Maxine Waters Must Resign as News Cycle Flips on Democrats

One week ago the American Fake News media were focused rabidly on the alleged mistreatment of illegal aliens and on totally negative coverage of president Trump and his immigration policies.

Oh what a difference a week makes! Today the news is totally focused on the horrible behavior of the Democrats and their aggressive operatives toward elected and appointed Trump administration and Republican officials.

And, friends, this latter story is the one that is going to play big in the November elections. This is yet another cataclysmic backfire for the Democrats…

It is important to remember that Democrats are at the lowest ebb of political power in 100 years, and it is going to go lower in the November elections.

Normally Democrats, as members of the party that is not in the White House, would be expected to pick up seats in the House and Senate in the coming mid-term elections. But predicts that Republicans will gain as many as 10 seats(!) in the Senate and will easily maintain majority control in the House.

Democrats are going to suffer in November because they have gone far to the left under Obama. President Trump’s election was a repudiation of this shift.

The latest disaster for the Democrats is the public harassment of officials tied to the Trump administration over Trump immigration policies. This comes one year after an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter sought but failed to kill a group of Republican congressmen at a practice baseball game in June 2017.

This harassment and violence – and much worse – has extended to the general public where three Trump supporters have been murdered in the last three years, and more than 200 physically attacked, some brutally.

Americans are not going to put up with this garbage and increasing numbers of Democrats know it. Look at this from Fox News:

Some Democrats are reportedly concerned that public appeals to “absolutely harass” Trump administration officials will come back to hurt them in the polls and benefit Republicans.

There have been several recent instances where Trump officials have been publically shamed, including Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at a Mexican restaurant and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who was asked to leave by an owner of a restaurant in Virginia.

The Washington Post’s editorial board wrote a column titled, “Let the Trump team eat in peace.” The paper identified the heightened state of “passions” in the country, but saw no benefit in protesters interrupting dinners.

Democrats warned that these public encounters could win sympathy for the Trump administration, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Rest assured, friends, that Democrats are not genuinely opposed to these tactics. They are only concerned now that they see the tactics potentially backfiring at the ballot box.

And these Republican officials have not been “shamed”. They have been harassed and hounded. Attorney general Pam Bondi even felt physically threatened by a mob in Florida.

When black congresswoman Maxine Waters told a group of her followers to “absolutely harass” Republicans she put the icing on the cake. House Republicans are demanding an Ethics Committee investigation of Waters and calling for her resignation.

Waters must resign. She has certainly broken House rules by inciting harassment of public officials. We all know that this harassment is going to escalate if it continues and that something really bad is going to happen.

President Trump has wisely exploited Waters’ comment, tweeting:

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party. She has just called for harm to supporters, of which there are many, of the Make America Great Again movement. Be careful what you wish for Max!

Great. Trump is on fire. This comes after low-IQ Nancy Pelosi said that MS-13 sadists have “the spark of divinity” within them. Trump savaged her too.

In short, these people are insane and it is significantly hurting the Democrats. Worse for Democrats Waters’ comment, as well as the cases of harassment of three Trump officials, has completely flipped the news cycle off of the immigration issue. Democrats are furious about this.

Even former Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod suggested calm, tweeting;

Disgusted with this admin’s policies? Organize, donate, volunteer, VOTE! Rousting Cabinet members from restaurants is an empty and, ultimately, counter-productive gesture that won’t change a thing.

This shows that the militants in the Democrat party like Waters indeed are harming the party badly. Normally Axelrod would be in favor of this type of direct action but is concerned only now that Democrats are seeing a major backlash.

Democrats like Axelrod know perfectly well how politics works, that Trump was elected by a “silent majority” that does not make a lot of noise but that takes note of the issues and shows up to vote on election day. They know that comments like Waters’ are also registering behind the scenes with millions of crucial voters who can swing elections.

They also know that president Trump is prepared to pounce on every misstep and misstatement by the Democrats, unlike timid Republicans of the past.

Meanwhile Tim Johnson, writing for McClatchy, posted a commentary about the increasing harassment. Called Trump foes move toward public shaming even of low-level officials, here are excerpts from Johnson with a comment after each:

Johnson writes: The public shaming of high-level, widely known Trump administration officials has expanded to the divulging of personal information about rank-and-file government employees who are carrying out President Donald Trump’s least popular policies.

Twice in the past week, activists have posted information on employees of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the agency that carried out Trump’s policy that required children to be separated from their parents who were arrested for crossing the U.S. border illegally. Amid national bipartisan outrage, Trump abruptly reversed course last week.

Sam Lavigne, an adjunct professor at New York University, last Tuesday posted data on 1,595 ICE employees that he scraped off of profiles on LinkedIn, a career networking platform. Lavigne posted the material on GitHub, a hosting platform popular with software developers.

“I leave it here with the hope that researchers, journalists and activists will find it useful,” Lavigne wrote in a blog posting on Medium, that has since been taken down. comment: Lavigne does not want ‘researchers, journalists and activists’ to use the information. This information is targeted at aggressive and possibly violent protesters who may end up attacking ICE agents and even their children.

And this is not ‘shaming’. It is harassment and threats.

Johnson writes: Splinter, an English language news and opinion website owned by Univision Communications, the huge Spanish-language media company, published a story last week with (senior Trump advisor Stephen) Miller’s personal cell phone number. comment: Gee, maybe Univision could devote its energies to bringing hispanics out of the miserable poverty that many are living in here in the wealthy US. Or fixing failed nations like Mexico and El Salvador. But no, it is too busy pushing for open borders and publishing the private phone number of a legitimate public official. Vaya con Dios, Univision!

Johnson reports: As the nation’s divisions deepen, one expert said a growing segment of the public has come to accept public shaming as tolerable, if not reasonable.

“I think it’s already more acceptable,” said Kate Klonick, an expert on internet shaming and an assistant professor at the St. John’s University School of Law. She warned that such grassroots tactics can spin out of control. “I have faith that it won’t become normalized,” she added. comment: Who cares what this female thinks. Anyone with common sense knows that this is a dangerous trend. And only the screwballs think it is acceptable.

Johnson writes: Experts on internet behavior voiced concern about lower-level government employees finding their personal identities divulged online.

“Junior state officials are not policymakers and just do their job,” Michal Lavi, an online shaming expert and research fellow at the Cyber Security Research Center at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said in an email.

Many of those who target their feelings of outrage against individuals online don’t fully realize the impact that collective shaming can bring about, Klonick said. comment: The radicals on the left know absolutely what they are doing. That is why they do it. Leftists who spread this type of stuff against public officials should be arrested and tried for incitement. Where the hell is Jeff Sessions, known to president Trump as Mr. Magoo!?

Probably asleep under his desk…

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