Comey to Face Justice?!/ Attacker of GOP Senator Gets Off Easy

The Daily Caller reports:

Former FBI director James Comey is under investigation for mishandling classified information, DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz revealed Monday.

He is specifically under investigation for his handling of memos he wrote about interactions with President Trump while FBI director.

“Comey said he did not expect a report on his handling of classified information because, ‘That’s frivolous.’ I don’t happen to think that it is frivolous,” Sen. Chuck Grassley said during a Senate hearing Monday.

“Question number one, Mr. Horowitz, are you investigating the handling of his memo and does that include the classification issues, and should Mr. Comey expect a report when it’s complete?” Grassley asked.

“We received a referral on that from the FBI. We are handling that referral and we will issue a report when the matter is complete, consistent with the law and rules that are — a report that’s consistent and takes those into account,” Horowitz responded.

There was hysteria when president Trump fired Comey, but now we are seeing the truth. This is just the beginning of great news. Many of these Swamp Dwellers are going to face justice, like Trump promised. All of their legal assaults on the president are backfiring big time.

Meanwhile look at this from Fox News on June 19:

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy scorched James Comey in a blistering opening statement at a high-profile congressional hearing on Tuesday, declaring “we can’t survive with a justice system we don’t trust.”

Gowdy kicked off the hearing featuring testimony from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on his review of the Hillary Clinton email case. The top DOJ watchdog is on Capitol Hill for the second day in a row to discuss the explosive report.

But Gowdy launched into Tuesday’s session — a joint hearing held by the House oversight and judiciary panels — with a fiery condemnation of the former FBI director and certain agents in the bureau he led.

Referring to IG findings that Comey defied his superiors in his handling of the Clinton email case, Gowdy accused the ex-director of essentially operating by his own rules.

“We see Jim Comey and Jim Comey alone deciding which DOJ policies to follow and which to ignore,” he said.

In other words, the noose is tightening on Comey.

Attacker of GOP Senator Gets Off Easy

Fox News reports:

The neighbor convicted of violently attacking Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul outside the senator’s Kentucky home last year was sentenced Friday to 30 days in federal prison.

Rene Boucher, 59, was also ordered Friday to one year of supervised release, a $10,000 fine and 100 hours of community service, according to WBKO. He was also ordered to have no contact with the Paul family.

The attack left (Sen. Paul) with six broken ribs. His recovery was complicated by fluid and blood around the lungs and recurrent pneumonia.

30 days in jail is a shockingly light sentence. This was a physical attack on a federal official. It seriously injured senator Paul.

If Paul had been black or gay or a trannybagger or an illegal alien and had the attacker been white or conservative then the attacker would have gotten at least a year in jail with another few years added on for committing a “hate crime”.

Boucher is a registered Democrat and a type of left-wing ‘domestic terrorist’ who apparently set out to harm a conservative public officeholder, just like the baseball game shooter in Alexandria, Virginia tried to do last year.

The judge who gave the light sentence is Marianne Battani, appointed by Bill Clinton. So you can understand the light sentence. She said that the attack was “a dispute between neighbors” when it looks obviously like an attack on a Republican official by an unhinged radical as a result of the hysteria over president Trump.

This light sentence opens the door to more attacks. When lefty lunatics see Boucher getting off easy they are more likely to attack other conservatives or Republicans. This is the psychology of criminals, and of the left. They thrive on leniency.

President Trump was correct when he called Democrats “MS-13 lovers”. Democrats seem to embrace just about anyone who wants to harm American freedom, like Rene Boucher and MS-13.

Citizens Flee Another Communist Hellhole – Nicaragua

Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports about the Central American nation of Nicaragua, which is south of Mexico:

One evening as she watched some local kids play outside in her Managua neighborhood, Nicaraguan Mireya Alegria was shocked to see police, motorcycles and a white van carrying hooded men speed past.

“They started firing,” she says. It was the moment she decided enough was enough.

Now Alegria is one of the thousands of Nicaraguans desperately seeking to process migration documents and flee to neighboring Central American countries, as two months of anti-government dissent has triggered increasingly violent state repression.

“Thousands of people come daily to do paperwork,” said Nubia Manzanares, a migration agent, adding that many come with their children.

Lines in offices such as hers are endless, as families and young people attempt to leave in particular for Costa Rica, the primary destination of Nicaraguans since the country’s 1980s civil war between President Daniel Ortega’s Sandinistas and the US-backed contras.

Jonathan Pena, 19, says his top reason for leaving is because he sees the government “persecuting and killing young people.”

So there you go. In case you are not old enough to know or remember, Nicaragua has been a communist bastion since 1979 when the marxists took over under Ortega, who has been in and out of power since then. And we have seen the horrible result, with things getting much worse recently with Ortega back in power. Wikipedia reports:

The (communist) Sandinistas forcefully took power in July 1979, ousting (former president) Somoza, and prompting the exodus of the majority of Nicaragua’s middle class, wealthy landowners, and professionals, many of whom settled in the United States. The (Democrat) administration (of president Jimmy Carter in the US) decided to work with the new government, while attaching a provision for aid forfeiture if it was found to be assisting insurgencies in neighboring countries.

In 1980, the Carter administration provided $60 million in aid to Nicaragua under the Sandinistas, but the aid was suspended when the administration obtained evidence of Nicaraguan shipment of arms to (communist) El Salvadoran rebels. In response to the coming to power of the Sandinistas, various rebel groups collectively known as the “contras” were formed to oppose the new government. The Reagan administration authorized the CIA to help the contra rebels with funding, armaments, and training. The contras operated out of camps in the neighboring countries of Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south.

US Democrats went crazy that we were supporting forces that wanted to oust the communists. In 1984 Democrats even wrote a famous ‘Dear Comandante’ letter to Ortega, looking to flatter him as some sort of legitimate leader. This is typical of the Democrats who still refuse to accept the legitimate 2016 US presidential election.

Meanwhile the communists are causing and have been causing a downward spiral, as they always do. The departure of the middle class, the professional class and landowners in the 1980s started Nicaragua down the road to ruin. The same is now happening in Venezuela.

AFP reports:

According to analyst and ex-deputy of the opposition Eliseo Nunez, part of Ortega’s strategy is to incite panic to trigger migration particularly from the middle class, an especially anti-government sector.

This is the insanity of communism in a nutshell, to intentionally drive out the middle class. Communist nations always have small middle classes because most middle-class people are anti-communist and only want an opportunity to flourish on their own without government interference. This is like the middle class in the US that elected Trump.

This is why communism always fails economically; it hates the middle class that keeps a nation stable and prosperous just as US Democrats officially hate the white middle class for supporting Trump.

Communism panders to the poor and to some of the super-rich with promises of special privileges for both. This shows up in California’s turn to the hard left. California now has the highest poverty rate in the US but also has many of the richest people in the nation and the world, who also are on the left. Meanwhile the middle class is fleeing California.

Agence France-Presse reports:

The crisis sparked by relatively small protests against now-abandoned social security reforms morphed into an explosive movement demanding Ortega along with his wife and vice president Rosario Murillo leave office.

But Ortega appears set on staying, and the past two months has seen more than 160 people die in bloody clashes between armed government-backed forces and activists brandishing slingshots and homemade mortars.

The deluge of passport applications has swelled notably in the past two weeks, which have seen a sharp uptick in violence from armed hooded men roaming the streets by night aboard vans and motorbikes.

Nicaraguans say the gangs have marked youth — who have spearheaded the mass movement against Ortega — as their primary targets.

Thus not only do the communists hate the middle class but they hate the young people who want freedom. Can you understand why communism has historically been a failure?

Soviet communist dictator Joseph Stalin even killed millions of farmers who would not comply with his demands. And guess what happened after that? Starvation… No surprise there.
AFP reports:

Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister Epsy Alejandra Campbell Barr said last week her government is prepared for a massive influx of Nicaraguans.

That Central American country also said last week it would provide visas to relatives of diplomats accredited in Nicaragua who want to leave.

Nearly 500,000 Nicaraguans already live permanently or temporarily in neighboring Costa Rica, many of them working in agriculture, construction and domestic service.

So why are they moving to Costa Rica?

Because Costa Rica is the freest and most prosperous nation in Central America. Wikipedia reports that Costa Rica, which is about twice the size of Vermont, is much like the United States:

Costa Rica has been known for its stable democracy, in a region that has had some instability, and for its highly educated workforce, most of whom speak English. … Its economy, once heavily dependent on agriculture, has diversified to include sectors such as finance, corporate services for foreign companies, pharmaceuticals, and ecotourism. Many foreign companies (manufacturing and services) operate in Costa Rica’s free trade zones (FTZ) where they benefit from investment and tax incentives.

Indeed capitalism, coupled to freedom, education and hard work, succeeds every time it is tried. English helps too, in order to integrate more easily into the global economy, for which English is the official language. Meanwhile millions of illegal aliens in the US refuse to learn English.

AFP reports:

Many Nicaraguans like Eime Monge — seeking to move to Costa Rica with her husband and two children — believe Ortega will stop at nothing to maintain power.

The vast majority of the country’s roads are barricaded by protestors, semi-paralyzing transport and commerce in the country, which on Thursday held a 24-hour national strike to protest government repression.

According to the country’s Foundation for Economic and Social Development, the crisis has endangered between 20,000 and 150,000 jobs.

Some Nicaraguans have already lost their livelihoods in recent months, like Manuel Perez, who now has Panama in his sights.

There’s no point in staying, the 40-year-old says, because he doesn’t foresee the country’s “distress” improving anytime soon.

This is horrible, and it happens everywhere that communism takes hold. Meanwhile here is good news from Breitbart about the South American nation of Colombia:

Colombia officially declared conservative candidate Iván Duque the winner of Sunday’s presidential election after decisively defeating his hard-left opponent Gustavo Petro.

The 40-year-old former lawyer clinched the presidency after polling around 54 percent, equivalent to 10.3 million votes. His opponent Petro, the left-wing former mayor of Bogotá, won around 42 support of the vote, garnering just over eight million votes. Around 4 percent of people cast their vote blank.

A protegé of longtime President Álvaro Uribe and a member of his conservative Democratic Center Party, Duque ran on a campaign of renegotiating the peace deal signed in 2016 by former President Juan Manuel Santos with the Marxist terrorist organization Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), arguing that it was too lenient and not properly upheld. The FARC peace deal allowed the narco-terrorist group to establish a political party and guaranteed it ten uncontested seats in Congress. The FARC attempted to run its leader, “Timochenko,” as a presidential candidate, but “Timochenko” withdrew from the election in March after suffering a heart attack.

Duque… ran on a campaign of promoting inwards foreign investment, strengthening national security, and creating a pro-business environment by cutting the corporate tax rate to 30 percent.

Sounds like Trump… Meanwhile next-door Venezuela is spiraling into the abyss under a communist government.

Elon Musk Admits Being a Socialist

Breitbart News reports something that we all knew about the founder of the Tesla electric car company:

Tesla CEO and PayPal billionaire Elon Musk surprised many Friday when he declared on Twitter that he is a socialist. Conservative critics, however, may well have agreed, given his companies’ reliance on the state.

Musk tweeted his declaration Friday after first tweeting that socialists have no sense of humor:

Those who proclaim themselves “socialists” are usually depressing, have no sense of humor & attended an expensive college. Fate loves irony.

… When challenged to define his own ideology, however, Musk said he was a “socialist”.

We conservatives knew this all along. Musk is a phony. He did make a legitimate fortune on PayPal, but Tesla has consumed billions in taxpayer handouts and still is not making a profit after 15 years in business. Enough. It must be cut off.

Musk also owns Solar City, a solar panel installation company that also relies on subsidies, and so he is obviously a socialist. He didn’t need to say it.

Unfortunately Tesla seems to be doing worse and worse financially. predicts that it is going to fail primarily because electric cars do not work. calculates that an electric car uses 2 to 9 times as much energy to cover the same distance as a gasoline-powered car. This happens since electricity is a “refined” energy source and it is a known fact of physics that ‘it consumes energy to refine energy’.

Another Socialist Hellhole – Seattle

John Sexton on the website writes about far-left Seattle:

The American Pharmacists Association was planning a large convention for early next year, one that would require a site capable of hosting up to 6,000 attendees. One of the places it considered holding the convention was Seattle, so it sent an advanced planning team to the city to scout the area. But the homeless problem the planning team encountered on Seattle’s streets led them to write a letter to Seattle’s tourism bureau saying they might have to rule Seattle out for future consideration. From KIRO7:

The letter began by saying, “Based on my recent visit, I believe that the problem has gotten out of control.”

The letter described what convention planners saw between their hotel and the Convention Center:

“Two men urinating on the street.

“One man who defecated on himself.

“We witnessed three young addicts sitting outside of a major establishment smoking from a pipe, and one was passed out.

“One man aggressively pursued a member of my team down the street, demanding cash.
“We lost count of the number of people walking around talking to themselves.

“The smell of urine and marijuana near the WSCC and along the routes of our hotels to the center.”

The letter was forwarded by email to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan by Visit Seattle’s President and CEO Tom Norwalk, who also added: “Sadly, our city is out of control and we are way past the tipping point we all talk about and have feared.”

Shouldn’t far-left policies in Seattle and Nicaragua be eliminating all of these social and economic disparities, and bring peace, prosperity and love to cities and nations?

Of course, in theory. In practice, however, they produce the exact opposite – poverty, violence and hatred. As always. Meanwhile reports about another left-wing bastion, San Francisco:

“You see things on the streets that are just not humane,” Kevin Carroll, executive director of the Hotel Council of San Francisco told The Chronicle’s Heather Knight in April. “People come into hotels saying, ‘What is going on out there?’ They’re just shocked. … People say, ‘I love your city, I love your restaurants, but I’ll never come back.'”

In a completely seperate thread, another Reddit user posted in the San Francisco subreddit “Why is this city so terrifying?”

Answer: Because it is liberal, that’s why…

‘Greenies’ have Trashed Mount Everest

This is a disturbing story about Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. Everest is in the nation of Nepal, between India and China, and it is just one peak out of hundreds of high peaks all over the world that have been trashed by elite climbers seeking adventure. Agence France-Presse reports:

Decades of commercial mountaineering have turned Mount Everest into the world’s highest rubbish dump as an increasing number of big-spending climbers pay little attention to the ugly footprint they leave behind.

Fluorescent tents, discarded climbing equipment, empty gas canisters and even human excrement litter the well-trodden route to the summit of the 8,848-metre (29,029-foot) peak.

“It is disgusting, an eyesore,” Pemba Dorje Sherpa, who has summited Everest 18 times, told AFP. “The mountain is carrying tonnes of waste.”

As the number of climbers on the mountain has soared — at least 600 people have scaled the world’s highest peak so far this year alone — the problem has worsened.

Meanwhile, melting glaciers … are exposing trash that has accumulated on the mountain since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made the first successful summit 65 years ago.

This is a well-known story that is rarely reported in the international press to cover for the rich liberals and ‘greenies’ who make up the overwhelming majority of the mountaineers. You will find few if any conservatives climbing mountains like Everest.

In short, ‘greenies’ and wealthy liberals don’t really care about “the environment”. They are selectively concerned about environmental issues when it suits their cause, i.e., when they can blame somebody else for the problems and when they are not themselves being questioned or targeted.

“Commercial mountaineering” means that amateur climbers pay these mountaineering companies to help them try to get to the top of Everest. The companies do all of the prep work and scheduling. The climbers just pay and then show up, but must be in good physical shape. Some die in the process.

AFP reports:

Efforts have been made. Five years ago Nepal implemented a $4,000 rubbish deposit per team that would be refunded if each climber brought down at least eight kilogrammes (18 pounds) of waste.

On the Tibet side of the Himalayan mountain, they are required to bring down the same amount and are fined $100 per kilogramme if they don’t.

In 2017 climbers in Nepal brought down nearly 25 tonnes of trash and 15 tonnes of human waste — the equivalent of three double-decker buses — according to the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC).

This season even more was carried down but this is just a fraction of the rubbish dumped each year, with only half of climbers lugging down the required amounts, the SPCC says.

Instead many climbers opt to forfeit the deposit, a drop in the ocean compared to the $20,000-$100,000 they will have forked out for the experience.

Pemba shrugs that many just don’t care. Compounding the problem, some officials accept small bribes to turn a blind eye, he said.

So these wealthy climbers, largely urbanites from Europe and the US, who often support ‘green’ causes generously, turn a blind eye to their own pollution of the most pristine place in the world. Multiply this by hundreds of peaks worldwide and we have a major pollution problem has written about this issue on many occasions. I have used a media figure that there is “50 tons of garbage” on Mount Everest, but always warned that there is probably many times as much from decades of climbing, but that the media are not reporting it.

This garbage also includes discarded sleeping bags, water bottles, food packages, tarps, ropes, ladders, helmets, parkas, goggles, boots, metal oxygen bottles, crampons, gloves, camp stoves, batteries, fuel containers, etc.

Do the climbers care? No. There are also reported to be 300 dead bodies near the top of Everest when climbers died in their attempt to reach the summit or died on the trip back down.

Today’s climbers are too obsessed with their own ascent to think about dead people from the past. They walk right past the bodies. There is a video on YouTube of a few of the dead bodies if you can stand to look at it. It is really creepy.

This is all thoroughly disgusting. Absolutely awful. But this is what you get with the wealthy liberal elite. They think only about themselves.

You will find very few if any conservatives climbing Mount Everest or running the guide businesses that take amateur climbers up the great peak. Conservatives are too busy serving their country, working hard, running their own businesses, etc.

The pollution of these climbers does not start and end at Mount Everest either. It starts when they fly 5,000 or 10,000 miles each way to get to Mount Everest in the first place. It takes a lot of energy to fly a person that distance; hundreds of gallons of fuel each.

AFP reports:

Environmentalists are concerned that the pollution on Everest is also affecting water sources down in the valley.

At the moment the raw sewage from base camp is carried to the next village — a one-hour walk — and dumped into trenches.

This then “gets flushed downhill during the monsoon into the river”, said Garry Porter, a US engineer …

This is too disgusting to even think about. And this pollution has been going on for decades as these climbing companies have become more and more popular. AFP reports:

Another solution, believes Ang Tsering Sherpa, former president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, would be a dedicated rubbish collection team.

His expedition operator Asian Trekking, which has been running “Eco Everest Expeditions” for the last decade, has brought down over 18 tonnes of trash during that time in addition to the eight-kilo climber quota.

And last month a 30-strong cleanup team retrieved 8.5 tonnes of waste from the northern slopes, China’s state-run Global Times reported.

“It is not an easy job. The government needs to motivate groups to clean up and enforce rules more strictly,” Ang said.

The simplest solution would be a heavy tax on every climber, perhaps $20,000 or more, with the money used to fund workers to clean up Mount Everest. In other words, the government of Nepal should make the current climbers pay for the sins of past climbers.

Note: Mount Everest is usually climbed by non-professionals in May when the weather conditions are best. Everest is the same latitude as Daytona Beach, Florida but its high summit elevation can make it wintry and dangerous even in May.

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