Thank God for White Men

Question: When will women start taking jobs in mining and construction, on ships at sea, on the power lines, etc.? When will women start taking dangerous and hard jobs, like on the railroads, since they want all of the alleged advantages of men? When will women start accepting the overwhelming majority of workplace deaths and injuries that men now suffer?

Answer: Never. Women enjoy a highly “privileged” status avoiding these jobs.

In other words “women” today want all of the good jobs that men have held for centuries, but they don’t want the other side of the equation – they don’t want to suffer in the ways that men have suffered for thousands of years in brutal and dangerous jobs like working outdoors all Winter on a pipeline in Canada or Siberia. Or on an oil well in the blazing desert. Or sailing to sea on rickety vessels that we wouldn’t set foot on today.

No, women want the “soft” and good-paying jobs as lawyers, doctors, college professors, novelists, politicians, college presidents, TV news reporters, singers, actresses, salesmen or business managers, or they will take appointed jobs at the helm of already-successful companies like Carly Fiorina did at the Hewlett-Packard computer company.

But when will women start their own successful companies? Where is the Microsoft or Caterpillar or Shell Oil founded by a woman?

In other words, women selectively cherry-pick the “manly” thing that they want (high wages, powerful and influential positions, prestigious jobs, etc.) but carefully avoid the things that they don’t.

When will women accept lifespans that are shorter than men, since men currently live an average 5 years fewer than women?

Answer: Never. And these feminists will never make light of this wonderful “privilege” that women have.

Over and over, for the last 50 years, since the beginning of the feminist movement these radicals have railed against ‘men’. They have called us every name and accused us of every impropriety.

Yet for thousands of years men did the brutal work that needed to be done. Billions of men have suffered. And today women are welcome to take some of these jobs. But they won’t primarily because they can’t do the jobs in the first place.

How about all of those highly stressful jobs like corporate CEO that sometimes make men rich and powerful, but that are enormously demanding and risky, with millions or billions at stake over every decision? Jobs that often kill or disable the men with the pressure? Or crush him in failure?

If a woman wants to be CEO of a big corporation, then she should try it. It is a very tough job with great peril attached to failure. Just ask 2012 Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. She was booted from Hewlett-Packard for doing a lousy job.

Meanwhile men historically have put out herculean efforts to keep their families together with their hard work. How many women would have liked to spend their entire working lives of 30 or 40 years in a dark, dusty mine every day chipping out coal by hand? As men did for centuries?

Answer: None, and now feminists are claiming that men are pigs who have done nothing but oppress women.

This is a lie. Men have “protected” women for thousands of years. They have provided for their families, often at very high cost to the man… like living 5 years less than women, just for starters.

Women reply that they have “sacrificed” so much to stay at home and take care of their families and homes. Yet look at the great sacrifices men have made.

Today, however, the tables have turned. Women are in many cases getting better jobs than men, with higher pay. They have higher rates of college graduation. In millions of cases today, women are the family breadwinner.

To which replies: Where do I sign up for that? Who wants to work anyway? Are these women crazy? Who wants to be a lawyer? Or a doctor? Or work for a big company with all of those responsibilities and late hours and absolute obedience to corporate rules?

As a white man, I will defend my gender and race to the very end. We white men have created the best possible lives for every race, gender, nationality and religion. We are generally good people and conservative white men are the best of all.

Just look at how lifespans, health and general well-being have become longer and better with the modern medicine, modern pharmaceuticals, better food, cleaner water, labor-saving devices and abundant energy that white men have produced through thousands of years of experimentation. Muslim Saudi Arabia has vast oil supplies that still would be underground if it were not for the oil industry technologies developed in the United States by white Christian men.

Today any nation that has risen above subsistence poverty has adopted electricity, computers, modern chemistry, modern engineering, modern agriculture, the internal combustion engine, LED light bulbs, cell phones and every other item invented in Europe and the United States by hard-working, curious and intelligent white men.

Indeed, we should all thank God for white men and their ideas…

Now we have the ugly specter of institutionalized racism at universities with their “white privilege” courses which are not designed to study if there is white privilege but to impugn it as a reality and overturn it. Or they exercise rampant discrimination against white men in hiring.

Friends, there is no “white privilege”, particularly for men. In fact women and blacks have more privilege today in America than any other group while white men are the most openly discriminated against people in the US. What other group could have college courses aimed directly at its heart?

These professors are purposely conflating and confusing “white privilege” with “white accomplishment”, i.e., white people and particularly white men appear to have some type of ‘privilege’ when they really have earned their advantages in life by working hard, being smart and innovative and being willing to take risks, sometimes huge risks.

Look at the booming economies of Asia; they are all based on Western technology developed by white, Western men in Europe and the US. Not one single technology that powers Asia today from computers to cell phones to modern aviation designs to steel production was invented in Asia.

China’s booming steel industry, which produces 65% of the world’s steel, uses technology developed in America over 100 years starting with the legendary steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), who was born in Scotland and came to America as an impoverished young immigrant.

Liberals and feminists promote the myth that a fortune just fell out of the sky into Carnegie’s lap, and that all wealthy and successful white men are lucky or pre-ordained for riches, ignoring the rags-to-riches reality of many. Carnegie worked his way up from nothing, starting like this, according to Wikipedia:

Carnegie’s first job in 1848 was as a bobbin boy, changing spools of thread in a cotton mill 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in a Pittsburgh cotton factory. His starting wage was $1.20 per week ($36.36 in 2017 dollars)

Carnegie was very smart, which led to his ultimate success. Wikipedia reports:

In 1849, Carnegie became a telegraph messenger boy in the Pittsburgh Office of the Ohio Telegraph Company, at $2.50 per week (or $76 in 2017 dollars), following the recommendation of his uncle. He was a very hard worker and would memorize all of the locations of Pittsburgh’s businesses and the faces of important men. He made many connections this way. He also paid close attention to his work, and quickly learned to distinguish the differing sounds the incoming telegraph signals produced. He developed the ability to translate signals by ear, without using the paper slip, and within a year was promoted to operator. Carnegie’s education and passion for reading was given a great boost by Colonel James Anderson, who opened his personal library of 400 volumes to working boys each Saturday night. Carnegie was a consistent borrower and a “self-made man” in both his economic development and his intellectual and cultural development. He was so grateful to Colonel Anderson for the use of his library that he “resolved, if ever wealth came to me, [to see to it] that other poor boys might receive opportunities similar to those for which we were indebted to the noble man”. His capacity, his willingness for hard work, his perseverance and his alertness soon brought forth opportunities.

This is why Carnegie funded more than 3,000 American libraries with the great wealth that he accumulated in the steel industry. He generously wanted to “give back” in the same way that he was helped.

These modern technologies that make life better for all came from centuries of experimentation and evolution from Ancient Greece to Europe to the US. For instance, one of the most transformative technologies of all time – refrigeration – was perfected by a white American man named Jacob Perkins. Wikipedia says by way of introduction:

Jacob Perkins (9 July 1766 – 30 July 1849) was an American inventor, mechanical engineer, and physicist. Born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, Perkins was apprenticed to a goldsmith. He soon made himself known with a variety of useful mechanical inventions and eventually had twenty-one American and nineteen English patents. He is known as the father of the refrigerator. He was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1813.

Billions of people thank you, Mr. Perkins, for giving us guaranteed food safety after thousands of years without it.

What about electricity itself? The system we use today was developed by perhaps the most brilliant scientist of all time, Nikola Tesla, a white man who came from Croatia, in Eastern Europe. His father was a Serbian Orthodox Christian priest.

In the freewheeling and prosperous American economy of the 1880s that did not exist in Europe Tesla was able to get financial backing to develop the technology that transformed the world. He struggled for years, even working as a ditch digger for a stretch.

After inventor Thomas Edison gypped the young Tesla out of a big payment for work that he had done for Edison, Tesla went out on his own and developed AC electricity which is the system that the world uses today. Meanwwhile Edison developed the less-effective DC power, which has more limited applications. So ultimately the better man got the glory… the better white man, that is.

Tesla foresaw computers and instantaneous global communication with electricity as the “unifying” energy source. Awesome. That is just what we could expect from a brilliant white man.

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