‘Porn Media’ have Spawned Millions of Child Abusers

There is a disturbing video on YouTube about Playboy magazine, founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953. Playboy and the concept of ‘sexual freedom’ exploded onto the American consciousness in the 1950s and 1960s. During the 1960s the video reports that sex abuse of children by males under the age of 18 skyrocketed.

This would be no surprise. During those decades and after Playboy and its even more pornographic cohorts like Hustler, Penthouse and others featured literally thousands of cartoons depicting the abuse, sexual abuse, rape and even murder of children by adults.

One cartoon shown in the video depicts an older male having sex with his own young daughter. Another depicts a male dressed as Santa Claus who had just shot dead a small child who is pictured on the floor full of bullet holes and surrounded by a puddle of blood. There are others that won’t be discussed here.

This trash included an ongoing cartoon series called ‘Chester the Molester’ which was the monthly product of a creep named Dwaine Tinsley who eventually was accused of rape by his own daughter and convicted, but the conviction was overturned on a technicality.

This is why we have so much child sex abuse today and even child kidnapping and torture and murder. And while this certainly has been around for millennia it got very bad in the 1960s and since.

When Nikitas3.com was a little kid in the 1950s I walked to school every day, often alone, sometimes up to two miles, without a second thought. All kids did it. No child would do that today, however. No child would go down the street without supervision.

So when liberals decry the 1950s as a bad time it indeed was a bad time – for perverts, that is. In the 1950s American children were not widely available to be raped or to perform sex acts or to be photographed, nor were sex acts with children laughed at in national publications. An adult who preyed on children in the 1950s might have been beaten up or worse by the father of a victim, or by a neighbor. That acted as a strong deterrent to the behavior.

Today it is a different story. Today on the internet endless child pornographic images and worse are available in the privacy of the home. This is leading to the spread of deviant sexual psychosis. Stories like this from Fox News are now commonplace:

A Massachusetts hockey coach accused of sexually abusing several children, including a 6-year-old, is being held without bail.

Or this from The New York Daily News:

A menacing Bronx man, due to welcome his grandchild this May, instead battered and buried his pregnant daughter in a fatal fight over money, sources told the Daily News.

Or this from Fox:

A Chicago man was charged with murder Thursday for allegedly slitting the throat of his 2-year-old son to the point of “near decapitation,” authorities said.

Or this from Breitbart News:

A West Texas middle school janitor stands accused of soliciting, “grooming,” and sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl and attempting to entice another.

Or this from Fox News:

A father and daughter were arrested Tuesday in Florida after allegedly being caught having sex in their backyard, according to reports.

Or this from Fox News:

An Oklahoma judge who faced widespread criticism for letting a church camp rapist walk away with only probation earlier this year has let other child rapists avoid prison as well, according to a new report.

Marshall County District Judge Wallace Coppedge has agreed seven other times to send sex offenders home without prison sentences during his seven years behind the bench, The Oklahoman reported, citing court records.

Look at this from WJZ in Baltimore about a Secret Service agent:

An employee for the United States Secret Service who lives in Maryland has been arrested on child porn charges.

52-year-old Jeffrey Litteral faces charges of possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, possession of obscene material, and distribution of obscene material.

These stories are common along with sexualized images of children and young girls in advertising and even in mainstream movies like Pretty Baby of 1978, starring 13-year-old Brooke Shields. But that was an “arty” film by an “arty” Hollywood director named Louis Malle and so it was excused.

One of the most notorious abusers was Jimmy Savile at the BBC in Britain. He molested kids for decades and allegedly nobody knew about it, but that surely is false. At the left-wing BBC we can just imagine many employees either knowing about it or being part of it. Savile, now dead, even was a good friend of Prince Charles.

And who could forget the “Catholic church sex abuse scandal” which was almost exclusively the work of a few hundred homosexual priests abusing tens of thousands of young boys that then was covered up by church officials, some of whom also were certainly homosexuals and abusers.

Indeed things changed in the 1960s and it all came out of the so-called “sexual revolution”. And while that “revolution” gave pleasure to tens of millions, it was much worse than a zero-sum game. It destroyed the safety and security of many millions more, including children, and it has spread vast amounts of physical and emotional pain to its victims.

Thus Hugh Hefner and his magazine, long passed off as innocuous talismans of a “progressing” culture under the guise of ‘free speech’, were in fact helping to degrade our society beyond recognition. The suffering of millions of abused children is one of the great catastrophes of our time.

But still the left persists. Today it is those on the anything-goes Democrat left who are openly seeking to decriminalize child pornography and lower the age of sexual consent. A famous TV star recently committed suicide after he was found with thousands of child porn images on his computer and was headed to jail. This is no surprise. Hollywood and the entertainment industry appear to be hotbeds of child sex abuse but we still know little about it.

Thus it is no surprise that the porn industry, which is 100% Democrat and liberal, has for decades marginalized and ignored any concerns about child sex abuse.

Hefner came under the spell of Alfred Kinsey, a bisexual/atheist researcher who wrote about human sexuality. Kinsey was the person who first issued the propaganda that “10% of America is gay” when that figure is probably somewhere between 1% and 2%.

Hefner was embraced by the liberals of the 1950s and 1960s for claiming that sex is good anytime. This sounds innocuous but it has had devastating consequences on our society. In other words such egregious types of pleasure, like that from sex and drugs, also can produce vast amounts of pain.

There has been a massive toll on human health in heterosexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) like gonorrhea, chlamidya, herpes, syphilis, hepatitis and others, which often lead to serious medical problems and even cancer and death. Women are by far the most negatively affected victims but this fact is conveniently ignored by feminists.

There has been wide emotional devastation caused by adultery and other forms of betrayal through promiscuity, along with unplanned pregnancies. Or the emotional pain that tens of millions of women have felt after getting abortions. Or the devastating toll of AIDS on homosexuals.

Question: How many homosexual males do you think have died of AIDS since the disease first emerged in 1981? Take your best guess. The answer is at the end of this commentary.

The truth is buried so as to never expose the health crises of the sexual promiscuity advocated by liberals since the 1960s and 1970s when pornography and abortion were legitimized and legalized and the Hays Code – which voluntarily demanded decency in the movies – was abandoned in Hollywood.

But then when conservatives have urged us to avoid these images and ideas, they have been mocked as “old fashioned”.

Answer to the AIDS question: According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 700,000 gay males have died of AIDS since 1981. If this figure were extrapolated throughout the whole American population, it could equal 65 MILLION dead. Thus 700,000 dead is a proportionately massive toll among the small gay community. Nikitas3.com knows all about this. My gay cousin died a gruesome death at age 39 from AIDS in 1996 after years of suffering. He was a rising executive at a top New York bank and lost it all.

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