Syrian War Explained/ Internet Giants Brazenly Discriminate

Here are some facts about Syria to help you understand the war there, which can be very confusing:

*The United States opposes the Syrian government since Syria hates Israel. But the US recognizes that extremist muslim forces could take over Syria if the current government falls. The US would prefer a more democratic government but that is not going to happen at this time.

*Syrian president Bashar al-Assad comes from a family that has controlled Syria since 1971. The al-Assad family has kept Syria stable in a very brutal and unstable region of the world.

*The US has military forces on the ground in Syria to help destroy the ISIS terrorists although the US has primarily used air power to wipe out ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

*Syria has harbored anti-Israel terrorists for decades.

*The Syrian civil war started in 2011. It consisted of anti-Assad rebels seeking to overthrow the government, but later was joined by ISIS terrorists from Iraq.

*Assad is a strongman and could be called a dictator but he is secular, not muslim. Syria is 86% muslim. Assad today is aligned with Russia and Iran against the ISIS terrorists who had gained power over large parts of Syria before Trump went into action.

*ISIS is an Iraq-based terror group aligned with the former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein who was a sunni muslim. ISIS formed after Hussein was deposed and executed.

ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. ISIS gained power only after Obama pulled US military forces out of Iraq in December 2011, sending that nation into chaos and leaving a “power vacuum” which ISIS exploited. ISIS grew in Iraq and then moved into Syria where it hoped to defeat Assad in an alliance with other anti-Assad forces.

*Some reports claim that the recent poison gas attack was staged by ISIS rebels to make the Assad government look bad. Since the attack, has wondered why Assad would do it after Trump slammed Syria with 49 cruise missiles after the gas attack in 2017. It does not make sense.

*Assad has a reputation for protecting the 2 million Christians in Syria who worshipped openly and peacefully before the civil war, which began in 2011 and intensified in 2015 with ISIS. Christians make up 11% of the Syrian population. Many Christians hold high government posts in Syria.

*Christians have lived in Syria since early in the 4th century, 250 years before the prophet Mohammed even was born. Christians were first called “Christians” in Antioch in Syria.

*There are still parts of Syria that are unaffected by the war, including Christian areas. Syria’s Christians generally have a much higher standard of living than the nation’s muslims.

*Iran is allied with Syria since Iran wants to help wipe out ISIS. Iran is shia muslim, a group that opposes ISIS which is sunni muslim. Iran also hates Israel, which fits in with Assad’s position.

*Syria, which is about the size of the US state of Missouri, is a poor nation of 17 million people. Its per-person wealth is reported at less than $4,000, or less than 8% of the per person wealth of the US.

Internet Discrimination is Allowed… Why?

After hearing congressional testimony from Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, comes away with one question:

How can these internet giants like Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter blatantly discriminate against conservatives? Why are they not held to account by the federal government?

Said the founder of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell:

“This is the emerging of the greatest censorship of free speech worldwide in the history of man. Now, let me explain this, the left is on a jihad against conservative thought. It’s happening in academia, entertainment, business, religion, everywhere.” ‘

“Now, they’re going to the social media giants. These social media giants have audiences in the billions. And what we’ve shown in this massive report, is whether it’s Facebook, or Twitter, or Google, or YouTube, they’re all employing different tactics to go against conservatives.”

To understand the issue, imagine if there was a nationwide retail chain called Gizmo. Imagine it had 5,000 stores and was very successful. Imagine the CEO saying right up front, “I will not hire any blacks, gays, hispanics or muslims to work in my stores…”

And imagine the owner defending his hiring practices by saying that Gizmo is a private company and is therefore free to conduct his business as he sees fit, as the internet giants are saying about their companies.

The federal government would crack down on Gizmo like a ton of bricks, you can rest assured.

Yet where is the federal government outrage and action over known discrimination against conservatives among the internet giants? How can these internet firms offer their services to all but say right up front that there are certain people – conservatives – who will be censored and blocked? And get away with it?

Good question. This goes to the heart of the gaping double standard that we see in America every single day. For instance colleges discriminate against conservatives routinely.

We have seen examples of conservative and Republican groups being discriminated against and even physically attacked on college campuses. Conservative speakers are not being allowed to appear without a riot or other disruption. Shouldn’t this bring a federal intervention?

Of course it should. These colleges should be fined $100,000 per day that they do not restrain the radical leftists who are doing the attacking. And if the attacks continue then the colleges should be taken over by federal officials and the administrators fired. All federal and state funds to the colleges then should be shut off until significant reforms are made.

Imagine, on the other hand, if a college said that no blacks, gays or muslims could speak out and that white vigilante groups were being allowed to attack the blacks, gays and muslims. The federal government would be there in less than 10 seconds.

Increasing numbers of colleges have established courses decrying white people for their “privilege”. Why? Isn’t this a way of selecting out one group of people for criticism but allowing other groups to get away with their own types of “privilege” like blacks getting huge social and economic ‘privilege’ through affirmative action?

White people and conservatives have built the most prosperous, free and economically vibrant societies in the world in Europe and the US. Whites have developed all of the technology that the world operates on today. Whites and conservatives should be embraced, not ostracized.

Chance for Another GOP US Senate Pickup from Democrats

There is a chance that yet another Democrat US Senate seat could go Republican in 2018 in a contest that was totally unexpected just six months ago.

Democrat US senator Al Franken of Minnesota, first elected in a very close election in 2008 in which fraud was suspected, resigned from the Senate in January 2018 after charges that he had groped several women.

His seat was filled by Democrat Minnesota lieutenant governor Tina Smith who was appointed by Democrat governor Mark Dayton.

Smith will not get a free ride to serve out Franken’s second term, which would have ended in January 2021. There will be a special election for Smith’s seat in November 2018.

Republicans could pick up this seat. While Minnesota has become a somewhat liberal state because of its large urban population in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Republicans do have a strong presence in the largely rural farm state.

Former Republican governor Tim Pawlenty, who was popular and who ran for president in the GOP primaries of 2012, is seen as the leading candidate to challenge Smith. If Pawlenty wins that would be a huge bonus for Republicans in the November US Senate elections in which they are expected to do very well anyway.

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