What Does it Mean to be a ‘Republican’? A ‘Democrat’?

(This is a multi-part commentary covering a variety of issues.)

We hear the terms “Republican” and “Democrat” over and over, but what do they really mean?

A ‘Republican’ obviously represents someone who is an adherent of the Republican party, or of conservative causes.

But it really refers to a “republic” or a “republican” form of government in which elected officials do the political work of the people. A ‘republic’ is the most durable and stable form of government.

The United States is not a “democracy”. It is a Constitutional republic.

On the other hand a ‘democracy’ is a system in which there are no elected representatives and every citizen has to vote routinely on the issues of the day. This idea was first developed in Athens in Ancient Greece.

‘Democracy’ (as represented by the word Democrat) functions with small groups of people, like a church or a club where the individual members vote on the issues. But after a certain size population, and with increasing numbers of issues facing the people, a ‘democracy’ cannot work.

Here is an example of a ‘democracy’: A town is trying to decide whether to build a new school. Rather than allowing the town council to decide, the town’s registered voters are asked to turn out and vote on the issue.

This is fine with a single issue or a few occasional issues. But then imagine that there is no elected town council and that the voters have to come out and vote on every issue like zoning, filling potholes, the town budget, repairs to the library, road paving, taxes, trash pickup, the mayor’s salary, etc. Vote, vote, vote. Every time, on every issue.

It would be chaos and when population numbers increase and issues multiply ‘democracy’ can easily turn into what is called “mob rule”, i.e., politicians and activists use the emotions of the moment to sway ‘mobs’ of voters every time they need to vote, particularly as the time for voting nears.

Look at how liberals are constantly staging mass protests. This is a type of ‘mob rule’ and Democrats love this stuff because they get to whip their followers into a frenzy about an issue rather than allowing them to think rationally about it.

Meanwhile you don’t see anywhere near this amount of protest or demonstration activity among conservatives and Republicans. It is not our style. We have a totally different approach to politics. We want order, not the chaos of “the mob”.

This is also why Democrats insistently seek to undermine elections, or the ‘republican’ form of governing. They demand early voting, anonymous online registration, online voting, same-day registration, no voter IDs required, lowering the voting age, illegal aliens voting, ballot box corruption, false ballot counts by corrupt voter registrars, etc. These tactics all get us away from an orderly system of elected officials and move us toward chaos and ‘mob rule’.

As an example of false ballot counts, here is a story from 2016: In the three-state vote recount after the 2016 presidential election 37% of the voting precincts in heavily-Democrat Detroit showed more ballots cast than there were registered voters in each precinct. If we extrapolate this across the whole nation we have millions of fraudulent votes.

Misleading ANWR Photo by ‘Green’ Media

The Hill, a website covering Washington, DC, reported recently:

The Trump administration is taking its first administrative step toward allowing oil and natural gas drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

The Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released a notice Thursday that it is starting the “scoping” process for an environmental review to examine the impact of leasing drilling rights to companies in ANWR’s 1.6 million-acre Coastal Plain.

The BLM will take public comments for 60 days and hold four meetings in Alaska to inform the public how it will conduct the environmental review, it said in the notice, which is set to be published Friday in the Federal Register.

The notice comes just four months after Congress voted to allow drilling in the federally owned ANWR for the first time.

The Hill posted a photo with this story showing majestic snow-capped mountains rising beyond sprawling green meadows, pine forests and a flowing river in order to suggest that this beautiful land was going to be spoiled by Trump and the oil companies. This type of photograph is commonly shown when the Fake News media discuss ANWR.

This is a totally deceptive photograph. The “coastal plain” area that is under consideration for drilling is less than 10% of ANWR. It is located on the far northern edge of ANWR on the coast of the frigid Beaufort Sea where temperatures go to 80 below in the Winter.

This coastal plain is flat as a table top. It has no trees, only ground-hugging scrub that is a few inches tall at most. There are no mountains anywhere nearby and the drilling site itself is only 2,000 acres out of 1.6 million acres in the Coastal Plain and 19 million total acres in ANWR.

This misleading photo shows how the media manipulate us about the environment. They also ignore the huge benefit that all Americans will get from the oil in ANWR (up to 10 billion barrels and probably much more).

Flying is Amazingly Safe

Here is an interesting statistic:

One news report said that the woman who was killed by the exploding engine on a New York to Dallas flight on April 17 was the first passenger killed in commercial travel in the US in five years.

This is amazing. US airlines have carried almost 4 billion domestic passengers in that period, with just this one single fatality.

This shows that American ingenuity and private enterprise can always do the job.

Incompetent Florida Sheriff Hopefully Will Lose his Job

The Daily Caller reports:

The Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association has scheduled a no-confidence vote for Sheriff Scott Israel over his behavior during the lead-up to and aftermath of the Parkland school shooting, union president Deputy Jeff Bell announced Friday.

The union is accusing Israel of “many instances of suspected malfeasance, misfeasance, failure to maintain fiduciary responsibility by the sheriff, failure to properly investigate possible criminal conduct by members of his senior command staff and the lack of leadership that has crushed morale throughout the agency.”

Israel’s stock skyrocketed in the initial aftermath of the shooting, highlighted by his appearance at CNN’s town hall with students and family from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, yet as more information became public about his department’s response, a clear pattern of at-the-least negligence on his part became clear.

The sheriff has resisted calls from nearly 100 Florida lawmakers to resign, and he refused to participate in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the shooting in March.

Let us hope that Israel loses his job. People like Israel are the reason why these tragic killings happened. Many law enforcement officials, including Israel, knew about this killer beforehand, and did nothing about him. They must pay a steep price. Others should be fired too.

Update from Fox News:

A union of deputies in Florida on Thursday announced it has “no confidence” in Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association said a symbolic vote among its members, initiated last week, indicated 534 of 628 officers in the union voted they had no confidence in the sheriff.

The association, a chapter of the International Union of Police Associations, cited the national criticism surrounding Israel and his office following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14.


Robert De Niro is a Total Hypocrite

Breitbart News reports:

Actor Robert De Niro kicked off the 17th annual Tribeca Film Festival Wednesday with a fiery speech, in which he applauded reporters as “saviors” and called President Donald Trump a “madman.”

“The country has had a bad year, and you — the press – have taken a lot of hits. America is being run by a madman who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it came inside a bucket of his beloved Colonel Sanders Fried Chicken,” De Niro continued. … “Your job is difficult enough without being attacked by our Lowlife-in-Chief,” he said.

And on and on. De Niro is out of control with his insults against Trump. So let’s look at De Niro himself:

He has amassed his fame and fortune as an actor over many decades portraying violent, uneducated and perverted thugs and killers in films like Mean Streets, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Casino and a movie called Heat.

He should look at his own debased public image before he criticizes anyone else. He has been a role model for dissolution and evil.

And yes, these movies definitely influence the viewing public. The Columbine high school killers were acting out a film called Natural Born Killers by director Oliver Stone. There have been more than a dozen documented crimes linked to NBK and certainly many more that we do not know about.

This surely applies to hundreds of other famously violent Hollywood films, including those starring De Niro. The notorious North Hollywood bank shootout of 1997 and other crimes were inspired by Heat. Here is how Wikipedia describes Heat:

The explicit nature of several of the film’s scenes was cited as the model of a spate of robberies since its release. This included armored car robberies in South Africa, Colombia, Denmark and Norway and most famously the 1997 North Hollywood shootout, in which Larry Phillips, Jr. and Emil Mătăsăreanu robbed the North Hollywood branch of the Bank of America and, similarly to the film, were confronted by the Los Angeles Police Department as they left the bank. Phillips did have a copy of the movie (Heat) where he lived. This shootout is considered one of the longest and bloodiest events of its type in American police history. Both robbers were killed, and eleven police officers and seven civilians were injured during the shootout. Heat was widely referenced during the coverage of the shootout.

Robert De Niro should shut his big mouth about Donald Trump and look at his own life. But he never will because he is a self-absorbed leftist and actor who thinks that he is above it all and could not possibly be contributing to the corrosive nature of American life, to which he is contributing mightily.

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