Debunked Russia Collusion Fable Will Impact 2018 Elections

The allegations about president Trump’s collusion with Russia are collapsing like a house of cards. They are being discussed less and less just as talk of Trump’s impeachment also has largely disappeared from the public discourse. has called this Russia story a hoax from Day One. was correct again by going against everything that the Fake News media ‘experts’ were claiming.

The latest blow to the Trump Haters is fired FBI director James Comey whose book and then his memos about his meetings with president Trump were supposed to contain the ‘silver bullet’ that was supposed to break Trump’s back.

They haven’t. There has been nothing. And now even many partisan Democrat hacks are admitting that there is no evidence, never mind proof, of Trump-Russia collusion.

We even have seen top Deep Stater and deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein admitting that president Trump is not a target of special counsel Robert Mueller.

This whole thing is actually backfiring on the Democrats and on the Deep State. Mueller is being exposed as a political shill on a “fishing expedition” and will go down in history as such. If this ‘super prosecutor’ had anything solid on Trump he certainly would have shown something about it by now.

Meanwhile top Deep State players – and not president Trump – including Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr and Tony Podesta have demoted or dethroned as the Russia probe boomerangs. Now even Comey himself is on the hot seat. Fox News reports:

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog reportedly is looking into memos containing classified information that James Comey gave to a friend last year, putting the former FBI boss in the crosshairs of a probe just as his former deputy faces the possibility of a criminal investigation over a separate leak.

The Wall Street Journal reported that at least two of those Comey memos had material now deemed classified, prompting the inspector general investigation.

This backfire on the Deep State is picking up speed. Expect much more.

This whole deal harkens back to the old adage that you should never lie, and that lying always catches up to you and bites you hard in the long run.

This brazen Russia fabrication is going to manifest itself in another way in that Trump’s alleged guilt has been “baked in” to the 2018 elections. In other words tens of millions of Americans assume that Trump is guilty and they were planning to vote next November based on that assumption. This has led the media to predict a ‘blue wave’ of Democrat victories.

Not so fast. As Americans realize the truth there is not only going to be a surge in support for Trump and thus for Republicans but a backlash against Democrats. predicts that Republicans will hold the US House and make gains in the US Senate in the 2018 mid-terms.

Already many top Democrats have been warning their party to back off the Russia story when seeking election or re-election. We have seen Democrat poll numbers tumbling and president Trump’s job approval numbers at 50% or even more in the most reliable poll of the last decade, the Rasmussen poll.

50% is a great number anytime, but especially considering the media trashing that Trump has been exposed to every minute of every day since he announced his candidacy in June 2015. And this 50% number came even as the Russia allegations were still considered legitimate. When they are fully debunked Trump’s approval could go to 60%.

Now Democrats running for election or for re-election this coming November will have to seek to totally cover up the vastly improving economy and president Trump’s foreign policy victories vis-à-vis China, North Korea, ISIS, trade, etc., issues that have vexed America for many years.

This whole fiasco is also going to reflect negatively on Democrats for decades to come. Just as Democrats have pointed to Nixon and the petty Watergate scandal as talismans of illegal Republican behavior we conservatives now are going to have this Russia-Trump story to remind us of the treachery of the Democrats.

Who could forget the fake ‘Steele dossier’ that alleged that president Trump hired prostitutes in Moscow to urinate on a hotel bed. This is totally outrageous. Rational people understand the truth. Evil, ignorant and malicious people deny it.

And as the story unfolds don’t forget that the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton and her cronies are going to come under the microscope.

If you don’t know how this is going to happen then you have not been listening to and watching Sean Hannity who has been talking about this story in great detail for the last year, along with investigative reporters like Sara Carter, Jon Solomon and others.

Through their malfeasance with the Clinton Foundation, the Uranium One scandal, Hillary’s emails and more, we finally may have the legal ammunition to go after Bill and Hillary.

Since the Clintons first appeared on the national scene in 1991 they have been seen as shady, dishonest and unlawful. But they always had their political allies to cover for them. No more.

Meanwhile Democrats had assumed that Trump would have folded and resigned after just a few months in office. Well, Trump is still standing and it is the Democrats and Deep Staters who are going down. This will be quite a story in the history books.

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