hysteria has resulted in a reported 200 physical attacks on Trump supporters, three murders of Trump supporters, various types of vandalism at Trump properties along with other assaults on Republicans including the notorious baseball game attack of June 2017, which believes was a conspiracy.

Again, this all has no place in America. President Trump ran a masterful campaign and beat all the odds. He won fair and square and should be respected for that. Liberals should accept his presidency, but they never will. Their whole modus operandi is to never admit Trump’s legitimacy and to goad their most extreme followers to act on that premise.

We are a nation of laws and these laws apply to elections. You can’t endlessly protest an election that you legitimately lost, as Hillary Clinton is doing. You must accept it. We conservatives do. We detested Obama but we did not go crazy after his election. We organized and won back the US House, US Senate and the White House.

The Mueller investigation also is part of the anti-Trump frenzy. In short, liberals are using every force in the government and the media to bring down Trump. This is being called a slow-motion “coup”, but predicts that it will backfire, that it is synthetic and thus can never succeed.

Look at this story from Fox News to see a different and more subtle way that this hysteria is being fomented:

Backing the Republican Party’s tax law could have been one of the worst votes of his career, retiring U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., reportedly said after a Congressional Budget Office estimate released Tuesday showed the bill will add $1.9 trillion to deficits over a decade.

Thus we have a Trump-hating Republican US senator fretting over a tax-cut bill that all Republicans should embrace. He is saying this specifically to harm president Trump.

Second, even allegedly “conservative” Fox News reports that the bill will add $1.9 trillion to the deficits over a decade. This is intended to damage Trump, yet it is false.

Tax cuts historically have produced economic growth and returns to the treasury to make up for and usually surpass the revenue lost in tax rate reductions. Reported Investor’s Business Daily:

When the Congressional Budget Office released its updated budget forecast, everyone focused on the deficit number. But buried in the report was the CBO’s tacit admission that it vastly overestimated the cost of the Trump tax cuts, because it didn’t account for the strong economic growth they would generate.

… In any case, the CBO now expects GDP to be $6.1 trillion bigger by 2027 than it did before the tax cuts.

The CBO report also makes clear that this faster-growing economy will offset most of the costs of the Trump tax cuts.

CBO is a pro-government, anti-conservative and anti-Trump outfit. It would never admit that Ronald Reagan cut top tax rates by 60% yet revenues to the Treasury increased 91% over 8 years contrary to anything that would have been predicted by CBO or anyone else except people like who have actually studied economics.

Throughout world history low-tax economies have thrived and high-tax economies have foundered.

Added up, this is all misinformation and disinformation being put out to harm the president. On the other hand the caterwauling Democrats, who are still in a rage about Trump winning the presidency fair and square, have been stealing elections for decades with virtually no protest whatsoever from Republicans. Here are some examples:

*President Lyndon Johnson is widely perceived to have used fraud to win his first election in 1948 to the US Senate from Texas.

*The presidential election of 1960 was stolen for Democrat John F. Kennedy by his wealthy father. Everyone knew it and knows it. Republican Richard Nixon accepted the outcome even though he knew he had been cheated. Nixon came back again in 1968 and won the White House.

*Al Gore used every dirty trick to try and win the presidency in 2000. He even had more than 1,000 overseas military ballots in Florida disqualified on the slightest of technicalities.

*Disgraced former Minnesota US senator Al Franken is believed to have won his first and highly contested election to the US Senate in 2008 through fraud. He finally won by only 312 votes out of 2.8 million votes cast.

*Long-serving Republican US senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was convicted on bogus charges right before his 2008 re-election bid. Stevens lost by a slim margin and the charges were thrown out a few months later.

*The US Senate race in 2002 in South Dakota and the 2004 gubernatorial race in Washington state both were won by Democrats under very suspicious circumstances.

Did we conservatives go into mass hysteria about these elections?

No, but perhaps we should have.

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