‘Greenies’ Collude with Tyrants

Nikitas3.com has said often that environmentalists are some of the worst polluters of all who are on the hard socialist/communist left.

The Washington Times recently reported about burning wood to heat homes, an idea that became popularized and glamorized in the environmentalists’ back-to-the-land movement of the 1960s and 1970s:

Oregon, Idaho, and Washington residents are among the top polluters in the nation when it comes to fine particle emissions from burning wood to heat homes.

… The three states share chilly climates, a tradition of wood burning, and lots of national forest land with easy access and where U.S. Forest Service managers appreciate the removal of some trees to reduce potential forest fires.

… Burning wood is also popular in Oregon, where that state’s Department of Environmental Quality found that a third of residents in the densely populated Portland region burn wood.

Marcia Danab, an agency spokeswoman, said southeast Portland as well as some other areas of the state that experience inversions have problems with wood smoke. Health agencies issue alerts when it’s unhealthy to be outside.

So you are not supposed to go outside for fear of wood smoke?!

Gee, I thought it was nuclear power and oil and coal that we were supposed to fear.

This is how the game is played – the ‘greenies’ point their fingers at everyone else like the oil companies and claim that they are all innocent while really the ‘greenies’ are some of the worst polluters of all.

Another example: ‘Greenies’ oppose nuclear power which is the most efficient energy source every developed by man, with no atmospheric emissions whatsoever.

Another example: ‘Greenies’ want to put windmills on every mountaintop and in every farm field in America. This could be causing ‘climate change’ by altering the natural flow of the winds in a major way.

Another example: Windmills nationwide kills millions of birds annually, while windmills in California are killing hundreds of endangered eagles every year.

Another example: The ethanol (alcohol) fuel that ‘greenies’ have been advocating for decades (16 billion gallons per year consumed for fuel in cars in the US) is in many ways a worse polluter than gasoline. It too could be causing serious ‘climate change’.

Another example: WBOC.com reports on June 15, 2018:

The M/V Twin Capes, a ferry christened 43 years ago on the Delaware Bay and retired after thousands of runs between her namesakes Cape Henlopen, Delaware, and Cape May, New Jersey, was sunk Friday to become part of Delaware’s artificial reef system.

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control said the Twin Capes, whose sinking will expand and enhance fish habitat and offer opportunities for deep-sea diving, went down at 11:55 a.m. on the Del-Jersey-Land Inshore Artificial Reef. The reef got its name because it lies equidistant from Lewes, Delaware, Cape May, and Ocean City, Maryland.

So what is so “green” and “environmental” about adding more junk to the sea bottom? Answer: Nothing.

The list goes on and on. And now we have an equally troubling story, that environmentalists are closely allied with the biggest international polluters of all. Here are excerpts on the subject from Richard W. Rahn writing in The Washington Times. Each Rahn excerpt is followed by a Nikitas3.com comment:

Rahn writes: Two of the world’s biggest polluters are China and Russia. You would think that U.S. environmental groups would be major critics of these countries; yet, the reality is some (‘green’ groups) take money from entities controlled by these governments and disseminate their propaganda.

Over the last several years, many articles have been written (several by yours truly) documenting how Russian groups funneled money into U.S. environmental organizations, which, in turn, was used to oppose fracking in the U.S. and the construction of new pipelines. Fracking and pipelines make the U.S. cleaner and also give us more energy independence at lower cost to U.S. consumers.

The Russians understandably fear the growth of the US energy industry because it undermines their own (which accounts for 40 percent of their GDP).

Nikitas3.com comment: This exposes how hypocritical and radical the environmentalists really are. This comes after decades in which massive pollution in the communist Soviet Union and in communist China was ignored by the environmentalists while the American economy was strangled by frivolous ‘green’ regulations, along with endless ‘climate change’ fearmongering.

Rahn writes: Russian monies to lobby against U.S. consumers and support their Democratic (party) allies. Much of this took place while Robert Mueller was head of the FBI; and since government law enforcement agencies monitor foreign funds coming into the U.S., one wonders why the FBI was silent.

The Russian money was clearly used for political purposes; so, is Mr. Mueller going to give us a report on Russian funds that were used to influence the political process when he was in charge of preventing it?

Nikitas3.com comment: We know that Mueller is corrupt. This is more evidence. Let’s follow up.

Rahn writes: This past week, the chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations wrote a six-page letter to the president of a major environmental group — the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) — asking for information regarding its relationship with the Chinese government. The letter noted; “While national discourse about undue foreign influence in the United States has largely centered around Russia, recent media accounts also highlight China’s ‘vast influence machine.’”

Nikitas3.com comment: Fascinating…

Rahn writes: The letter also pointed out that the CIA and FBI “report that China imposes stipulations on financial support to academic institutions, think tanks, and non-profits in the United States to ‘reward pro-China viewpoints’ and to discourage research or advocacy that would damage China’s global image or standing.”

There is concern “about the NRDC’s role in aiding China’s perception management efforts with respect to pollution control and its international standing of environmental issues in ways that may be detrimental to the United States.” “NRDC press releases, blog posts, and reports consistently praise the Chinese government’s environmental initiatives and promote the image of China as a global environmental leader.”

Nikitas3.com comment: Very interesting but expected. There is an irrational and hysterical tone to environmentalist behavior. But it is easily explained – it is all about the money that they are being paid.

Rahn writes: Environmental groups receive donations from not only domestic givers but also socialist-leaning foreign billionaires like George Soros and Russian government-related entities. This money, in turn, is used for policy advocacy operations, but also includes indirect support for favored Democratic politicians and opposition to Republican office holders and candidates. Much of this money is “dark money,” where the real sources are almost impossible to detect.

At the moment, some of these environmental groups have created phony organizations in Montana that appear to be supported by hunters and fishermen, but in fact are shills for groups that would undermine industries that are key to Montana’s future economic and job growth, such as the mining and forest products. Such issues are of legitimate local debate, but should not be funded from monies coming from foreign adversaries.

Nikitas3.com comment: This is common across America. Environmentalists are trying to destroy the economy. It is happening in every state. Meanwhile look at this from Fox News:

House Republicans warned Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Wednesday that lawsuits filed against the Pentagon by environmental advocacy groups in the U.S. may be unwittingly helping America’s adversaries, particularly China.

A letter sent by members of the House Committee on Natural Resources warned that “while some lawsuits represent sincere and justified concerns about the effect of federal actions on the environment, others may be maliciously filed to stop, restrict, delay, or impose additional costs on U.S. military activities.”

Committee Chairman Rob Bishop, R-Utah, and Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Chairman Bruce Westerman, R-Ark., pointed specifically to U.S. engagement in the Asia-Pacific region, noting the military has faced lawsuits dating back decades alleging environmental violations.

They wrote that the Navy has been restricted in testing and training due to litigation, citing lawsuits led by the Natural Resources Defense Council focusing on how marine life are impacted by the Navy’s use of active sonar and underwater explosives.

“Active sonar is the most effective means of detecting the ultra-quiet diesel electric submarines deployed by foreign navies, such as China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy,” the letter noted.

This is no surprise. Do you see the pattern here, of ‘greenies’ helping China?

Beware of environmentalists. They are dangerous people.

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