Democrats Terrified that Trump Will Win Nobel Peace Prize

Democrats’ worst nightmare is coming true. Not only is president Trump succeeding in myriad ways on domestic and international issues, but there are chants at his rallies of “Nobel! Nobel!” referring to Trump possibly being awarded the Nobel peace prize. Even the president of South Korea has supported the idea, as have many US Republicans and conservatives including

President Trump should get the prize for inducing North Korea into giving up its nuclear weapons. If this actually happens it will be great for the world, and the prospects look very good right now. Hundreds of millions of people throughout Asia are thrilled with the prospect and they respect Trump for his boldness.

Ironically president Trump may get peace by threatening war. He threatened to “totally destroy North Korea” if it continued to provoke the world with its nuclear missile program. This taunt frightened poverty-stricken and technologically-backward North Korea into negotiations. Trump’s “peace through strength” strategy worked like a charm.

Imagine president Trump campaigning before a massive campaign crowd in, say, Wisconsin in 2020 saying, “I fixed the economy, crushed ISIS terrorists, got rid of nuclear weapons in North Korea, deported tens of thousands of vicious criminal illegal aliens, and, oh, by the way… did I mention that I won the Nobel peace prize!”

You can just see him doing this in his tongue-in-cheek way. And loving it. The cheers and applause would not stop for 10 minutes. And the president would be a shoo-in for re-election.

That, friends, is why special counsel Robert Mueller is pulling out every stop to get any dirt possible on Trump to sully his image. But even that is backfiring. Increasing numbers of Americans see the Mueller probe as a ‘fishing expedition’ that is producing no results and is going further and further afield in a desperate attempt to harm the president.

Even the Fake News media are getting nervous about the Nobel prize. Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank sought to besmirch the prize itself by saying that one of the former winners, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, presided over the downfall of his country into poverty and violence.

This comes after socialists worldwide slobbered over Mandela for decades but Milbank is correct. Since South Africa overthrew its white government the nation has spiraled down into misery and lawlessness under the communist rule of Mandela’s black African National Congress.

One editorial cartoon sought to demonize the prize by pointing out that Palestinian terrorist leader Yasser Arafat won it in 1994 (jointly with Israeli prime ministers Shimon Peres and Yitzakh Rabin (both liberals)) for appearing on the brink of “solving” the Middle East political crisis, although no real solution ever happened.

So suddenly for liberals the Nobel peace prize is no big deal just like president Trump fixing the economy is no big deal, or wiping out ISIS is no big deal. Or all of the other great things that Trump has done.

Amazing, isn’t it? These are the people who have worshipped the Nobel prize for decades. Imagine their shock and confusion if North Korea disarms. It will be delicious to watch.

Not only should president Trump win the prize but the prize should be given posthumously to Republican president Ronald Reagan who established the conditions leading to the downfall of the communist Soviet Union in 1991, starting with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

The fall of the Soviets, without a shot being fired in anger, was easily one of the greatest foreign policy triumphs in American history. For decades presidents and intellectuals considered it an impossible feat.

Reagan did it by being tough and calling out the “evil empire” in the Soviet Union while building up the American military, including our advanced technology, to confront the communists with a military force that they could never match (the US economy today, at $21 trillion annual GDP, is 16 times the size of the Russian economy).

Reagan did not play patty-cake over the Berlin Wall. He stood on the “free” side of the wall in West Berlin in 1987 and called out rhetorically to the Soviet leader, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Reagan even had been strongly advised not to make such an aggressive statement.

Meanwhile Democrat president John F. Kennedy stood before the same wall in 1962 and played nice. He only said to the crowd “I am a Berliner!” in order to appear sympathetic to the plight of the East Berliners behind the wall.

Liberals swooned but this statement was part of decades of cowardly appeasement of evil that allowed the Soviet Union to remain standing under the genocide and starvation of tens of millions of its people and its rotting economy.

Then who could forget the Nobel committee giving the peace prize to Barack Obama in 2009 after Obama had been in office just a few months and had accomplished nothing. That was the zenith of the Nobel prize becoming a joke. On the other hand Trump would win the prize for a truly historic accomplishment.

Liberals believe fervently in style over substance and so the Nobel prize is very important to their folklore. There is no liberal that has not dreamed of winning the prize. Al Gore even won it in 2007 for his phony ‘global warming’ theory. But what did that have to do with “peace” anyway?

Nothing at all. Meanwhile president Trump surely never even thought about the prize. He only thought about succeeding in getting North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons for the good of the world. The Nobel prize would be icing on the cake.

There is an old saying that if you want something too badly then you will not get it or that it will not turn out as you had planned if you do get it. And the converse is true, that if you do not wish for something but act for altruistic reasons that it may come to pass. Like Trump winning the Nobel prize.

How true. How true.

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