Mexico’s Radical New Prez Will Create Major Crisis for the US

Mexico has elected a new president by a wide margin, a far-left figure named Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (known as AMLO) who is promising confrontational leadership against president Trump. Fox News reports:

A left-wing populist who has railed against President Trump’s immigration policies in no uncertain terms appeared to have won a comprehensive victory in Mexico’s presidential election Sunday night, with both of his main rivals conceding before the first official results were announced.

One exit poll, conducted by Consulta Mitofsky for broadcaster Televisa, showed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador with a 16 to 26 percent lead over his nearest rival, conservative Ricardo Anaya.

… Other exit polls projected that Lopez Obrador’s left-wing Morena party would win governorships in the states of Chiapas, Morelos, Tabasco and Veracruz, as well as the race for head of government in Mexico City.

AMLO is a real left winger. predicts that he is going to do to Mexico what Chavez and Maduro have done to Venezuela – destroy the economy. And that this will cause a major economic crisis in Mexico and lead millions more Mexicans to seek to flee to the US. And that this will cause a major crisis on our southern border if we are not prepared to repel it (with Trump as president, for instance).

AMLO even suggested that it is a “human right” for Mexicans to come to the US illegally. He is urging a mass migration of Mexicans to the US. This is because AMLO has no solutions for Mexico except to ship out its poor citizens. He is a typical communist – all talk, no action.

The Mexican economy is 6% the size of the US economy with just $1.3 trillion in annual production. The state of California alone is twice as wealthy as the entire nation of Mexico. Fox News reports:

Lopez Obrador has presented himself as a champion of poor and rural Mexicans who would root out corruption, give scholarships or paid apprenticeships to youth, and increase support payments for the elderly. He’s also promised to grant amnesties to some criminals amid a wave of violence that’s the bloodiest seen in at least two decades — and to take a reduced presidential salary.

So there you go. He campaigned on a left-wing platform and this is just for starters. When he really implements his extreme policies Mexico will become a dictatorship and an economic basket case.

And this baloney about a ‘reduced presidential salary’ is a feint. predicts that AMLO and his cronies will steal billions of the country’s wealth.

The late communist dictator Hugo Chavez, who controlled Venezuela from 1998 until he died in 2013, personally amassed a fortune estimated at $2 billion after 15 years in power and after starting with nothing. This would be the equivalent of $80 billion in the US. All of that money was stolen from the Venezuelan people in a nation with vast oil reserves that now mean little in a nation where citizens are literally starving.

This is why the communists in Venezuela do what they do; they are stealing the country blind and don’t care what happens to anyone else. This will now come to Mexico under AMLO. Fox News reports:

But while Lopez Obrador has railed against Mexico’s “mafia of power,” he’s saved some of his strongest words for Trump. He launched his presidential campaign in the border city of Ciudad Juarez and vowed that Mexico would reassert itself as a “free, sovereign and independent” nation. He returned to that theme Wednesday in his closing rally at the massive Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, vowing that Mexico “will never be the piñata of any foreign government.”

In between, Lopez Obrador has ripped the Trump administration’s policy of separating families who cross the border illegally as “arrogant, racist and inhuman.” He’s also vowed to roll back some of outgoing President Enrique Pena Nieto’s policies toward Central American migrants who cross Mexico’s own southern border, saying that his government would no longer do Trump’s “dirty work.”

So there you go. AMLO is going to become an anti-Trump mouthpiece. And while the Mexican people may love that emotionally they are eventually going to experience a catastrophe in a dozen other ways from this guy. Mexico will eventually come to regret the day that it elected AMLO.

Mexico’s terrible economy is a result of almost 90 years of leftist power. Mexico has been a very socialistic nation since 1929 when the PRI, a party that is the equivalent of the Democrat party in the US, took power and has held it almost exclusively since then. AMLO is much further to the left than PRI. He is an Obama-like figure, only worse.

This is why Mexico is so poor; socialism and communism always exacerbate the poverty that they claim to want to conquer. Just look at Venezuela or the stagnant Obama economy in the US.

A few conservatives have risen to power but the number is small and they really are not very conservative. Perhaps you have seen the “conservative” former Mexican president Vicente Fox cursing president Trump.

Now look at this from AFP (Agence France-Presse) about Nicaragua, which is poor nation that is south of Mexico, which has come once again under a communist leader who has been around since the 1980s. That leader now is bringing his hard line to Nicaragua, which is looking more like Venezuela:

With hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, workshops and even tortilla sellers driven out of business or struggling to survive, and with thousands of people left jobless, the turbulent political crisis sundering Nicaragua has taken a broader toll, plunging its economy into a tailspin.

The wave of violence unleashed during harshly repressed anti-government protests has left some 220 people dead.

What had been a vibrant tourism industry has been devastated, with ripple effects on the broader economy in a country that was already one of the poorest in the Americas.

Business closings have left 200,000 people jobless, and unless the crisis ends soon, some 1.3 million of Nicaragua’s 6.2 million people “risk falling into poverty,” according to a study by the Nicaraguan Foundation for Economic and Social Development (Funides).

The Nicaraguan central bank (BCN) has sharply lowered its projection for economic growth this year, from 4.9 percent to one percent, while the productive sector — including manufacturing and farming — has accumulated losses of $430 million, with more than 85,000 jobs lost.

But for Funides, the situation in the private sector is even “more dramatic.”
If the crisis continues into August, the foundation predicts the economy will contract by a jolting 5.6 percent, with losses of $1.4 billion in GDP.

… Tourism had been growing for the last decade, with more than a million visitors a year, luring foreign and domestic investment in hotels and airstrips, mainly along the Pacific coast.

But now touristic areas like Granada, on the shores of Lake Nicaragua in the south, as well as the Pacific resorts and beaches, so recently teeming with visitors, are nearly empty.

Some tourist areas seem on the verge of collapse.

This, friends, is what communism does. It happens everywhere that communism is applied.

But then a capitalist like president Trump gets elected and he makes prosperity and optimism for all. It happens every time, with the right policies.

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