Nutty Nancy Pelosi Sees ‘Divinity’ in Bloodthirsty MS-13 Gang

Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi recently showed her insanity once again when she defended ultra-violent MS-13 gang members as having “the spark of divinity” somewhere in their souls. This is one of the most bizarre utterances in the history of American politics.

This proves once again that the Democrat party, even in its top leadership, is veering to the extremist fringe of political thinking.

Democrats have defended the worst among us for many decades. They have consistently sided with and apologized for criminals; blamed America for 9/11; given light sentences to evildoers, etc. They have waged a “war on cops” and twisted the justice system to favor bad people over good.

As an example, in 2017 a liberal Boston judge named Lisa Grant lowered the sentence to less than one year for an African immigrant who robbed a bank. If it had remained a one-year sentence – which is light for armed bank robbery anyway – the immigrant would have been deported, which Grant did not want.

After serving his time the immigrant murdered two Boston doctors.

Pelosi has taken the insanity up a notch. MS-13 is the most brutal gang in the history of America. They have infiltrated our nation through open borders favored by Democrats like Pelosi.

And then when they commit the most violent and despicable atrocities like decapitating their victims and mutilating their bodies, Nancy Pelosi has found a “spark of divinity” within them.

This is why evil is thriving and has thrived throughout history – because people who appear legitimate, like a congresswoman from California or a judge in Boston, allow it to happen by not reacting to it or even excusing it, overlooking it or apologizing for it.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News said that “by 2020, defending Central American street gangs will likely be a key plank in the Democratic platform.”

This sounds tongue in cheek, but it is not. It is already happening.

Texas School Attacked by Student Killer

We have now seen another school hit by a killer gunman, this time in Texas. And if we look into the killer we can get an indication what kind of person he was:

*He posted a ‘Born to Kill’ t-shirt on his web page.
*He posted a pentagram, which is a satanist image.
*He posted photos of guns and knives.
*He posted a photo of a coat with various nazi and communist symbols on it.
*He wore a long black trenchcoat to school every day. This was the same garb worn by the Columbine high school killers of 1999. It was an obvious reference to Columbine.

In other words he was another kid showing signs of being a potential school killer and nobody did anything about him. It will be interesting to see what else we find out about him. bets that we will get plenty more evidence foretelling his evil deed that did not emerge in the first 24 hours.

And where were his parents? They must have had some indication that he was going to do something bad.

But, hey, today, parents are not allowed to “judge” their children. No, starting in the 1960s the leftist radicals told us that kids know everything and that adults know nothing and that adults should keep their noses out of their “brilliant” childrens’ lives.

Now we can expect Nancy Pelosi to find a “spark of divinity” in the Texas killer’s life and to somehow blame the murders on president Trump in whom Pelosi will never, ever see any “spark of divinity”.

In fact, friends, it is the atmosphere surrounding the media and Democrats’ War on Trump that is leading indirectly to these school killings. After all thousands of screwball leftists say every day that the president should be killed. has heard it personally.

Meanwhile every word that the president utters is taken out of context or used against him to generate anger. When he recently, and rightly, called MS-13 gang members “animals”, the media used the quote to claim that he was referring to all immigrants, legal and illegal.

This is whipping millions of unstable Americans into a frenzy and is used to foment a general atmosphere of rage and hatred that includes these school killers.

When a violent thug from a small town in Illinois showed up at a congressional baseball practice game in Alexandria, Virginia in June 2017 and attempted to shoot dead all of the Republican congressmen in attendance, it was another example of how the left incites violence on every level against people with whom they disagree.

That shooter failed, and the story disappeared quickly from the media since the shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporter. But his action put ideas into the heads of millions of crazy people, that it is legitimate to take out your grievances with murder.

These school murders are going to continue until every American, most importantly Democrats and the media, starts to see evil for what it is rather than claiming that depraved people somehow have a “spark of divinity”.

To read a recent commentary called Gun Control Won’t Stop Violence – Here’s What Will, you can click here.

American Taxpayer Cash Going to Somalia, Possibly Even to Terrorists

The Gateway Pundit reports:

In the last year, more than $100 million in cash shoved into suitcases has been transported from St. Paul (Minnesota) International Airport to the Middle East and beyond in what many believe to be the worst welfare scam in Minnesota history.

Investigators believe Minnesota taxpayer money is being funneled to terrorists through this elaborate welfare scam.

Fox 9 even has video footage of kickbacks being given to middlemen in envelopes.

Fox 9 TV uncovered this scam and started tracking the mysterious new trend–carry-on luggage shoved with cash leaving St. Paul International Airport headed to the Middle East.

In one such incident, a man shoved $1 million cash into one suitcase; Fox 9 tracked over $100 million in one year with the same travel pattern.

Even worse, this money is coming from welfare fraud from the Somali community in Minnesota and the scam is known to authorities.

One investigator says the money is ending up in the hands of al-Shabaab terrorists in the Hawala region of Somalia.

… In 2015, investigators documented $14 million in carry on cash. By 2016, it had mushroomed to $84 million. Then last year, $100 million.

A trend all too familiar to former terrorism investigator Glen Kerns.

Fox 9 asked him how likely it is that some of the money is going towards terrorism?

“I say absolutely, our sources tell us that. Good sources, from the community leaders,” he said. “My personal opinion is we need a nationwide task force to clamp down on this type of fraud.”

OK, so we hear over and over that all Somalis and other muslim immigrants and asylum-seekers are good, hard-working people who want a better life. That is false. Many of them are coming here to escape the darkness of islamic oppression and poverty and they are scamming us in every way possible from welfare fraud to terrorism.

A Minneapolis police officer of Somalian descent brazenly murdered an innocent white woman while on duty in 2017. This officer came from a family of ten children that is living in Minnesota. calculates that this family has taken tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer handouts every single year.

One recent report said that US taxpayers dish out $135 billion annually to illegal immigrants. That is bad enough. It is more troubling that some of our money may be ending up in the hands of terrorists.

For decades illegal immigrants have been sending tens of billions of dollar every year back to their home countries in ‘remittances’ to support poor relatives, and even to help them come to the United States, including bad people.

This must stop. Much of these ‘remittances’ are welfare payments that are passed along. We must tax ‘remittances’ heavily in order to conserve our wealth so that we can assist needy Americans first and foremost. Period. End of story.

Another Reason that College Costs are Sky-high

Breitbart News reports:

New research into the University of Michigan reveals that the flagship institution’s diversity office has an $11 million payroll.

The research was conducted by American Enterprise Institute Scholar Mark J. Perry, who tweeted on Wednesday that the University of Michigan’s diversity office has approximately 100 staffers and a payroll of $11 million before benefits.

Breitbart News reported on Wednesday that the recently appointed Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at the public Ohio University will make almost $200,000 per year. Breitbart News reported in November 2016 that the University of Michigan’s chief diversity officer pulls in $385,000 annually, more than double that of the average diversity chief at other public universities around the country. The average annual salary for a chief diversity officer at a public university is a whopping $175,000.

This explains yet another reason why college costs are out of control.

These schools don’t need “diversity offices”. They need common sense.

What do “diversity chiefs” do anyway?

Well, that is a good question. And the answer is that they enforce policies that America was founded to prevent, i.e., using the government (U Michigan is state-funded and also receives large amounts of federal funds) to discriminate, primarily against men, whites and Asians who do well in college.

These “diversity offices” are using political power to decide who is ‘qualified’ to attend a university and who is not. And this “qualification” is not based on intelligence or grades or tests; it is based on skin color and gender.

It is ironic that blacks get the most preferential admissions in all of American university life. In other words, more blacks get college admissions with less qualifications than anyone else. They also then drop out at the highest rate.

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