Democrats and Media Ignore, Politicize Father’s Day

This is so predictable. Even a wonderful June holiday to honor fathers – Father’s Day – has been politicized by the Democrats. It even has been warped and ignored by the media.

Did you notice what story was in the news leading up to June 17 this year?

Suddenly out of nowhere we kept seeing this story about illegal immigrant children being separated from their parents. Out of the blue! Suddenly the story was everywhere when we had not even heard it just two weeks ago.

Then on the days leading up to Father’s Day we saw groups of Democrat lawmakers assembling at the front doors of immigration detention centers demanding to visit with the illegal immigrant children who were being held by ICE detainers separate from their parents who were being processed for entering the country illegally and even committing other crimes.

The NewsBusters website reports:

As they did last week along with the other networks, ABC led its Monday morning Good Morning America by hyping complaints from Democrats and liberals about the Trump Administration border policy. Correspondent Marcus Moore’s report even touted a celebrity’s curse-filled rant at the GOP without acknowledging the profanity.

GMA started off its obsessive negative coverage with a report by White House correspondent Cecilia Vega, noting disapproval from first ladies Bush and Trump. “This is a policy that’s just eating away in terms of controversy at this White House,” Vega hyped, before adding that both Melania Trump and former First Lady Laura Bush were “intervening” by speaking out on the policy, with Bush calling it “cruel and immoral.”

But there was no mention at all of illegal immigration “eating away” at America for decades with crime, dependency and depressed wages for American workers. Or MS-13 gang violence “eating away” at communities from New York to Virginia to California.

No, suddenly, with the arrival of Father’s Day it was Trump border policy that was “eating away” at America.

This obviously was intended to smear president Trump whose own Father’s Day celebration was not even mentioned in the media that saw. That is odd considering that he has 5 children and 9 grandchildren, more than any other modern president.

We have seen this setup before. Democrats and their media cronies plan a story weeks in advance, for instance a story that makes America look like a scrooge as Christmas arrives. Or the media will play up a story about slavery as the 4th of July approaches.

Meanwhile the prospect of tens of millions of Americans celebrating their wonderful fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, grandfathers, etc. is pushed off the stage in order to make Trump look bad.

Even upbeat Father’s Day tweets from Paul Ryan and Donald Trump Jr. were attacked by the media and celebrities as insensitive tributes to their stable American families as illegal immigrant children suffer.

And you know that when Laura Bush gets in the act by seeking to make Trump look bad that she is really seeking to resuscitate the failed legacy of her husband which was ruined by the Iraq War.

So here is a suggestion: The US government should take a hard line on immigration so as to discourage future illegal immigrants and spare them the trauma of seeing their families broken up. It eventually will work, including the border wall.

In fact president Trump’s border policy is no different than any other policy of the last 50 years; he is just enforcing it. Then perhaps you had heard about an article concerning more than 70,000 illegal immigrant parents being deported, usually taking their children with them. And we are supposed to think that Trump did this, yet the article comes from 2015 under Obama.

But we never heard about this stuff under Obama. Because Obama did do some deportations but that was just for show. In fact Obama left the border wide open and hamstrung our border patrol agents to allow millions of illegal to stream into the US. Who could forget that image of dozens of illegals running across the border and weaving in and out of stopped traffic that was headed south into Mexico at the checkpoint.

NewsBusters reported:

Immediately following Vega’s report, ABC went right into another similar report on the border, this time touting Democrats blasting Trump for separating illegal immigrant families.

“Tensions at the border reaching a boiling point as protesters and politicians demand change,” anchor Robin Roberts set the tone for correspondent Marcus Moore’s report.

“Outrage” is “growing” Moore huffed, as ABC played footage of New Jersey Democrats outside a detention center in their state protesting, and “hundreds” more protesting outside a facility in El Paso, Texas. Amidst video of protesters complaining, ABC played a clip of former Trump strategist Steve Bannon defending the policy.

“Yet, this morning the voices of dissent not wavering,” Moore gushed, reading a crude tweet from singer John Legend to Paul Ryan, yesterday: “On social media, singer John Legend responding to a Father’s Day tweet by House Speaker Paul Ryan, ‘Reunite the families at the border and we can talk about Father’s Day.’” But Moore left out the beginning part of the singer’s tweet where he said “F**k you” to Ryan, even as the blurred out words appeared on screen.

Moore ended his reporting mourning the “innocent children” that were “caught in the middle of an adult fight.”

Yessiree. But Democrats and the media are at the same time ignoring a hugely troubling issue. For years under Obama waves of “unaccompanied minors” were surging over the border from Mexico and Central America. Remember?

So where was the Democrats’ outrage over parents voluntarily sending their children alone to the US to enter illegally? Wasn’t that terribly dangerous?

Of course it was. And there was no outrage. Zero. It gets worse. These “unaccompanied minors” were welcomed into the US including MS-13 gang members, which Obama allowed in by the thousands to disrupt our society with their sadistic criminality.

Trump is now sending them back by the hundred with thousands more to go…

NewsBusters then said:

“[W]e’ve heard about all the different rules suchs the detainees cannot be held or touched. We’re talking about children, even if they’re crying they can’t be held or touched which is very hard for people to hear,” Roberts noted sympathetically, before acknowledging that the Trump Administration is adamantly denying responsibility for separating families at the border.

So lo and behold, as Father’s Day approached, we had the media focus not on American fathers who work hard to provide for their families, but on illegal immigrants who bring their families on risky journeys to the US, even when they know darned well that it is against the law.

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