Capitalism is the Solution to all Environmental Challenges

Today, Sunday, April 22 is ‘earth day’ which has been recognized since 1970. It just so happens that the first ‘earth day’ coincided with the birth of Vladimir Lenin, the genocidal, communist dictator of Russia, born precisely 100 years before on April 22, 1870.

This is no surprise. Environmentalism and communism are all wrapped up in a neat package.

And no, not all of environmentalism is communism, but once you lift up the rug, they both represent extreme government power. Every single ‘solution’ to any alleged environmental ‘problem’ involves government control, according to modern-day ‘greens’.

Yet government solutions do not solve the problem. The free market solves the problem. For instance, look at this from The Daily Caller:

Anti-fracking activists, who worry about climate change on Earth Day, should remember the (increase) in natural gas production is helping to reduce the emissions some believe are causing global warming.

Carbon dioxide emissions have declined more than 13 percent between 2005 and 2016, when natural gas began toppling other fossil fuels as the top form of energy, according to Energy Information Administration (EIA) data. EPA data also show other pollutants have dropped during that time-span.

Natural gas is largely responsible for the aforementioned reductions, the EIA and International Energy Agency (IEA) argue.

OK, so this is just one example out of dozens. Mankind has gone from burning wood to coal to oil to natural gas. Each fuel is progressively more efficient and cleaner per unit of energy output.

And don’t believe the ‘green’ narrative that “the world is running out of oil”. They said this on the first earth day in 1970, yet the world has massively bigger oil reserves than ever and oil today is much easier to find and extract than it was back then. American oil and natural gas production have skyrocketed over the last decade to levels not seen since the 1970s.

Two of the leading factors in the increase have been “directional drilling” and “fracking”, two oil-industry practices (i.e., free-market capitalism) that make energy extraction hugely more efficient than it was. You can look them up in your search engine if you do not know how they work.

These were free-market innovations. They did not require government subsidies. They came out of experience and common sense. The Daily Caller also reports:

United States greenhouse gas emissions, meanwhile, have dropped by 1,022 million tons, putting them significantly lower than their peak in 2007. Carbon emissions have also dropped sharply in 47 states and Washington, D.C. The trend was especially pronounced in states that moved from coal to natural gas.

Fracking for natural gas is responsible for almost 20 percent of the decline in Carbon emissions, while solar power is responsible for a mere one percent of the decline, studies show. For every ton of CO2 solar power reduced, fracking cut 13 tons. Prominent environmentalists continue to crusade against hydraulic fracturing, even as data shows natural gas leads to reduced emissions contributing to climate change.

So there you go. In other words, the advanced practices of the natural gas industry like ‘fracking’ and directional drilling have solved the problems that the environmentalists claim are killing the planet.

This can be extended across the board. For instance, nuclear power plants reduce air pollution emissions to zero while providing abundant electricity at low cost. Taxpayer-subsidized windmills also reduce emissions to zero while ruining the landscape and producing small amounts of power every inefficiently and expensively, and with high rates of failure. calculates that it requires 2,000 to 3,000 giant 400-foot-tall windmills to replace one single nuclear reactor. Does that make sense? Do we want windmills everywhere we look, on every mountaintop?

No. And wouldn’t there be decades of proof that nuclear power plant workers had high rates of cancer if nuclear power was so dangerous? Yes. Is there any evidence whatsoever that this is true? No.

Millions of US military personnel have served on and around nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines over many decades, yet there is no evidence that these personnel have any higher cancer rate than anywhere else.

But before we go overboard, we must consider what “greenhouse gas” emissions are. They refer to carbon dioxide which has been a natural element in the atmosphere since the beginning of time. But suddenly the ‘greenies’ claim that it is a dangerous pollutant.

This is crazy. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant and there is no proof whatsoever that CO2 causes changes in the climate.

The climate has been shifting naturally since the beginning of time. We have seen long and short period of hot and cold climate over the last 2,000 years, even in periods before the burning of oil, coal and natural gas and the subsequent release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The fact is that we can solve all of our environmental problems overnight without one single new law. Here is how:

Every person in the world who votes liberal, Democrat or socialist, and thus who certainly supports the ‘green’ agenda, should cut their own personal energy consumption by 50%. This would cure every environmental challenge that the world has today from air pollution to the need for more fuel. has calculated that ‘greenies’ use much more discretionary energy than everyone else. After all, who flies to Alaska to go backpacking; to Peru to watch birds; to Nepal to go trekking?

It is almost always liberals who support the ‘green’ agenda, that’s who.

Who has left mountains of trash and dead bodies on place like Mount Everest and hundreds of other pristine peaks?

Environmentalists have. They are the ones who are obsessed with these places.

Finally look at this from The Daily Caller:

Environmental activist and self-proclaimed Earth Day co-founder Ira Einhorn had a dark side. Einhorn was found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend and stuffing her “composted” body inside a trunk, NBC News reported in 2011.

After five years of being together, Helen Maddux broke up with Einhorn. Enraged, he threatened to throw Maddux’s belongings onto the street if she didn’t come by to get them. She went to Einhorn’s apartment to retrieve them on Sept. 9, 1977, but was never seen again.

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