Why Kids are Depressed/ ‘Blue Wave’ Narrative Collapsing

The son of American TV actor David Labrava killed himself recently at age 16. Here is the story from The Daily Mail in Britain:

The actor, 55, posted several pictures of himself with his son to Instagram Thursday along with a heartbreaking message.

‘Never in a million tears would I think I would be posting this,’ Labrava wrote. ‘This is my boy Tycho. He took his life a couple of days ago at 16 years old.’

He went on: ‘He suffered from a depression we couldnt see because he was a happy young kid. Communicate with your loved ones, there might not be any signs. Cherish them. I am broken.’

Now here is Wikipedia talking about David Labrava who acted in and consulted on a TV series called Sons of Anarchy:

David M. Labrava (born October 19, 1962) is an actor, writer, tattoo artist, member of the Hells Angels and motorcycle enthusiast best known for playing Happy in the FX series Sons of Anarchy.

Sons of Anarchy was a series about a motorcycle gang. David Labrava served as a technical adviser for the show and also played one of the main characters, Happy Lowman, the club’s assassin.

OK, so why did Tycho Labrava commit suicide?

The answer is easy if you put yourself in the Tycho’s position. Here are some of the issues:

*His father was most likely Tycho’s leading role model in life. In his father Tycho saw a motorcycle gang member who has probably been involved in many types of crime and drug abuse and who plays an assassin on TV. David Labrava may have even killed people in the real world.

Thus Nikitas3.com would expect Tycho Labrava to be depressed and shrouded in darkness. And we don’t even know how bad the father really was, or what other influences might have affected Tycho like Hells Angels visiting his house, drug use by his father, illegal activities in the house, a bad mother, bad language, anger, alcohol, abuse, etc.

*Perhaps Tycho Labrava listened to demonic rock music, a product of the hard-left entertainment industry, that for decades has openly glamorized suicide, drugs, death, debauched behavior and even murder. Just look at how many rock musicians commit suicide or die from drugs or alcohol. Sympathy for the Devil is a Rolling Stones song. Kill ‘Em All is the name of an album by Metallica. These are very bad role models in popular culture. They cast a pall over kids’ lives.

*Tycho Labrava may have been a regular consumer of today’s powerful marijuana which has been legalized in California and is portrayed as “harmless fun”. This marijuana is known to cause severe mental problems among certain people yet it is still vociferously promoted by the Democrat left as it has been for decades.

This, friends, is what is going on all over the US. Kids are being knocked totally off balance. They have no stability in their lives. Their families are often mixed up, split up and broken, contravening the conservative model of the two-parent family with a stable mother and father.

*Many forces in popular culture today are suggesting that kids may want to change their sex. Or that it is bad to be a white person or a straight person.

No wonder tens of millions of kids are depressed and suicidal, particularly white kids. It is a phenomenon that is being cultivated by the socialist/communist left. Kids are torn down from within during their most fragile years. Their minds are corrupted. They see nothing good in life. They are taught to question their very existences.

*Environmentalism is a leading cause of kids’ depression. There are tens of millions of young people, and adults too, all around the world who think that planet earth is coming to an end. Nikitas3.com can talk about this from personal experience.

When I was in high school in 1970 the ‘green’ alarmism of the first “earth day” was everywhere. I became convinced that I would never live past the year 2000.

By college I had dismissed the fearmongering but millions of kids never do, and it is much more forceful today. These kids live in ‘green’ fear and depression every single day. Tycho Labrava could easily have been one of them.

‘Blue Wave’ Narrative Fading Away

The Fake News media have been promoting a ‘blue wave’ narrative for months, that Democrats are going to crush Republicans in the November 2018 mid-term elections.

But these are the same media skunks who said that Hillary Clinton was going to run away with the 2016 election without breaking a sweat.

Nikitas3.com has said over and over that Republicans are in good shape and predicts that they will hold majority control of the US House and increase their power in the US Senate by up to 9 seats in the November elections. And now even CNN is starting to admit that that may be correct.

First, two new polls are concurrently showing that the Democrat “generic ballot” advantage has shrunk significantly to just a few points from 15 points and more just a few months ago. This is to be expected since polls generally tighten as elections approach and voters start thinking more seriously about the issues and the candidates.

Voters also are acknowledging real successes from president Trump. Nikitas3.com believes that Trump is becoming more and more popular like Ronald Reagan did in his first term, and will win re-election easily in 2020 as Reagan did in 1984 by winning the electoral votes in 49 states(!) (The only state won by Reagan’s opponent Walter Mondale was Mondale’s home state of Minnesota.)

In the recent May 8 primaries Republicans turned out in large numbers in four key states, showing “enthusiasm” which is crucial to election victory in November.

President Trump is wisely urging his audiences to stay enthusiastic and to not get complacent. This is a great strategy and he is going to continue with it up until November 6.

CNN reports about the May 8 primaries:

Republican candidates who embraced President Trump and his “drain the swamp” message came out on top in key Senate and congressional races in West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina, setting the stage for a strong field of GOP candidates heading into the general election in November.

… If the party bolsters this resolve with a strong economy and significant presidential foreign policy advancements, the GOP will be on solid ground. The Democrats may still pick up some seats, but the anticipated Blue Wave will be more like an uphill battle.

Trump didn’t hold back in tweeting his approval Wednesday morning, saying, “The Republican Party had a great night. Tremendous voter energy and excitement, and all candidates have a chance of winning in November.”

As the economy continues to improve and as the president adds more foreign policy successes to his resume, like North Korea or the capture of five ISIS terror leaders or more friendly relations with China, then Republicans are going to do fine in November.

The percentage of voters who consider the economy to be the most important issue is very high, up to 84% and more in recent polls. That alone will elect Republicans and conservatives since president Trump has guided the economy to a strong recovery. Americans see this with their own eyes rather than hearing it as a campaign promise that may or may not be fulfilled in the future.

Trump has six months until November 6 to use the “bully pulpit” of the presidency to drive his successes home. And rest assured he will.

Americans also are getting sick and tired of this Mueller investigation and are seeing it as a “witch hunt”. When this probe fails to turn up anything on the president Republicans will see another spike in their support.

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