NFL Team Owners are ‘Terrified’ of Trump, as They Should Be

Fox News reports:

There’s reportedly one big reason why the National Football League took sweeping action Wednesday in adopting a new national anthem policy prior to the start of the 2018 season.

And he resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington.

“Our league is f—–g terrified of Trump. We’re scared of him,” one unnamed source told Bleacher Reports as reaction to the plan poured in.

After a tumultuous 2017 season, which saw NFL attendance and TV ratings drop as President Trump and others criticized on-field protests by many of the league’s players, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced this week that the league would fine any team or league employee if they failed “to stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem.”

Trump came out in support of the NFL’s decision Thursday and blasted players who kneel during the anthem.

Liberals still don’t understand Trump or why he was elected and how he represents so many Americans. They also continue to think that America is a social experiment and that protesting football players are just another example of how we all must sit up and take notice of an issue even if we do not want to, like during a football game when the last thing we want is to be confronted about allegations of racism and inequality when the National Anthem is being sung.

These players should take their protests elsewhere. They should go on the internet or organize their protests back in their own neighborhoods. They are only harming themselves.

Now that the NFL is banning the protests you can expect the counter-protests to intensify. The activist players are very angry about the ban. Expect players to get very vocal between now and the football season. There already was a counter-protest against the ban outside of NFL headquarters the day after the ban was announced. Expect more.

Then as the football season starts things will get really ugly. You just watch.

Some of these black players would be dealing drugs on the street or working at the car wash if they didn’t have the NFL paying them millions. They even got into college because of their size and strength, not their intelligence. This isn’t the good old days of the ‘scholar-athlete’.

These protesting players also are ignoring the anger that tens of millions of whites feel toward blacks for all of the crime that blacks commit against whites, against white property and in their horrible overall behavior like the astronomical illegitimacy rate under which tens of millions of black children have been raised by white taxpayers. This suppressed white anger is playing heavily into resentment over the National Anthem protests.

These players are doubling down on the damage that they did to the NFL in the 2017 season. If we get another season of protest – and we will – then the NFL will suffer more and these players will have nobody to blame except themselves and the racial bomb throwers who are becoming more and more aggressive as time passes.

Who could forget the chief bomb thrower Al Sharpton who rose to national prominence in 1986 falsely accusing three white men of raping a black teenage girl…

A writer named Roxanne Jones has posted a commentary on about the National Anthem protests. Here are excerpts from Jones with a comment after each excerpt.

Jones writes: The NFL excels at many things: marketing, entertainment, making money. Their business model is an American success story built on the backs of the men, most of them black, who have and still do play the game. Sound familiar?

And without exception, what the league does best is contain and control its overwhelmingly black players’ workforce (70%) and at nearly every turn erase the humanity, identity, culture and even the full citizenship of those men. The browner – and richer – the league has become, the more steadfast team owners have been to limit the power and influence of their workers on the field, and off. comment: And if the NFL were just 50% black, Jones would be crying that blacks are being discriminated against and demand 70% or 90%. In other words you can’t win with these people. estimates that blacks have been given up to $75 TRILLION (yes, trillion with a ‘T’) in taxpayer handouts over the last 60 years. And they still aren’t satisfied.

Jones writes: This week, NFL owners walked into their annual meeting focused on quelling a player rebellion, ignited two years ago when one player, Colin Kaepernick, sat down during the National Anthem (he kneeled in later games) in silent protest of police brutality. Then, other players knelt, joined in the call for justice. They began sharing their own experiences with police brutality. And across the nation, the countless police killings of unarmed black and brown children, women and men continued. comment: Oh sure… “countless police killings of unarmed black and brown children, women and men”. Notice she says “children” and “women” first, in order to incite emotion over a false issue. This is how the bomb throwers work.

These people ignore blacks’ own sky-high crime rate not only against each other but against every other race. Here’s a story from Fox News that you can find every single day, about a black male attacking and killing a non-black, in this case an elderly Asian man:

An 87-year-old college professor died on Thursday, five days after he was savagely beaten for $300 at an ATM in New York City.

Young Kun Kim, a former political science and Asian studies professor who taught at Lehman College, was using an ATM in Upper Manhattan on Sunday afternoon when he was ambushed and punched in the head.

Kim’s attacker stole his money and fled the scene, while the professor was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was listed in “extremely critical condition” and placed on life support.

WANTED: Male, Black, 45-50 yr old, wearing blue cap with headphones for assaulting an 87 yr old male victim inside Citibank at 2650 Broadway on Sunday May 13th at approx. 4:50pm. Please help us ID him. Call 24 Pct’s Detective Squad at (212) 678-1863 with any information.

New York City police officers on Wednesday arrested 50-year-old Matthew Lee for the attack. Lee has been charged with robbery and assault. It is still unclear whether his charges will be upgraded following (Kim’s) death.

We all know that this is common but you can expect this story to never be mentioned again in the media, or maybe just once as a follow-up. But when the blacks protest some vague or statistically dubious charges such as so-called “inequality” or “racism” or police brutality against blacks, all of which are grossly exaggerated by the activists, the media coverage is wall to wall.

For instance, in Albany, New York a white couple allegedly smashed the car of a black female and her son and allegedly hurled racial slurs. This story was all over the news for days and you can be sure that this story will be in the news for months even though nobody was physically harmed. Contrast that with professor Kim’s tragic murder. Any rational human being would take the slurs any day.

Jones writes: The ruling is the latest example of how fearful the league is of players having a voice or thought that resonates beyond the playbook. The league forces players use their bodies and their famous faces to market products and services that make money for the game, from footwear to food and a host of other items. The league even identifies and controls acceptable social causes for players to support, such as breast cancer prevention, and how they can show that support.

But under no circumstances will these black men, these famous faces, be permitted to show compassion for their fellow citizens, to speak out against inequality in America.

The message is clear: there is no room for unsponsored social justice causes in the NFL. comment: Yes, just like there are no social justice causes at the symphony or the dog show or baseball game or the NASCAR races or the hockey game. Only the NFL. Thus if Jones and her cronies want to ruin the NFL, then so be it. And it is going to happen. You can already see it building to a major confrontation in the 2018 season. This will ruin the NFL.

Jones writes: As a young NFL editor for ESPN, I attended a few owners meetings. They were then, as now, a powerful group of mostly extremely conservative white men. And though reporters are allowed to attend some parts of the meetings, I remember how my colleagues all tiptoed around and used whispered tones when those powerful men walked by. comment: Jones should get Oprah Winfrey and other wealthy leftists to buy teams and let their players protest all they want. Jeff Bezos has $100 billion. Why doesn’t he start his own league? And allow all the protests that they want? And see what happens?

Jones writes: During the mid-1800s, as the slave population outnumbered the white population in many states, slave rebellion was a constant fear for slaveowners, who worried that revolts would destroy the lucrative plantation economy.

Some owners mandated harsh rules and extreme cruelty to keep slaves living in fear, too afraid to protest their conditions. Others, treated their human captives with a little more leniency, even gave them a few privileges, believing the slaves would be loyal to them and not revolt.

Today, with billions of dollars on the line for team owners, it’s difficult not to see parallels between the fear of revolt in the 19th century and the racial dynamics in the NFL. comment: Gimme a break, lady… What the heck are you smoking?

Jones writes: And while we’ve seen more black quarterbacks in the game in the past 15 years, there is still resistance to putting a brown face in the most prized position on the field – as Louisville star Lamar Jackson found recently when one NFL general manager insisted he switch positions from quarterback to wide receiver if he wanted to be drafted, a tactic that has historically been used to keeps blacks out of the quarterback spot. comment: Blacks will never be satisfied even when they get rich and famous. They will always find something, some detail, to complain about. They claim that they are still victims today yet watched a video of the Top 30 songs from way back in 1970 and 11 of the singers were black. So blacks are not being discriminated against at all. They have succeeded wildly in some fields like music and sports, and they are highly represented in government jobs.

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