Immigration Fears Favor GOP/ Congress IT Scandal Set to Blow

John Binder at Breitbart News reports:

In the latest CBS News/YouGov poll, nearly 60 percent of white likely voters who see changes in their neighborhood from mass immigration said that immigration made their community “worse.” Only 15 percent of these voters said immigration has made American life “better.” These likely voters live in swing districts which could be swayed towards either the Republicans or Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections.

Likewise, the majority of swing voters in swing districts say immigration has been a detriment to their community, rather than a benefit, as immigration is often described by the political elite.

This news should be alarming… to Democrats, that is. Elections are often won by close margins. And as Democrats cede a significant number of ‘swing’ voters on the issue of immigration they will lose power in a major way. They already have. Trump won the presidency significantly on the issue of immigration.

The economy has been the most important issue to most voters, but that now is fading somewhat with the improved Trump economy becoming the norm. These voters are in Trump’s pocket. That means that voters are going to give increasing emphasis to other “unsolved” hot-button issues like immigration. This is bad news for open-borders Democrats.

Democrats think that everyone in the US wants open borders except for white people who voted for Trump. That is false. Breitbart also reports:

The same poll revealed that a plurality of black Americans in swing districts who say immigration has changed their neighborhoods believe that immigration is making life in America “worse” for them.

About 36 percent of black Americans said immigration has changed their communities and roughly 45 percent of those black Americans say the mass importation of mostly immigrants from Central America is making them worse off.

Thus American blacks, who are the most devoted Democrat voters, also have shown a high rate of discontent with immigration, particularly illegal immigrants who take jobs from blacks by working hard and for lower wages.

This is bad news for Democrats who cannot afford to lose black voters, even a few percent around the margins in close elections. Breitbart also reports:

Currently, the U.S. receives more than 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants every year, with more than 70 percent coming to the country through the process known as “chain migration,” whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S. In the next 20 years, the current U.S. legal immigration system is on track to import roughly 15 million new foreign-born voters. Between seven and eight million of those foreign-born voters will arrive in the U.S. through chain migration.

This shows why we must end ‘chain migration’ and illegal immigration, and even curb and closely track visitors’ visas since millions of visitors from poor nations who have come to the US on tourist visas never have returned to their home countries. They know that they don’t have much fear of being caught.

We cannot simply allow unlimited numbers of foreigners to enter the US, particularly when we have 50 million poor people in America, with the highest poverty rate in the most liberal state – California. As expected.

Meanwhile look at this from The Gateway Pundit about Trump job approval ratings, some of it based on his tough immigration policies:

According to the latest FOX News poll President Donald Trump has a better rating than Presidents Obama and Reagan at the same point in their presidencies.

President Trump’s approval is now at 45%. And that is with 90% negative coverage from the far left mainstream media.

President Trump – 45% President Obama – 44% President Reagan – 44%

Then remember these things:
*The most accurate poll of all, the Rasmussen poll, puts Trump approval at around 50%.
*Virtually all polls totally missed Trump’s 2016 election victory.
*Trump’s approval numbers will improve as election day approaches and voters start to think seriously about Trump and what he is achieving in “putting America first”.
*Both Reagan and Obama were easily re-elected with lower numbers than Trump.

Democrat Congressional Computer Scandal Set to Blow Up

The congressional computer scandal known as “the IT scandal” (information technology scandal) is about to blow sky high.

This scandal has been brewing for several years. It is described by Frank Miniter at Fox News this way:

The curious case of Imran Awan, which sounds like an international spy thriller, is entering its third act. Awan was a congressional IT (computer) aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., and he was finally fired just after he was arrested trying to fly to Pakistan last summer.

Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, were charged last summer with bank fraud. They now appear poised to strike a plea deal with the Department of Justice. A plea agreement hearing is set for July 3 before U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan in Washington, Fox News reported Wednesday.

As I’ve dug deep into this case for my book ‘Spies in Congress’ (out later this year), sources have made it clear that the bank fraud charges in this case, though very real, are just a way to hold the defendants.

Alleged theft of congressional equipment, massive data breaches of Congress members’ emails, likely espionage and more are all wrapped up in this case that involves data from 40 or more Democratic members of Congress.

Sources tell me that the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force has been looking into this matter since well before Awan and his crew of Pakistani congressional IT aides were booted off the House computer network in February 2017.

Sources also say that investigators were particularly interested in whether anyone else in the congressional offices that all of these IT aides worked for was involved in alleged improper activity. This might include Rep. Wasserman Schultz, who was the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair when she employed Awan. It might also include former Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., who employed Awan when Becerra was chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. Becerra is now California attorney general.

“The House Office of Inspector General tracked the Awans network usage and found that a massive amount of data was flowing from the (congressional) networks,” said Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa. “Over 5,700 logins by the five Awan associates were discovered on a single server within the House, the server of the Democratic Caucus Chairman, then Rep. Xavier Becerra of California. Up to 40 or more members of Congress had all of their data moved out their office servers and onto the Becerra server without their knowledge or consent.”

So there is something really big going on here. And as this case gets unwound it will get even bigger. Look at this from Fox if you want to see why suspicions are high:

Becerra left Congress in January 2017. Before he left, Capitol Police wanted a copy of the caucus server’s contents.

Becerra presumably told Imran Awan that Capitol Police wanted a copy of the server. What is known is that Awan did produce a copy of a server’s data for Capitol Police; however, after taking a look at the data they were provided, Capitol Police determined they were given a copy of data from some other server instead.

Very suspicious. It gets worse. Look at this:

Imran Awan was also going back to Pakistan for long stays and, in fact, at times worked remotely from Pakistan. This is where the case leads to possible espionage.

Meanwhile, court hearings on the alleged bank fraud Imran Awan and Hina Alvi have been charged with have been delayed again and again. The last hearing took place in October 2017.

… What’s on this computer we can only surmise, but it is clear that Wasserman Schultz wants the evidence kept out of court. She even publicly threatened the chief of the Capitol Police with “consequences” if the laptop wasn’t returned.

Here are 10 bullet points from The Daily Caller about the IT scandal:

1. Imran worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz since 2004 and had the passwords to her devices
2. During the 2016 election, the House’s Office of Inspector General warned that Imran and his family were making “unauthorized access” to data.
3. Despite the election-time rhetoric about hacking, the Awan group was left on the House computer network until February 2, 2017 — days after Donald Trump’s inauguration
4. Shortly after the IG reports came out in September 2016, the Caucus server — identified as prime evidence in the cybersecurity case — physically disappeared, according to Irving’s February 3 letter
5. Wasserman Schultz declined to fire Imran despite knowing he was suspected of cyber-security violations, even though she had just lost her job as DNC chair after its anemic handling of its data breach
6. After Imran was banned from the network, he left a laptop with the username RepDWS (Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) in a phone booth.
7. The FBI began surveilling the family but let Imran’s wife, Hina Alvi, leave the country.
8. Prosecutors arrested Imran at the airport after he began liquidating assets
9. Connections to foreign entities — a former business partner of Imran’s father says the father handed over a USB of data to a Pakistani official and that Imran claimed he power to ‘change the US president’
10. Nearly Imran’s entire family was on the House payroll at high salaries, despite most of them having no training in IT — Democrats failed to vet them

One More Example of FBI Corruption and Incompetence

The Washington Examiner reports:

An off-duty FBI agent shot a man in the leg by accident as he picked up a pistol he had dropped while performing a backflip at a downtown Denver nightclub early Saturday, police say.

Video obtained by Denver 7, an ABC affiliate, shows the gun fall out of his waistband holster as he performed the acrobatic feat on a dance floor, surrounded by onlookers. The gun discharged as he picked it up from the floor.

This is just another example of how corrupt and inept the FBI has become under the increasing control of the Deep State and the Democrats. It is shocking. We need the old-style FBI with serious people like J. Edgar Hoover at the top.

As Trump Soars, Soros Loses

Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper reports:

Liberal billionaire George Soros blamed the Trump administration for the current woes in society, adding that ‘everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.’

The 87-year-old, who frequently donates to the Clintons, did not mince his words and accused the President of being ‘willing to destroy the world.’

… Soros is still in shock that Trump won the election, something he didn’t see happening.

… Soros plans to spend roughly $15 million in the 2018 elections but has already faced some rejections as several of his bids for district attorneys in California lost their elections on Tuesday.

‘We ran into a brick wall in California,’ he added.

This is really good news. Soros is a very devious left-winger. He supports open borders, strict gun control at the expense of crime control, lenient judges, etc. So anything that makes Soros unhappy means that American decency is winning.

Soros has come to his conclusion after Trump has been in office only 500 days. This means that Trump has been a very successful president. In other words Soros would not be so publicly distraught if Trump were a dunderhead who got elected on a fluke and could not get anything done.

Soros knows that Trump is supremely effective and that Trump is going to continue to be effective. This is a growing realization on the left which is infuriated that Trump has not been impeached, something on which they were counting. They now are increasingly terrified that Trump will be re-elected in 2020 (which he will be, predicts

It is important to know how Soros got to be one of the wealthiest men in the world with an $8 billion net worth.

Soros has used speculative and manipulative economic tactics that are considered to be underhanded. Soros has gotten most of his wealth through currency speculation, which means that he and his staff sit in front of computer screens and bet on the buying and selling of international currencies for Soros’ own profit.

In other words Soros does not make products that we need like cars or steel or pharmaceuticals, or offer a service that we need like Home Depot or Shell gasoline stations.

No, Soros only makes money for himself and often does great damage in the process. Soros’ currency speculation has often turned into manipulation that has contributed to economic breakdowns like the Asian economic crisis of 1997. Soros is also called “the man who broke the Bank of England” with his tactics.

George Soros is really a communist. So when things go bad for Soros it is good for America.

No Surprise – Clergy Facing Rising Abuse in Britain

The Daily Telegraph website in Britain reports:

Growing secularisation is leading to an increase in violence and verbal abuse against Christian clergy, experts fear.

Priests told of experiences including discovering a witchcraft symbol sprayed on a church door and being followed home as academics launched a mass survey of priests to find out the scale of the problem.

There are also concerns that sex abuse scandals and a growing number of female clergy is contributing to a growth in threats and violence against priests.

… Four Church of England priests have been murdered since 1997 and a previous survey that looked at violence against clergy, published by Royal Holloway in 2000, found that 12 per cent of clergy had been assaulted in the previous two years.

Professor Jonathan Gabe at Royal Holloway’s School of Law said the survey was concerned about “the declining status of clergy” as well as “increasing secularisation, and whether that is impacting on the respect that clergy now receive”.

He said there was a “possibility” that the influence of sex abuse scandals and cover-ups had affected the way clergy felt about the church.

Let’s look at this realistically. Of course the clergy are facing increasing abuse. And it all comes from the left:

*As the left-wing atheist British media feed the public anti-Christian hatred, the fringe actors are going to take the bait and attack.

*The anger about the sex abuse scandals should be directed at the homosexuals and the perverts who have perpetrated most of it, but instead it is aimed at all clergy and at the churches in general.

*The sex abuse scandals can be laid at the feet of the leftists who have increasingly sexualized our entire Western culture with pornography, adultery, casual sex, pedophilia, etc.

*The “islamization” of Britain has also led to abuse of Christian clergy as the socialists defend islam and ruthlessly impugn Christianity. You can rest assured that muslims are behind some of the clergy abuse but that the British media are covering it up, or refusing to expose it.

The Daily Telegraph also reports:

Revd David MacGeogh, the vicar of Glastonbury, told The Sunday Telegraph that he receives verbal abuse on a monthly basis.

Five years ago he found a witchcraft symbol sprayed onto the church’s medieval door and he recounted how, during one service he had to lock himself in an upper room and dialled 999 after a man claiming to be Jesus chased him round the church.

“People come in before and during the service and rant and rave, saying we are the works of Satan,” Revd MacGeogh said, adding that there was “no support system” for clergy in his position.

… Revd Dr Anne Morris, vicar of Knuzden in the diocese of Blackburn, said a male parishioner, who was later jailed for assault following an unrelated incident, followed her for a week and tried to enter the vicarage without permission.

… Her family has also been burgled several times and her diocese has provided a camera over the vicarage front door and extra fencing around the exterior of the building.

This is no surprise. But then again, some of the victims of clergy violence are left-wing clergy who have provoked this hatred of Christianity themselves. They are moles who have infested the churches. Who knows… Maybe Revd Dr Anne Morris is a left-winger.

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