Economy Thrived in May/ Democrats Fear Trump Success

The economy continues to expand under president Trump with 223,000 jobs created in May. At this rate Trump could create up to 24 million jobs by 2025, while calculates that Hillary would have created 14 million jobs by then.

If nothing bad happens between now and election day this coming November Republicans will do very well in 2018, maintaining control of the US House and increasing their numbers in the US Senate to as many as 60 seats, a “magic number” that would give the GOP almost unlimited power.

Manufacturing, mining and construction jobs also increased at a healthy rate in May, something that president Trump wanted to do. And with most Americans focused on the economy, things look good for the president and for the GOP.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

President Trump has been one of the most successful presidents ever. In just his first 16 months in office he has strengthened the economy, devastated ISIS in Iraq and Syria, cut taxes and regulations, deported large number of criminal illegals, improved relations with China, set up the process to hopefully de-nuclearize North Korea, appointed a conservative to the Supreme Court, and done many other positive things.

In other words this improbable outsider whom nobody thought could or would ever be president is getting major things done including things that the bureaucrats in Washington said could never be accomplished.

Trump got them done because he came out of the world of business where you need to get things done or you fail and fade away.

On the other hand the Washington bureaucracy, including federal government workers and the US House and US Senate, is famous for NOT getting things done. They sit around and talk, talk, talk in order to puff up their images in front of voters and get re-elected.

This is why they are so anxious to get rid of president Trump – because he is exposing them as feckless fools.

Rush Limbaugh often has said that many Washington politicians and hangers-on do not want to solve problems. They want the problems to persist so that they can act like they are fixing them, or at least are thinking about them and debating them. It is all a phony political show.

Take gun control. After the Parkland, Florida high school murders Democrats have been howling nationwide for new gun control laws, particularly at the federal level. Yet Democrats could have passed any gun control bill that they wanted during the period from May 2009 to January 2011 when they had majority control of the US House, the US Senate and the White House. They also controlled the Senate during that period with a 60-seat ‘supermajority’ that gave them virtually unlimited power.

But they did not pass strict gun control laws so that they could blame Republicans when a tragedy like the Parkland murders came up.

This, friends, is why politicians are increasingly despised. They have become like actors in a movie. They play their role and expect rewards (re-election, power, fame, money, lifetime employment, etc.) but nothing really gets done.

Take the tax reform/tax cut bill passed in December 2017, and the horrible behavior of senator John McCain. Rather than stay in Washington and vote on the bill McCain went back to Arizona, claiming that he was sick. His vote easily could have been the crucial vote to pass the bill, but still he left Washington even though his vote could have been done quickly in just a few hours.

Thus after all of his alleged military “heroism” McCain did not have the “heroism” to stay and insure passage of a critical vote. He didn’t care a whit about improving the economy for all Americans. The opportunistic McCain was too busy thinking about himself and trying to bring down a Trump policy since he hates Trump. This is how many politicians work and this is why so many of them are despised.

Look at the economy. Obama wondered whether candidate Trump was going to wave a “magic wand” to create jobs and fix the economy.

No, president Trump applied known, effective principles and has improved the economy significantly. This includes cutting taxes (which requires congressional approval) and scaling back regulations (which the president can do unilaterally since regulations are not laws and thus do not need congressional approval to pass them or cut them back).

Obama could have done both, but he did nothing. He knew that he then could portray the struggling economy as an insoluble problem that he and Democrats were “working on” if only Republicans would get on board.

Consider ISIS. Obama played softball with ISIS for years as if there was nothing he could do. On the other hand Trump bombed ISIS mercilessly just like he promised during the campaign. ISIS has been devastated in Iraq and Syria. The surviving fighters have largely gone home.

It was an easy task. Trump simply called on the most powerful military in the world to do it. And they did it with virtually zero US losses or casualties.

Look at North Korea. For decades American presidents have treated North Korea as an insoluble problem. Trump got the whole situation turned around by doing what other presidents would never do… he threatened to “totally destroy North Korea”. And voila, we will soon have negotiations to de-nuclearize North Korea.

This happened because Trump was eager to get the job done rather than talk about it politely. He contravened the standard Washington foreign-policy decorum of speaking like a gentleman.

This is all done to appease the Fake News media. They are leftists. They believe in style over substance, even when style accomplishes nothing whatsoever.

No, these media skunks are too busy talking about a phony Russia collusion story – which is fading away – and harassing the president every minute of every day over his style and over fabricated stories that are never proven like the charges against Ronny Jackson, who had served as Trump’s White House doctor.

They do not want to talk about president Trump’s successes, just as Democrats do not. But Americans are getting the news anyway. Trump’s approval rating is 51% in the latest Rasmussen poll, the most accurate poll of the last 10 years. That is because voters understand that Trump is being successful by refusing to play the Washington game which gets nothing done.

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