Awful Behavior of Trump Adversaries Shows He is Correct

There is an old adage that “you are judged by your friends” but it also is true that you can be judged by your enemies.

And in the latter way president Donald Trump is showing us precisely why we need his leadership.

Let’s face it, the Trump haters are exhibiting the worst political behavior that this nation has ever seen including violence, threats, vulgar language and general insanity.

How many times recently have we heard ‘the F word’ about a Trump policy? It now comes every day and it shows how boorish and crude the Trump haters are. But more importantly it shows how weak they are.

After all, we conservatives can make rational arguments against any liberal policy. This is why liberals seek to censor us rather than debate us. We don’t need to use profanity to make a point.

This is precisely what liberals fear – rationality. So they react with emotion. It is “F*** this” and “F*** that” and “F*** Trump…” has witnessed this repeatedly in my own life. Those who know that I support Trump have used crude language and vicious attacks to defame me. But rather than let it anger me or defeat me I let it roll off my back since I know that president Trump is winning and is in control.

I reply to the haters with rational arguments for Trump policy, for instance that the strong economy is good for everyone. It is hard to argue with that but somehow the Trump haters find ways to do so.

Anyone who considers himself of herself one of “them” is in a sad state. Who could be so unrelentingly angry and disconnected from reality? That they utterly hate a president who is making the nation better by all accounts? Reforming a corrupt government? Stimulating jobs? Defending the border? Making a deal with a rogue state to eliminate nuclear weapons?

Department of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen recently was hounded from a Washington restaurant by an angry mob, so you wonder: How did they even know that she was there in the first place?

And the answer is that these people are part of a network of raging, obsessed activists that spends all of its time tracking and harassing people who are allied with president Trump. They are like the totalitarian secret polices force in communist dictatorships. They know what every person is doing in every neighborhood. They are paranoid. The last thing they want is to “live and let live” which is the principle that American freedom is based on.

Would you want to be considered one of “them”? Would you want to be known as one of the people who devotes every waking hour to tracking other people? Would you want to be known as someone so obsessed and bothered by certain people that you become insanely captivated by them?

These are weak people, friends. Plain and simple. They are perpetually unhappy and obsessed with what they don’t have, which is peace of mind and happiness. They are like the weirdo stalkers who follow celebrities around.

And the reason that they are unhappy is because they know deep in their hearts that their ideas don’t work which is a colossally poisonous thought.

If you ever have lived in a very liberal place, you know how it goes. lives (unfortunately) in Massachusetts. It is a horrible place. Most of the people – up to 70% in my area – are very liberal, including the most vocal ones.

They never let up. Every newspaper every day is filled with anti-Trump invective from letters to the editor to cartoons to news articles to columns to editorials. They hate the oil companies. They hate capitalism. They hate white people… even though most of the people in my area are white (talk about a severe type of psychosis!).

On the other hand, they offer no solutions to the nation’s problems. And this is how president Trump won – by offering positive solutions.

President Trump is a strong and confident person. Liberals despise this. They want everyone to cower when liberals criticize. This is how they control societies through intimidation, like labor unions using violence to control a town.

Trump does not back down every time he is criticized by his enemies. And thank God for that. Liberals have used intimidation and shaming tactics against American conservatives for decades.

They have called us every name in the book. They have accused us of every crime imaginable. But they can be easily refuted. So it is good to be judged by your enemies and to be capable of intellectually defeating them.

This incessant criticism by the left really ends up strengthening us and president Trump. It binds his supporters to him. Because we realize what our society would look like if the haters were in control. It is such a frightening thought that it makes us work harder to defeat them.

We might have thought that the despicable behavior of the Trump haters would burn itself out, but it has not. This shows the grip that our president has on these people.

If president Trump were ineffective, their hatred would not be so bad. But their rage proves that he is winning big time. This should give America solace.

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