Hysteria Over Immigrant Families is a Massive Smokescreen

The media/Democrat hysteria over “separating illegal immigrant children from their parents” is another massive smokescreen from the left.

It is aimed directly at president Trump and is being used to gin up a frenzy among the foaming-at-the-mouth leftists in America like 1970s Hollywood actor Peter Fonda who tweeted the most unhinged rants against Melania Trump and Barron Trump that we can imagine. And against Sarah Sanders too. Filthy, vile rants that are exposing the degraded mental state of the desperate left.

The immigrant mania came out of nowhere and soon will die out as the president has signed an executive order addressing the issue and the kooks move on to something else.

This issue is just the latest in a string of hysterical reactions since the day Trump was declared the winner of the presidential race from the Russia collusion farce to the ‘golden showers’ story to Stormy Daniels to Ronny Jackson, and on and on and on. They even made a major issue out of the president having two scoops of ice cream for dessert.

Fonda even suggested that border patrol agents’ home addresses be published and their homes be surrounded by protesting thugs. And their children’s schools too.

This is the same type of off-the-wall lunacy that has permeated the show-biz left from Rober De Niro to Chelsea Handler to Kathy Griffin since November 9, 2016.

And it will fail. Americans don’t want violence and threats and insults. They want the nation’s problems addressed and Democrats are terrified that president Trump is getting things done and that his job approval is actually higher than Obama’s at the same point in Obama’s presidency despite the 24/7 media assault on Trump.

Even worse Obama separated illegal children from their parents and not a word of criticism was uttered by the liberals. If you want to see immigration photos from 2014 under Obama, go here.

So what is really going on?

This illegal immigration frenzy is an attempt to jump-start the Democrats’ fading chances in the 2018 mid-term elections with an emotional issue.

Strangely the same Democrats and media skunks never uttered a peep when thousands of “unaccompanied minors” were sent alone during the Obama presidency by their parents in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua to embark on a dangerous trip through Mexico to the US to seek asylum. Obama himself encouraged these trips with his open-borders policies.

But there is another issue looming large that this immigration mania is supposed to conceal – the explosive allegations emerging in the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

This immigration story gives the media the perfect excuse not to cover two or more parts of the most significant scandals in American history – the national security threat posed by Hillary Clinton and her private email server on top of alleged mass corruption at the FBI and Department of Justice in using their government power against candidate and president Donald J. Trump.

To give you an idea of how explosive the IG report is look at this from a website called PJ Media about Lindsey Graham, a Republican US senator from South Carolina who is hardly a friend of Trump:

Senator Lindsey Graham (R- SC) on Monday directly challenged the Justice Department inspector general’s conclusion that there was no “documentary evidence” to prove that political bias affected the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

“I’m not buying that the Clinton email investigation was on the up and up,” Graham told DOJ I.G. Michael Horowitz during his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss his 568-page report.

Graham, like other Republicans, focused on the contents of an Aug. 8, 2016, exchange of texts between FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, in which Strzok, the lead investigator in the Clinton probe, had indicated that he could prevent then-candidate Donald Trump from getting elected.

“We’ll stop it,” Strzok had told Page.

“I don’t know how you feel about that — that’s pretty unnerving,” the senator noted, pointing out that just a week later, they were texting about an “insurance policy” following a meeting in “Andy’s office” to stop Trump.

“There is nothing here that is normal, folks,” Graham lamented.

The senator also suggested that the FBI’s decision to have two agents and two prosecutors in the room when Clinton was interviewed also appeared to be a political decision.

He cited a February 2016 email from Page to McCabe. “Page: ‘You surely already considered this. But in my view, our best reason to hold the line at two and two (two agents and two prosecutors) is she might be our next president.’ How did you feel about that?” Graham pressed the I.G.

Horowitz replied that his team was concerned about it and said they laid out why in the report.
When asked how he felt about the FBI investigator who said, “I’m with her” on election day, Horowitz replied that he was “very concerned.”

“Eventually ‘very concerned’ gets to be ‘enough already,'” Graham exclaimed.

He asked FBI Director Christopher Wray if he’s ever proved a case using circumstantial evidence.

“Yes,” Wray answered.

“Well, I’m going to write you a letter and talk about why you should reconsider your findings as to whether or not it affected the investigation,” Graham said.

He pointed out that it was evident early on that FBI agents on the Clinton investigation “hated Trump.”

“This investigation was anything but ‘by the book,'” Graham said. “And at the end of the day, what Comey did just blows me away as much as it does y’all. And I can’t believe that this happened to my FBI!”

He argued that according to the standards he was familiar with, “there was a lot of bias” that affected the Clinton investigation.

The senator continued wearily: “This is Strzok to Page on October the 20th: ‘Trump is an effing idiot.'”

He added: “The bottom line is, I’m glad you found what you found, Mr. Horowitz. I’m not buying that the Clinton email investigation was on the up and up. And the reason I’m not buying it is because the two people intimately involved — one … the lead investigator — clearly did not want to see Donald Trump become president of the United States.”

This is the Big Story that the liberals don’t want us to know about. If this were being charged against Republicans it would be ten times bigger than Watergate and every word would be televised. Instead the Fake News media are ignoring it.

Meanwhile other GOP senators and congressmen were just as adamant as Graham. And this story just so happens to coincide with the illegal immigrant family-separation story. No coincidence there.

Friends, everything that Democrats and their media cronies do, particularly in the Age of Trump, is political. Nothing is happenstance.

In addition Democrats are increasingly frightened that their relentless attacks on president Trump are not working and that their plan to take back majority control of the US House and US Senate in the coming November elections has gone up in smoke.

We are seeing more and more evidence that this is true, even including one “safe” Democrat, US senator Robert Menendez in liberal New Jersey, who could lose his seat over serial allegations of corruption.

Here is another story for the Democrats to chew on from The Washington Examiner:

… the GOP’s top leader has revealed that it has raised more money in a midterm election year than any party in history and that its voter turnout plan is beating Democrats in some key districts.

“The (Republican National Committee) is investing in over 70 races across the country,” said Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “We’re already on the ground in 27 states. In California two weeks ago, there were seven races where Hillary Clinton won those districts. In six of those districts, more Republicans turned out than Democrats. That is very good for us in those primaries.”

Speaking to the Ripon Society, McDaniel provided details on the party’s plans for the upcoming midterm elections and how its effort to fund it have been going. So far so good, she said.

“We have raised more money than any political party in history going into a midterm,” she told the influential moderate Republican group.

“We have hit the $184 million mark. We plan to have raised $250 million, to have a quarter of a billion dollars to put into this election — which has never happened before. I think we’re absolutely going to hit that mark. We know it’s going to take those resources,” she added.
McDaniel said that the party is also working to keep its tech advantage. “On the data front, we are expanding our data. We’re making it quicker so that we can get those analytics onto the ground earlier and make decisions in different districts. What we need to do to calibrate our message so we can see if voters are going to be impacted by certain messages and how that will trend. That’s a huge part of our investment,” she said.

Her focus is also on voter turnout and she said that the results in California show that the GOP can get results for little money if it is spent strategically.

“The Democrats put $10 million into that state to push turnout. We put $300,000 in to push turnout because we knew how important it was. But we did it more strategically, and we knew exactly where our voters were because of our data. And we still beat them. A bellwether of who wins in the general has always been which party turns out more people in the primary. In the past four election cycles, the party that gets more people out in the primary usually wins in the general,” she told the group.
Added to money has been building an army on the ground, she added.

“In 2016, we had trained 5,000 volunteers to go into the presidential election. And when I say volunteers, I mean these are the people who are going to knock on doors, they’re going to be making phone calls, and they’re going to be doing all the things you need to do to turn out your vote. This cycle, we’ve already trained 15,000. And when I say train, it’s not an hour-long session where you pop in and you get a few pamphlets and then leave. It’s a six-week course where we train these volunteers on our technology, on everything that they’re going to have to do throughout the campaign. By engaging them in that six-week course, they become eligible to be hired as staff. That’s our supply chain. They are absolutely engaged, and over half of them are women,” said McDaniel.

Wow. Kaboom. No wonder the Democrats are going koo-koo.

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