Tax Cuts are Already Working/ Marijuana Frenzy is Growing

First, congratulations to president Trump for his bold move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, the historic capital of the Jewish state and the Jewish people. It was refreshing to see the opening ceremony, and the dignity and grace of the participants including the US ambassador to Israel David Friedman, formerly a Long Island lawyer, and Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

This success shows a president who is becoming more and more ‘presidential’ every day. predicts that Donald Trump will be re-elected easily in 2020 as his political stature grows.

Now here are today’s main editorials:

CNS News reports:

The federal government collected a record $2,007,451,000,000 in total taxes through the first seven months of fiscal 2018 (October through April)… according to the Monthly Treasury Statement.

The record total federal taxes collected during this period also included a record $1,050,601,000,000 in individual income taxes—marking the earliest in any fiscal year that individual income taxes have topped $1 trillion.

… In fiscal 2017, the federal government collected $1,976,241,980,000 (in constant April 2018 dollars) in total taxes in October through April.

OK, so the federal government took in $31.2 billion more in total taxes in the first seven months of fiscal 2018 over 2017 including the period January to April 2018 in which big tax cuts kicked in. It also took in at least $50 billion more in income taxes.

Shouldn’t tax revenues to the government have fallen steeply if Democrats are correct in saying that tax cuts take money away from the government?

Theoretically yes, but Democrats refuse to acknowledge the truth, that tax cuts stimulate the economy and increase revenues to the government. And the amount of extra money that will flow to the government is going to grow over the years as the Trump tax cuts take long-term effect and multiply on themselves.

In the 1980s president Ronald Reagan cut tax rates on top earners by 60% but revenues to the government did not fall by 60%. They increased by a whopping 91% over just 7 years and set off an economic boom that lasted 25 years.

The Trump tax cuts already have produced three good things – a growing economy; they have provided taxpayers with a long-overdue reduction in their tax bills; and they have provided the government with more money. It’s amazing how that works, but perfectly understandable. It’s called capitalism.

Marijuana Frenzy is Growing

There is a pro-marijuana frenzy growing across our land. Increasing numbers of states and legitimate people, including national politicians, are jumping on the marijuana bandwagon.

The former Republican speaker of the US House John Boehner of Ohio has joined the board of a marijuana company. US Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer of New York is proposing to decriminalize marijuana on the federal level where it remains illegal. Republican US senator Cory Gardner of Colorado is a big marijuana advocate after his state legalized recreational marijuana in 2014.

This is all bad news but then again this is how bad things become institutionalized. They start out small, with two states legalizing marijuana, and then they grow and become accepted by more and more people. Look at this from Fox News for proof:

Residents in nearly a half-dozen states could vote this fall on legalizing recreational marijuana, as the push to loosen pot laws spreads despite a tough-on-drugs message from the current Justice Department.

Michigan, Rhode Island and Connecticut are leading the conversation this election cycle on whether to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Pro-pot advocates are organizing in those states in hopes of getting a legalization measure on the ballot.

Similar efforts are underway in Illinois and Vermont, which has already legalized recreational use but could vote this year on green-lighting commercial sales. Other states are considering legislation.

If successful, they’d join the nine other states and Washington D.C., that have already legalized recreational use. totally opposes legal marijuana. Its use leads to lethargy, mental decay and psychosis. I know people personally who have been very badly affected by marijuana. Here is just one of hundreds of observations, from

Marijuana also affects brain development. When people begin using marijuana as teenagers, the drug may impair thinking, memory, and learning functions and affect how the brain builds connections between the areas necessary for these functions. Researchers are still studying how long marijuana’s effects last and whether some changes may be permanent.

For example, a study from New Zealand conducted in part by researchers at Duke University showed that people who started smoking marijuana heavily in their teens and had an ongoing marijuana use disorder lost an average of 8 IQ points between ages 13 and 38. The lost mental abilities didn’t fully return in those who quit marijuana as adults. Those who started smoking marijuana as adults didn’t show notable IQ declines.

In short, if you actively support marijuana legalization than you are supporting great harm to millions of Americans. It is no different than cigarette smoking or drunkenness.

Advocates claim that marijuana is “better than alcohol” and less destructive. That is false. Alcohol has been legal for thousands of years and you can drink alcohol sparingly or moderately and feel no effect, little effect or a modest effect. Yet one single puff of today’s super-powerful marijuana makes you feel the equivalent of being totally drunk. It is not for social consumption. It is to get “high”.

Marijuana also is a “gateway” drug that leads to harder illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin. Anyone who lived through the 1960s and 1970s knows that this is true despite denials by the pro-marijuana movement.

And you can rest assured that once that marijuana is legal that there are going to be calls to legalize cocaine, heroin and every other type of drug. It already is happening.

Marijuana also leads to accidents, like car crashes, as mental acuity declines under the influence. was acquainted with a successful businessman with a wonderful family who died in an accident in 2017. believes that he was “high” on marijuana at the time since he was a lifelong marijuana addict. Look at this shocker from USAToday:

Former National Basketball Association player Kenyon Martin, the No. 1 pick in the 2000 draft, said in an interview… that he believes “85% of the league” smoked marijuana during his career.

Former tight end Martellus Bennett thought the number was even higher in the National Football League, where injuries and physical pain are more prevalent.

“I want to say about 89% (of the NFL used marijuana),” Bennett told Bleacher Report in a separate interview among former NFL players.

If marijuana is increasingly legalized and these players start smoking it out in the open, then marijuana use among kids is going to skyrocket. It already is doing so as kids say, “It’s legal in some states (or in my state) and I am going to smoke it when I grow up. Why not start now?” This leads kids straight to marijuana addiction, which is very real.

Friends, we do not need another addictive vice in our society. Opium destroyed China. Cocaine has ruined millions of lives. Opioids are wrecking America. Alcohol abuse is a disaster. And we have no idea how much damage marijuana has done since the media have never covered the issue. But that damage has been astronomical, you can be sure.

We need to have a sober society if we ever want to address our many social and economic woes. Fox News reports:

Cannabis (marijuana) remains illegal under federal law, but under the Obama administration states were given the leeway to make their own legislative decisions on marijuana use.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions pulled back on that guidance in January, but Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner has since said President Trump has offered assurances legal-pot states will be protected.

If true then this is a big black eye for Trump who personally opposes alcohol and illegal drugs. He should veto any effort to make marijuana legal on the federal level. Fox News continues:

While tensions between the states and Washington rise and fall, pro-legalization groups continue to face opposition from critics who warn that loosening drug laws is not the right move.

“We’re concerned that we’re moving in a direction that’s going to have a very negative societal impact on homes, on young people, on driving, crime — all those types of things that have a normal impact from alcohol or drug abuse is going to be accelerated with the legalization of marijuana,” said Mike Griffin, public affairs director of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.

This is true. Good for Griffin. There is nothing good about being ‘high’. So who wants legal marijuana and why?

Democrats have always been the ardent advocates of marijuana. Democrats have wanted voters stoned and apathetic and easy to manipulate, as they have since liberals starting advocating marijuana in the 1960s.

Most marijuana smokers today are liberals and leftists like college kids, urban kids, slackers, ‘hippies’, political rioters, etc., along with millions of college professors, doctors, architects, nurses, insurance agents, professional athletes, carpenters, etc. Many fewer conservatives smoke it.

Liberals are virtually exclusively the growers and dealers of marijuana and get rich on it. This is another big reason that Democrats want legalization. Democrats also want to tax marijuana and get taxpayer money from it to spend and empower themselves. They also have suggested that urban blacks can become economically independent as marijuana dealers. What an insult.

Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum even tweeted.

“Legalization of marijuana is a civil rights & economic issue — and Florida deserves a Governor who isn’t afraid to say so”

This is ridiculous. After all marijuana makes you ‘high’. That is no way to advance civil rights or economic rights. Ask any employer: Would you rather have an employee who is “high” on marijuana all the time, or one who is sober all the time? The answer is predictable. Is a person more likely to succeed when ‘high’ or when sober? The answer is obvious.

There is a big difference that should be noted between “de-criminalizing” marijuana – removing the legal penalties – and “legalizing” it, meaning for instance that it can be grown commercially, sold in stores, advertised in the media, etc.

Currently, however, the federal law against marijuana prevents marijuana businesses from accessing banking institutions. This is a major problem for the marijuana industry. Let us hope that it continues.

Meanwhile environmentalists, who are generally pro-marijuana leftists, have been casually ignoring facts like these that Chriss W. Street wrote about at Breitbart News:

The California water supply is suffering serious degradation from the 99 percent of unlicensed marijuana cultivators that remain unlicensed to avoid taxes and environmental regulation.

California’s voter-approved Proposition 64 legalization of recreational marijuana initiative stated the law’s “purpose and intent” was to establish goals to “prevent illegal production or distribution of marijuana” through licensing to eliminate known environmental degradation of water resources due to uncontrolled wasteful use; pesticides; fertilizers; erosion; irrigation runoff; petroleum and other chemicals; trash and human waste.

California’s temperate climate supports over 50,000 outdoor marijuana farms in almost every area of the state, but it is mostly concentrated in the three Northwestern California counties Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity that are known as the Emerald Triangle.

But despite legalization (since January 2018), 99 percent outdoor farms remain unlicensed and the number of farms is growing rapidly. Unlicensed and illegal Emerald Triangle marijuana farmers are especially attracted to the area due to its isolated nature, vast amounts of unused forest land and plenty of river and spring water.

The authoritative peer-reviewed, ‘Impacts of Surface Water Diversions for Marijuana Cultivation’ published in the POLS ONE journal, estimated that marijuana cultivation in the Emerald Triangle has the potential to cause a 23 percent reduction of stream flow during the driest periods of the year. Such diminished streamflow is likely to lethal to salmon, steelhead trout and cause “further decline of sensitive amphibian species.”

The Nature Conservancy senior freshwater ecologist Jennifer Carah told the Water Education Foundation that illegal marijuana cultivation across California imperils fish and human drinking and agricultural water quality and supply: “The unpermitted forest clear-cutting and road construction can dramatically increase erosion, which can cause large amounts of sediment to flow down into streams, causing water quality problems.”

This is yet another destructive issue regarding marijuana. Here’s one more from ABC News:

This picturesque coastal town cradled by mountains and sandy shores is a scene out of a Southern California postcard. Residents of Carpinteria say they feel lucky to live in what they consider a slice of paradise.

But change is in the air. And sometimes, they say, it stinks.

That’s because marijuana has become a new crop of choice in the farmlands surrounding this tight-knit community of 14,000, which has long helped fuel the U.S. cut flower industry.

Residents say a thick, skunk-like odor from the marijuana plants settles over the valley in the evenings and before dawn. To keep out the stench, they have tried stuffing pillows under doors, lighting incense and shutting windows, a reluctant choice since it also keeps out the cool ocean breezes that are part of the town’s allure.

“We don’t want a marijuana smell,” said Xave Saragosa, a 73-year-old retired sheriff’s deputy who was born and raised in the town and lives near a greenhouse that grows marijuana. “We want fresh air.”

Saragosa said the odor pervades his hillside home at night and keeps his wife up coughing.

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